House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 289: The man in the world (three/four)



Du Yuanlei didn’t make everyone wait too long. In the afternoon, she announced the news of Tang Kaitai’s resignation as the male lead. She lowered her arrogant head and sincerely apologized to everyone: “…It’s my fault, I didn’t think through it carefully, Inviting an irresponsible actor like Tang to play the male lead is wasting everyone’s time.”


“Because there are many scenes to be re-shot, the budget of the crew is not enough, we need to seek sponsorship, and we have to recruit the male lead again, we need to suspend filming for a while…” Du Yuanlei was not able to hide her sadness well , it is difficult to tell everyone that it may have to wait until next year to restart.


“It seems that Director Du paid for the film by himself. Has he signed a contract with the actors? This Tang Kaitai is too embarrassing!” Qin Wen also felt sympathetic and muttered to Guo Ziyi. , “No matter what, as long as I have time, I will definitely help her finish this movie, Xiao Guo, you won’t push it away again and again, will you?”


Guo Ziyi said excitedly: “How is it possible? This is my first play as a male lead. Ahem, although it is only the second male lead, the role is very important!”


“Hee hee, well, in fact, I also like to play with you. If you are a good actor, I’m afraid that the new actor will not be as good as Tang Kaitai.” Qin Wen smiled, “Yes, I remembered that you liked Director Du, and you even sang to her at the freshman party. Well, you shouldn’t run away even if you say anything.”


Guo Ziyi ignored her. When he was about to disband, he found Du Yuanlei.


“Senior Sister Du, can I ask, how much money do you still lack for this play? If it’s not much, if it’s less than 20,000 to 300,000 yuan, I can still sponsor it for you!” Guo Ziyi gritted his teeth and told Du Yuanlei. Said, “Don’t worry, I just want to help you so that the film can go smoothly, not to do anything with it!”


Guo Ziyi wants to use his pocket money and the “savings” of the New Year’s money to invest in Du Yuanlei.


A touch of emotion flashed in Du Yuanlei’s eyes, she hesitated for a moment, and said: “We don’t need so much, we made this, it was originally only a small-budget movie, I just invested a hundred thousand in it, and now the shortfall should be 30,000 left and right.”


“Do you really want to invest in me?” Seeing new hope, Du Yuanlei asked nervously, “If you invest, what requirements do you have…”


Although Guo Ziyi just said that she just wanted to help her, Du Yuanlei still couldn’t help but want to ask, in the entertainment industry, there are many cases of investors interfering with the director’s filming.


Guo Ziyi smiled awkwardly, and made a suggestion that I don’t know if it could be considered a requirement: “…Senior Sister Du, it doesn’t matter whether you agree with my suggestion or not, I will still invest in you, but the decision is yours. hands.”


“What advice?” Du Yuanlei calmed down.


“Actually, I also think there is some conflict between the roles of the male lead and the second male lead.” Guo Ziyi said “yes”, but Du Yuanlei didn’t take it too seriously, he said sincerely, “The image shown by the second male lead is very different from that of the second male lead. If he is no worse than the male protagonist, then it will definitely give people a feeling that there is no distinction between priorities.”


Du Yuanlei waited for him to finish before frowning and said: “But the real protagonist of my movie is Xu Shishi, and she is the biggest contradiction.”


“That’s right, Xu Shishi’s entanglement in love and her final choice to be loyal to the dead Aguang are the themes you want to express, Sister Du, but since I’m talking about this, I have a small question. Is the topic too heavy?”


Guo Ziyi said: “Aguang is dead, and Xu Shishi is still loyal to him. Although it looks beautiful, it is very likely to be criticized, making people think that this is conveying inappropriate feudal thoughts. “


“You…” Du Yuanlei felt a little embarrassed when she felt that the script she worked so hard to write was useless by Guo Ziyi.


But after a while, Du Yuanlei sighed sadly: “You are right, if you look at it from the perspective of an ordinary audience, the problems you mentioned all exist. My screenwriting ability is still very bad, and I want to integrate into all I want to express what I want to express, so it seems that there is no priority.”


“It doesn’t matter, while the male lead has not been found yet, you should polish your script well!” Guo Ziyi advised.


“I have no other inspiration. Maybe I’m really not suitable to be a screenwriter. I should honestly shoot scripts written by others.” Du Yuanlei sighed.


“Why don’t I find a good person for you to consult! His ability to make up stories is not something I brag about. It’s the only one in the world!” Guo Ziyi boasted, “and he can also write screenwriters. Go back to him, he is writing the script, and he writes well, you go to him and let him give you some inspiration!”


“Ah? There are still people like this? Then try it!”



Guo Ziyi boasted that he is the only guy in the world and the only guy in the world. Now he is taking the script he wrote and coming to the kindergarten to inspect the goods.


“The Ugly Duckling?” Teacher Mu opened Yang Yi’s script and read it with interest.


“Narrator: The countryside is so beautiful. In summer, the sunflowers are golden and the rice seedlings are green…”


These narrations will naturally be read by Mu or Shen or Cai alone. The children only need to perform and remember their lines.


Mr. Mu looked at the stories and dialogues inside, and was gradually attracted by the ugly duckling.


Different from the original text, Yang Yi’s version adds a lot of dialogue, and through the discussions of other ducks and animals, the difficult situation of the ugly duckling is vividly reflected.


“Oh, thank God! I’m so ugly now, even the hounds don’t want to bite me.” After reading the monologue of Ugly Duckling, Mr. Mu felt that he couldn’t help feeling sad for what happened to the ugly duckling.


Although Yang Yi’s dialogue is very simple, the plot is very disturbing.


Fortunately, the ugly duckling in the back eventually turned into a white swan, all the depression was released instantly, and Teacher Mu couldn’t help shouting: “Okay!”


Yang Yi couldn’t help but lift the corners of his mouth, feeling very good.


“This script is very The story is easy to understand, and the reasoning is also very profound. Let the children know that as long as there is a dream and unremitting pursuit, beauty will definitely come! I think after letting the children perform , should be very hopeful to get the first place.” Teacher Mu said to Yang Yi.


Yang Yi nodded lightly, but he did not expose it: “Actually, the ugly duckling can turn into a swan because it was originally hatched from a swan egg…”


Mr. Mu asked, “Dad Yang Xi, do you need to arrange a good role for Yang Xi? For example, the ugly duckling who turned into a white swan, Xixi is so beautiful, it is very suitable to play the white swan.”


Yang Yi was stunned for a while. He hadn’t thought about going through the back door, but Teacher Mu brought it up.


He didn’t bother to do this himself, but his concern was messy. For a moment, he wanted to agree, because he also wanted Xixi to perform in front of his parents!


But isn’t something like going through the back door bad? Leaving Xixi a bad experience is not worth the loss?


Yang Yi hesitated, but shook his head firmly: “No need, let these children choose the roles they want, don’t deliberately arrange anything for Xixi.”


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