House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 283: The adored father Xixi (1/4)



In the new week, Xixi can see her friends again. After saying goodbye to her father, she carried her small schoolbag and ran upstairs.


“Xixi! You’re here!” As soon as the little girl entered the classroom, she was surrounded by a group of children, not only Lan Xin, Yang Luoqi, but also other children in the class.


“Xiner, Zhaoyu, Chen Shiyun, Qiqi… How are you all!” The little girl thought they were here to say hello to her. She was so popular, but Xixi was overjoyed and hurriedly greeted each other. Some are overwhelmed.


“Xixi, it turns out that your father is so powerful!” Yang Luoqi took Xixi’s hand and said admiringly, “Tell you a lot of stories!”


“And also wrote a book! My father said Xixi’s father would send us books!” Lan Xin shouted.


“Yes, I want to see it!” Chen Shiyun said expectantly.


“If you don’t understand, my dad said he would let my mom read it to me!” Lan Xin said proudly, puffing out her chest.


“Then my father will also let my mother read it to me!” Chen Shiyun shouted in disapproval.


Regardless of the daily rivalry between these two little guys, several other children were also excitedly surrounding Xixi, and then there was a child who had not been to Xixi’s house before, and he asked curiously: “Xixi , what does your father look like?”


Xixi was bombarded by her friends, and she was a little dizzy. It was hard to understand that they were praising her father!


The little girls were full of pride, as if they were complimenting themselves, with a red face. Facing the kid’s question, Xixi proudly said: “My Baba looks very good-looking, super tall and super cool!”


“Is that the same as a prince?” A little girl asked enviously, holding her little hand.


“Hmm, even a hundred times more handsome than the prince!” The little girl nodded.


“My dad has also published books, but I also think your dad is the best.” Nan Zhaoyu said enviously, “Your dad is much more interesting than my dad, playing with your dad Xixi, I don’t even want to go home.”


I wonder what Yang Yi would think when he knew that Nan Zhaoyu praised him so much…


Xixi was very happy when she heard it. She also laughed and said, “Then Zhaoyu, you can come to our house to play, you don’t need to go back!”


However, Nan Zhaoyu worried: “No, if I don’t go home, my parents will worry about me.”


“Alright then! Baba Mama can’t be worried!” Xixi also nodded vigorously.


“I like to go to Xixi’s house. Xixi’s house is much more fun than mine.” Lan Xin shouted, “Xixi, can I also go to your house and not go back?”


“But what if you don’t agree?” Xixi asked worriedly.


Lan Xin thought about it and said with certainty: “My father will definitely agree, he likes me to go to your house to play.”


“Hehe, can we sleep together then?” The little girl held hands with Lan Xin.


“I also want to go to Xixi’s house to play.” Yang Luoqi looked enviously.


“I want to play with Xixi’s dad.” There are a few others who can’t forget.


Nan Zhaoyu heard it, and he said kindly: “My father said that Xixi’s father will come to tell us a story soon, just like my father came last time.”


“Really?” Nan Zhaoyu was immediately surrounded by a few little girls, who asked at a loss.


“Really, really!” He was a little flustered and nodded quickly, “It’s the puppy who lied.”


“That’s great! I like Xixi’s dad!”


“I like it too, will he bring us something delicious?”



Because today’s work only arranged for the MV shooting, and Murphy’s footage was pitiful, after the early end, Murphy was rarely able to go home early.


Xixi was picked up by her father, and when she saw her mother, she couldn’t wait to pounce, her little face was full of excitement: “Mama, Mama, you know? I’m very happy today!”


“Really? Why are you so happy?” Murphy picked up the little girl and asked with a smile.


“Because everyone likes me so much, with Baba!” The little girl said proudly to her mother, “They all want my Baba.”


Yang Yi walked by carrying Xixi’s schoolbag, took out the little girl’s lunch box, and said with a smile, “It is estimated that after the parents’ meeting, their parents told their children about the book I wrote for Xixi. When Xixi was out of school just now, a group of children lined up to greet me, which surprised me.”


He said it lightly, Murphy had no idea how hot the scene was at the time, and a group of little ones rushed at him with glowing eyes.


Every little guy is like chasing stars. If they can say a word to Yang Yi, they will be happy on their faces. If they can hold hands with Yang Yi again, both Xiao Zhengtai and Xiao Luoli will show their expressions. Be festive.


Yang Yi had a hard time understanding their excitement, and had no idea how many good things he had told these children about his daughter in the class. “Dad” blows as if there is no second such a good dad in the sky…


“Look at you so dark, so many children greet you, must be very proud?” Murphy said a little sour.


“Mama, Mama! There’s more! Baba is going to kindergarten to tell us stories, just like Zhaoyu’s Baba, but everyone likes my Baba, not Zhaoyu’s Baba!” With her mother’s face on her face, she hasn’t finished speaking yet.


“Can’t say that, Nan Zhaoyu will be unhappy when he hears it.” Murphy educated, “Xixi can’t say that others don’t like anyone!”


“But I didn’t say that!” Xixi was a little puzzled.


“That doesn’t work either, it’s not right for them to do this, and we Xixi can’t learn from them, right?” Murphy said softly.


“Alright then!” The little girl nodded obediently.



In the evening, after Xixi fell asleep, Yang Yi gave Murphy a routine massage, but not as hard as before, just rubbing her shoulders, waist, and calves to relieve muscle fatigue.


“I also want to go to Xixi’s kindergarten.” Murphy said suddenly, her voice a little low.


“Huh?” Yang Yi, who was massaging Murphy’s calf, didn’t understand and turned to look at her.


“I think if Teacher Mu and the others know my identity, they will invite me too, right? I can teach the children to sing!” Murphy pouted.


“But you haven’t disclosed your identity yet!” Yang Yi smiled and said, “Don’t think too much, don’t blame yourself, I understand you have your difficulties.”


“I’m also a little worried, if it’s made public, will Xixi be harassed by those sighs.


Yang Yi didn’t make a sound, just gently picked up Murphy’s softly.


Murphy moved her buttocks, she put her arms around Yang Yi’s neck, pursed her mouth slightly, and muttered: “What should I do? I really want to be like you, to be liked by so many Xixi’s classmates. Become Xixi’s proud object.”


“Now Xixi will be proud of you too! She is very happy when she sees you on TV.” Yang Yi patted her on the back and said gently, “Don’t be in a hurry, just follow your arrangement Come on, if it’s really announced, it’s nothing, with me, no one can disturb our lives!”


“Well…” Murphy leaned on Yang Yi’s shoulder, still feeling a little sad.


“You think, one day in the future, you will announce your identity, and then Xixi will happily say in her classmates: Look, that’s my mother, she is a big girl who sings a lot of nice songs. The stars!” Yang Yi teased her, “When you go home, you will see stacks of records, all of which your daughters will sign for your classmates.”


“No, why would a child ask for an autograph? You’ll be talking nonsense.” Murphy couldn’t help laughing.


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