House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 291: Surprise and marijuana braids



“Mama, why hasn’t the little aunt arrived yet?”


Outside the Jiangcheng Railway Station, across the busy, busy street, Yang Yi’s tyrannical wolf parked in the parking lot of the street park, and Xixi and Murphy sat inside. It’s just that the little girl couldn’t stay still, standing on the seat, looking out the window, and asking a question from time to time.


“It’s coming, it’s coming.” Murphy was a little restless. In this winter, there were fine beads of sweat on his forehead, and he could only comfort the little girl with his mouth.


At this time, Yang Yi was waiting on the platform, looking at the train that was slowly approaching the station through the guardrail.


It should be this train!


Yang Yi was still a little nervous at first, but when he saw the arrival of the car, he suddenly became calm, and there was no fluctuation in his heart. Just like his previous life, his performance on the spot is far stronger than usual!


As passengers got off the stationary train one after another, the platform gradually became noisy, but Yang Yi stood there quietly, as if isolated from the world, becoming the only one on the noisy platform Immobile landscape.


But he still looked closely at the passing crowd…


“Big Brother!” A joyous cry broke through the noisy crowd and got into Yang Yi’s ear.


I saw a few men being pushed away, and a girl with hemp braids carrying a snakeskin bag and wearing a thick padded coat came into Yang Yi’s eyes. The heroic, pretty and bright she had a surprised look on her face. He waved to Yang Yi.


Sure enough, he looks tall and has a big goal. No matter how sharp Yang Yi’s eyes are, Yang Huan will find each other earlier than him.


Yang Yi smiled and waved at his sister. He greeted her and took Yang Huan’s luggage first. The big snakeskin bag was also heavy. Fortunately, it was Yang Huan, and other girls probably carried it too. Do not move.


“Big brother!” Yang Huan giggled and jumped in front of Yang Yi, the eldest girl, who was almost 1.7 meters tall, was still as naughty as before, “Second brother, he refused to call you in advance, after I got in the car, I’m so worried, I’m afraid you won’t come to pick me up!”


“How could it be?” Yang Yi smiled and rubbed Yang Huan’s head, the same action as he remembered, but Yang Huan’s hair with marijuana braids didn’t feel comfortable enough for Xixi, “I’ll give it to you when I look back. Buy a cell phone and you can call me anytime!”


“Really? Big brother, you are so good!” Yang Huan said excitedly with a look of surprise, “I’ve wanted a mobile phone for a long time. I study in the county, and many of my classmates have mobile phones. But I didn’t dare to ask the second brother to ask for it, and the second brother was not willing to buy it for himself.”


Yang Yi sighed inwardly, he said softly: “It’s okay, there will be, there will be, you will have it, the celebration will have it, both parents will have it.”


Yang Yi took her out of the station, and while walking, he said: “I didn’t tell you, come to me, don’t bring too many things, you also brought a woven bag.”


“I don’t want to bring it either! But my mother was afraid that you wouldn’t be able to eat well and sleep well, so she asked me to bring you a bunch of specialties, our Anqing Maojian, Tianma, and a few packets of dried tofu, A bag of fragrant lotus root…” Yang Huan followed his fingers and counted, and it really sounded like Mama Yang’s tone.


Yang Yi was very moved, but didn’t know what to say, so he walked silently.


When she was about to walk out of the station hall, Yang Yi suddenly said to Yang Huan, “Huanhuan, I have something to tell you today. You have to be mentally prepared.”


“Are you a surprise?” Yang happily jumped beside Yang Yi, and after a while, he circled in front of Yang Yi and walked backwards.


“Look at the road, there are steps, don’t fall down!” Yang Yi couldn’t help laughing, he pulled her, and said vaguely, “Anyway, you’ll know when you read it later, you’ll be surprised, happy, it depends Your own measure…”


Crossing the road and arriving at the place where Balang parked, Yang Yi first opened the trunk and put Yang Huan’s luggage in.


Yang Huan stared at the car in amazement. From the appearance, she knew it was expensive. She exclaimed, “Brother, have you bought a car?”


Seeing Yang Yi nodding, her reaction was not questioning, but surprise: “Wow! Big brother, you are amazing! There is still a car, no wonder you told me it was a surprise!”


“Uh, that’s not what I’m referring to, get in the car first.” Yang Yi opened the passenger seat door and let Yang Huan sit on it.


Yang Huan was still a little nervous when she got into the car. She carefully stepped up with her long legs, stepped directly on the foot pads inside, and climbed up on the leather seat. The posture was awkward, but she was very worried that Dirty brother’s car.


Just as she climbed up and sat on the seat with half of her buttocks, before closing the door, she looked up and saw two pairs of eyes, one large and one small, looking at her in the back seat.


“Ah! I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” Yang Huan was taken aback, apologized and shouted, “Brother, we got into the wrong car, this is not your car!”


Yang Yi got up from the driver’s seat, and while closing the door, he said, “What nonsense? Close the door first.”


“Are you a little aunt?” It was Xixi’s hope that overcame her fear of strangers, she whispered to the aunt with marijuana braids in front of her.




Yang Huan was stunned, she kept forgetting to close the door.


“Hello, my name is Murphy.” Murphy also responded, and she said embarrassedly, “It’s the first time we met, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”


In a hurry, she forgot to introduce her identity!


Unexpected situation…Yang Yi reached out to help Yang Huan close the car door, then looked at Yang Huan and said, “This is what I want to tell you, let me introduce to you, this is Murphy, My girlfriend, um, is also my future wife, you can call me sister-in-law, this is Xixi, my daughter, your own niece.”


It was a big surprise!


Yang Huan is still in the stage of surprise, and she still hasn’t closed her mouth that was opened because of surprise.


Suddenly having an extra sister-in-law is nothing. Although Murphy is so beautiful that Yang Huan is inevitably a little ashamed, what is the matter with having an extra niece?


Yang Huan and Xixi looked at each other with big eyes, and the little girl was also looking at her appearance, but Yang Huan was a little lost.


Is this niece four, five, or six years old?


Yang Huan swallowed and looked at Yang Yi: “My niece?”


“Of course!” Yang Yi smiled, “There are some more complicated stories behind this. I’ll tell you when I go back.”


Fortunately, Yang Huan is not a person with complicated minds: there is nothing to think about, since the elder brother said yes, that’s it!


Moreover, with the addition of a niece and an immortal Yang Huan felt that she should be happy.


“I’m sorry, I was a little surprised just now.” Yang Huan calmed down, stretched out his hand with a smile, shook hands with Murphy friendly, and said sweetly, “Hello, sister-in-law.”


Seeing the kindness conveyed by Yang Huan, Murphy’s heart can be put down a lot. She also smiled and nodded to Yang Huan: “Hello, Yang Huan.”


“And me! And me!” Xixi couldn’t help herself anymore, she pouted and said unhappily, “I’ve been waiting for my little aunt for so many days!”


The little girl is like a good lubricant, which immediately eased the somewhat embarrassing atmosphere.


Yang Huan fell in love with this cute little girl at once. She smiled and stretched out her hand: “How can I forget you? What’s your name?”


“My name is Xixi! What’s your name, little aunt?” Xixi happily took Yang Huan’s hand.


“Xixi, this name is really nice, my name is Yang Huan, of course, you can call me little aunt!” Yang Huan said in a frenzy, she really felt that little aunt’s new identity was good.


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