House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 298: eldest brother is like a father (three/four)



Yes! And songs!


When everyone listened to Yang Yi’s story before, they were all addicted to the tragic ending of Xu Shishi and A Guang, and forgot this song that runs through the story!


I saw Yang Yi sitting in front of the piano, and everyone else surrounded Yang Yi. Du Yuanlei and Guo Ziyi were standing alone on either side, while Yang Huan was friendly with sister Ding Xiang, holding hands and standing in the middle.


Yang Huan was the first time she saw Yang Yi play the piano. She remembered what Murphy said yesterday, and she became more interested. She wanted to know how powerful her big brother really was.


“Ah, Baba is going to play the piano again!”


Xixi is sitting on the floor in the corner of the coffee shop at the moment, the little girl is lying lazily in the little girl’s arms.


“Little girl, let’s sit here and watch Baba play the piano, okay?” Xixi, like Guan Jia, muttered to herself to Xiaojiao, her eyes smiling with joy.


Hearing her name, Xiaojiao raised her head and glanced at the little master suspiciously, but seeing that Xixi was not paying attention to herself, she lay down again.


Yang Yi gently played the prelude, which was the part that Xu Shishi played for Ah Guang. The rhythm was slow, but each part was very hard, and Du Yuanlei and the others trembled when they heard it.


I felt very sad from the beginning!


“It sounds great!” Yang Huan looked at Yang Yi’s skilled **** and couldn’t close his mouth in surprise.


The prelude is very short, Yang Yifang lightened the strength of playing the piano and hummed affectionately: “I forgot how long it was, I haven’t heard you again, tell me about you, your favorite story…”


Why is the beginning of this sentence so disturbing?


Although it sounds good, Du Yuanlei’s tears came back when she thought of the story Yang Yi told just now, and Xu Shishi who was lying on the hospital bed and gradually let go of her hands.


“…Maybe you won’t understand, since you said you love me, my sky, the stars are bright.” The mood of the lyrics is beautiful, but the story is too bleak, Yang Yi successfully sang Ding Xiang as well Cried.


Guo Ziyi wasn’t much better. Although the little fat man didn’t cry like a girl, he still had red eyes and handed Ding Xiang and the others tissues.


“You have to believe, believe that we will be like in a fairy tale, happiness and happiness are the ending, and we will write our ending together…” In the last sentence, Yang Huan couldn’t care less about how well his elder brother sang, she I couldn’t help but feel sad for Xu Shishi’s illness in the story.


“Brother, why didn’t you write that Xu Shishi’s leukemia was cured? Now that the medical treatment is so good, it might be possible to save her, Xu Shishi died so pitifully!” After Yang Yi finished singing, Yang Huan couldn’t wait to complain.


Yang Yi put away his hands and smiled bitterly: “Don’t make trouble, this is not a fairy tale…”


When they calmed down, Yang Yicai and Du Yuanlei continued to talk about the filming of the microfilm: “What do you think of this story? If it can be filmed, I will write the script, and then in addition to giving you the money you need to invest in the filming In addition, I will give you a salary of 100,000 yuan.”


“I want to make this movie!” Du Yuanlei said firmly, “but I hope to have independent production rights. I can choose not to get paid, but whether it is the selection of actors or the process of making the movie…”


The last sentence Du Yuanlei hesitated before continuing: “You can make suggestions, but I hope I have the right to decide.”


Yang Yi smiled: “Of course it’s fine. I’m not interested in any of these. At most, I’ll go to see the excitement and watch the filming process of yours, but I won’t point fingers at your work.”


He always thinks that professional things are left to professional people to do, and naturally he will not do some annoying things.


“However, the male lead has to be Guo Ziyi, right? After all, A Guang is still the original A Guang.” Yang Yi finally thought of Fatty.


“Of course, Guo Ziyi’s acting skills are not bad, and in your song, isn’t there a sentence ‘You can’t be my prince’? The meaning of self-deprecating words is reflected.” Although Du Yuanlei was deeply moved just now, she listened to Yang Yi’s description very carefully and kept all the details in her heart.


Actually, not only Guo Ziyi, but Du Yuanlei also wanted to keep Qin Wen as her heroine, and still use the previous cast. We spent together in the past together, but now that we are rich and rich, it is impossible for Du Yuanlei to turn her face and deny her identity.


Yang Yi nodded and said with a smile: “That’s fine, I’ll be here today, I’ll write the script for you as soon as possible, and then you give me a rough budget, including the actors’ remuneration, and yours Pay. Don’t say no, help me get it out as soon as possible, it’s more important than anything!”


Du Yuanlei was stunned for a while, but she didn’t refuse, she nodded lightly.


Just as Du Yuanlei was about to pack up and leave, Yang Yi stopped her: “By the way, there is one more thing, let’s change the name of this movie, “The Hutong of Love” is not good…”


“What’s that called?”


“Let’s call it “Fairy Tale,” after the song.”


After Du Yuanlei left, Yang Huan ran over with a smile and pestered Yang Yi: “Brother, can you promise me one thing?”




“You agree first.” Yang Huan shouted, shaking Yang Yi’s arm. She and her two older brothers are more than ten years apart, and psychologically, they are almost a generation apart.


Yang Yi also has no way to take her: “Okay, okay, I promise you, you talk!”


“I want to work in your store. As for the salary… um, not too much, just a little less than Sister Ding Xiang!” Yang Huan smirked, “After all, she is an old employee! “


Yang Yi was speechless: “What kind of work? Did I ask you to come here to work? I asked you to come here because I want you to study hard and get into a good university in the future!”


“Didn’t you also go to college? And you went to college to earn money, didn’t you?” Yang Huan said aggrieved.


The eldest brother is like a father, and Yang Yi is also stern today, put on the air, and taught: “I am me, you are you, who told you that going to college is to make money? Going to college, then It is for you to shape a good world view, for you to have a good knowledge base, for you to have excellent connections!”


Yang Yi couldn’t help but sighed: “I open a coffee shop behind this university. I see these college students on weekdays, and I feel a little envious. I also regret that I haven’t been able to have such a carefree time. My eldest brother is old. , it is impossible to go back to the past, but you are Big brother doesn’t want you to leave regrets like me.”


Yang Huan rolled his eyes and said, “But now you ask me to go back to school to study, and I can’t sit down! Why don’t you let me stay here, while you can help you, and on the other hand Studying with Sister Ding Xiang, Sister Ding Xiang’s grades are very good!”


“And isn’t there a film school here? I learned two tricks from Xiao Guo, and then I go directly to the film school. Anyway, if I pass the art test, I can go to university without a good score in the college entrance examination!” Yang Huan With a smile, he said, “Wouldn’t this make you and your parents happy? They are all going to college anyway!”


This guy can really talk too,


“You want to take the art test?” Yang Yi frowned and looked at Yang Huan, “Do you know what acting is?”


“I understand! Big brother, it’s not like I haven’t seen the movie.” Yang Huan pouted, “Don’t think that I only know how to farm like the second brother!”


She has a very active mind, and she immediately found the reason: “If you think about it, I can ask Xiao Guo, or the sister Lei just now for advice. After a year, I will definitely be able to practice my acting skills, and then I will be able to kung fu. This is a Advantage! There are very few female martial arts actors!”


Yang Yi was really persuaded by her. He didn’t want to interfere too much with the path Yang Huan chose, as long as she didn’t go astray.


“Are you okay? Let me stay, I don’t want to go back!” Yang Huan shook Yang Yi’s hand coquettishly.


“Okay, okay, okay!” Yang Yi nodded helplessly, “But I have a premise, you must study the culture course well, and you can’t neglect the study of the culture course just because of the art test!”


“I see, I’ll ask Sister Ding Xiang for more advice!” Yang Huan ran away with a smile, and went to Ding Xiang to announce the good news.


Yang Yi looked at her back and shook her head helplessly.


It looks like I need to find someone to help transfer her student status to Jiangcheng!


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