House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 387: Murphy who is not arrogant and impatient (two/four)



Just when Yang Yi and Guo Ziyi encouraged Lin Mu’an to participate in the draft competition, Murphy also came to the magic capital to record the “Zhixin Interview” program.


“It seems that my prediction is still very accurate. We didn’t meet for a long time before we met again!” Luo Xin and Murphy met backstage, and she gave Murphy a hug generously, Said with a smile.


“I didn’t expect it, but I’m still very grateful for Sister Luo Xin’s invitation.” Murphy smiled shyly.


“This time I should be grateful. Your influence is not ordinary. This time it was our “Zhixin Interview” that grabbed your popularity!” Luo Xin said jokingly.


“Where, Sister Luo Xin is overrated.” Murphy waved quickly.


Compared with before, Murphy doesn’t feel so indifferent now. Maybe it’s because being with Yang Yi, the happiness dilutes her inner closure? However, for Luo Xin, it was still difficult for her to notice the change in Murphy.


After a few greetings, the show started recording early. Murphy is not the first time a big girl gets on the sedan chair. She has passed an episode of “Interview with Zhixin”, and she is also familiar with the process of the show.


“Six years ago, she accumulated a lot of money and reached the peak of her career with the well-known “Love with a Stranger”, but her sudden retirement after that made her quickly disappear from the public eye. Today, she bears the doubts and ridicules of others, and with a high-quality album and admirable singing, she has returned to the top again. In January, it is the carnival of the music world, and it is also her event, all the spotlights, all the The flashlights are all lit up for her, some people say it’s a miracle, and I think her success comes from her hard work and not giving up! Welcome Murphy to “Interview with Zhixin” again!”


According to the usual practice, Luo Xin gave Murphy a long introduction, and this time, the applause from the audience was much more enthusiastic. After all, when it comes to Murphy, who can not know?


“Thank you Sister Luo Xin, thank you everyone, I’m very happy to be invited to participate in the interview with Zhi Xin again.” Murphy walked out, politely as usual.


“Murphy, in fact, last time you came, I felt very dissatisfied. This time, after your album was released, I was even more dissatisfied. Do you know why?” After she finished chatting with Murphy, she said while pretending to be reproachful.


Murphy remembers that there is no such dialogue on the script, but she also knows that this is a major feature of Luo Xin, so she does not panic, but just responds a little puzzled: “Why?”


“Because the last time I told you that my favorite song of yours was “Across the Ocean to See You”, this love song is gripping, the lyrics express the emotional suppression to the extreme, and your singing is also The suppressed emotions in the lyrics explode to the extreme!”


Luo Xin was first in admiration, then his face changed, and he blamed a little bit resentfully: “But you actually hide a song that is equally good, and I personally think “Listen to” is better than “Across the Ocean to See You” Sea”, just in my program, I sang “The First Dream”.”


“Ah! That’s the company’s arrangement!” Only then did Murphy understand that Luo Xin was jealous, and she said a little embarrassedly, “The song “Listening to the Sea” is to be left when the album is released. It can only be taken out, and “The First Dream” is actually a very good song…”


“But I still like “Listening to the Sea”!” Luo Xin pretended to be petty.


“Then tonight, let me sing this song to Sister Luo Xin. Although this song has been released, isn’t the music without time limit? As long as it is a good song, it is not the first time to sing it, but the first time to listen to it. , it can still bring happiness to everyone!” Murphy said with an idea.


Luo Xin didn’t plan to make things difficult for Murphy, she was just joking. Since Murphy found a way, she didn’t think of a way to save Murphy.


“Indeed, music is like fine wine, it can stand the test of time, and the longer it lasts, the more mellow it is. Murphy, you said that just now. Later, when it comes to the guest performance, you But don’t sing me other songs!” Luo Xin said with a smile.


The two sang together, acting as if the song to be sung had just been decided, but the audience in the audience was pleasantly surprised. They liked Murphy’s song very much and applauded excitedly.


The interview is still going on. Luo Xin asked Murphy how he felt when he returned to the peak: “…Are you very excited, this Spring Festival has been very happy?”


Murphy shook her head, she smiled slightly, and said: “The achievements so far have actually become history, no matter how the media evaluates, good or bad, I can now accept it calmly, and insist on it. I will continue to sing in a down-to-earth manner, and I hope to bring more good songs to my fans in the future.”


“I can’t imagine that Murphy’s mentality is so good. He doesn’t dwell on his past achievements, nor is he easily satisfied. He sings conscientiously. This attitude is worth learning from many singers.” Luo Xin was a little surprised, she said with a sigh , “I thought that after you were named a song by the media again, you would be a little proud, but I didn’t expect it at all!”


“That’s because the honor of ‘Queen of Songs’ is actually not reliable.” Murphy explained gently, “Sister Luo Xin, look at me before, six years ago, after I got a platinum record, I was called a singer. After the song.”


Luo Xin has done a lot of homework in this area, she said with a smile: “Yes, and there were many nicknames at that time, such as the Queen of Iceberg Song, this one was called more often.”


“Maybe it’s because I’m not very good at communicating with people?” Murphy said a little embarrassedly.


“There are also the goddess song queen, the youngest song queen, etc. There are many names. Thinking about it now, do you suddenly feel that time passes quickly?” Luo Xin said with emotion.


“Indeed, but the honor of the queen doesn’t have much effect. I left the music scene for about five years and came back again, but my popularity has declined, and even many young audiences don’t recognize me.” Murphy and Luo Xin said So, I understand a truth. All the honors I have now are just history. If you want fans to love and remember them, you can only keep working hard and come up with excellent works. “


What Murphy said is not entirely correct. There is another phenomenon in the entertainment industry, and that is idol singers! They don’t need to have excellent works all the time, as long as they show up frequently, interact with fans enthusiastically, and as long as they keep their handsome or their beautiful faces, they can continue to be popular, as was the case with Cao Congcong before!


Murphy actually has the capital to become an idol singer, but she is not interested in this. She is usually the same as the mysterious person, and she also participates in less variety shows.


Luo Xin did know, but she didn’t plan to expand on this issue. She didn’t want the conversation between the two to offend the fans who were obsessed with idol singers, so she smiled, and then followed Murphy’s previous words and asked, “Speaking of excellent works. , we all know that Murphy’s record is so successful because of the efforts of a man.”


“Who is Murphy’s man, I don’t need to tell you?” Luo Xin turned to the audience and said with a smile, she was a good player in adjusting the atmosphere of the show.


Suddenly, the audience under the stage were very excited and called out the man’s name in cooperation: “Mu Ziang!”


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