House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 280: Xixi who has been defeated and fought repeatedly (three/four)



What Guo Ziyi wants to play with Xixi is the game of Sanbang, or Jiugongqi. The rules of the game are very simple. The two take turns to draw their own patterns in the nine grids. Join a line to win.


“…Whether it is horizontal, vertical, or diagonal, as long as the three pieces are connected in a line, it is considered a victory.” Guo Ziyi said to Xixi, “Do you understand the rules?”


Guo Ziyi spoke very carefully and gave examples. Xixi understood it, but her focus was not on the rules. The little girl asked inexplicably: “Why do you draw circles or forks? I like pentagrams.”


The little girl asked Guo Ziyi to write a pen, grabbed it with her small hand, drew a crooked five-pointed star on the paper, raised her face, and said seriously: “Look, isn’t this a good look? ?”


Guo Ziyi covered his forehead and said helplessly: “Okay, if you like it!”


At the beginning of the game, the elf Xixi holds the guardian of the five-pointed star in her hand, and will face the challenge of the big fat devil with a super donut. She will weep and watch the fall of her homeland, or will she bravely throw out the five-pointed star and put the What about the seal of this evil fat man big devil? Let’s look at the battle report brought by the reporter in front…


Guo Ziyi asked Xixi to go first. The little girl had a sullen face and carefully drew a five-pointed star in the upper left corner of the grid. Although it was still a little crooked, it was much better than the first.


Seeing Xixi drawing the five-pointed star stroke by stroke, Guo Ziyi sighed helplessly, obviously it is much more convenient to draw circles and forks.


Taking over the pen in Xixi’s hand, Guo Ziyi drew a circle on the grid in the center without thinking about it.


“So fast?” The little girl muttered, and she continued to draw her pentagram, stroke by stroke, in the middle of the vertical column on the left.


Guo Ziyi immediately drew a circle below, blocking the last grid Xixi wanted to connect.


“Um… No, how can you draw here?” The little girl pouted and said reluctantly.


“Because if you don’t draw here, you will win!” Guo Ziyi said cheerfully.


“I can’t paint then. You paint. If you paint, I don’t know what to do!” Xixi stomped her feet and complained.


“It’s okay, there are so many spaces, Xixi, you can continue to draw!” Guo Ziyi encouraged, but he was very bad, so he didn’t remind Xixi of a certain problem.


The little girl has a little temper, but she is not squeamish. She still listens to Guo Shuji’s words and considers what to do next.


Obviously, the little girl’s brain circuit did not have as many twists and turns as adults. She drew the third five-pointed star in the top middle grid of the horizontal row.


Guo Ziyi had already raised his brows and snickered. He took the pen handed over by Xixi. He drew a circle in the upper right corner of the grid, and then pulled a line diagonally to make three circles. strung together.


“Hahaha!” Guo Ziyi laughed proudly, “I won!”


“Ah? Ya!” The little girl realized it later, only to see the circles strung in a line – it was indeed Guo Shushu who won!


“Ah…I haven’t finished painting yet!” Xixi looked left and right before admitting defeat with a small mouth.


“How is it? Are you still playing?” Guo Ziyi smiled happily.


“Do it again! I want to win!” The little girl stood on the sofa, akimbo, full of fighting spirit.


However, how could the simple-minded Xixi win the 17-year-old Guo Ziyi with a mature IQ? Her calculations will always have only her own space, and she will always forget to make judgments about the direction of her opponent’s chess pieces.


No surprise, the little girl lost to Guo Ziyi except for a draw when she gave up her treatment and played an accident.


However, Xixi was not discouraged, she was defeated and fought again and again, and the more she fought, the more brave she was. She just watched the little girl frowning her thin eyebrows and thinking while propped up on the table. Poor people.


Ding Xiang, who had passed by a few times, couldn’t stand it anymore. She took advantage of the few guests and came over: “Guo Ziyi, don’t bully Xixi! She’s so old, you won’t let her play this chess game. .”


“Yes, yes!” With Sister Ding Xiang coming to support, the little girl pouted and stood aside.


“How can you let go of water when you play chess? Isn’t that cheating?” Guo Ziyi exclaimed, “Playing this is all willing to admit defeat. If I let Xixi win, she won’t be happy, right?”


Xixi tilted her head to think, some wondered why she was unhappy.


So happy!


Without waiting for the little girl to speak, Ding Xiang, who came over to fight the injustice, asked Xixi to move in a little and squeezed with the little girl, and then she sat down beside Xixi: “Come on, Guo Ziyi, I’ll follow Xixi’s place. You play!”


Xixi was a little surprised, but more happy, she stepped on the sofa, leaned on Ding Xiang’s arm, and patted her little palm: “Hee hee, okay, okay, sister Ding Xiang help me win. “


The self-proclaimed Guo Ziyi didn’t think Ding Xiang could win against him. He smiled, tore a piece of paper, drew a nine-square grid, and handed the pen to Ding Xiang.


“Draw stars, draw stars!” The little girl hurriedly urged Ding Xiang to draw a cross in the grid in the middle of the nine-square grid.


Ding Xiang leaned on the little girl, and while changing, told Xixi about the tips here: “Xixi, next time you play this kind of chess, if you can move first, you must play here, this point The winning surface is relatively large, and there are two diagonal lines horizontally and vertically that can be connected to form a line…”


“Yes, yes! He always comes down here!” Xixi pointed at Guo Ziyi and complained with a small mouth.


Guo Ziyi smiled and drew circles in the middle of the row below. In fact, he was a little careless.


Ding Xiang saw Guo Ziyi’s move, the corners of her mouth twitched slightly, she turned her head and whispered to Xixi: “We are going to win.”


The little girl couldn’t see it at all. She leaned into Ding Xiang’s ear and asked in a low voice, “Why?”


“Look!” Ding Xiang drew a five-pointed star in the lower left corner.


Guo Ziyi frowned suddenly, he now reacted and smiled bitterly: “I lost.”


“Let’s talk later.” Ding Xiang was a little dissatisfied.


Guo Ziyi had no choice but to draw a circle in the upper right corner to block the line that Ding Xiang was about to form. He had no other choice. And Ding Xiang then drew a five-pointed star in the middle of the left column.


At this moment, the smart Xixi also saw the chance of winning, and she shouted happily: “I know, I know! Let me do this!”


Guo Ziyi smiled bitterly and could only draw a circle in the upper left corner to fight the fire, but Xixi took a pen and painted a five-pointed star in the middle of the column on the right, and all of a sudden it became a line!


“Hee hee, if Guo Shushu painted here, we can win there too!” The little girl seemed to be enlightened, and explained it clearly.


Xixi, who finally won the victory, finally didn’t have to be bitter, she hugged Sister Ding Xiang’s neck intimately, and smiled like a flower!


“Sister Ding Xiang, let’s have another game!” This time, it was Guo Ziyi’s turn to be unconvinced.


Ding Xiang patted the little girl’s buttocks and told her to stand up so she wouldn’t fall, then shook his head with Guo Ziyi: “What’s the point of playing this? You know, this man who knows how to play Sanbangi is here. In front of him, he can’t lose or win at Guo Ziyi lost the game just now, feeling that his IQ was challenged by Ding Xiang, he gritted his teeth, took out his script, and held the blank back. In the place, he painted many grids: “Let’s play Gobang! “


“I don’t have time to play with you, I have to work!” Ding Xiang shook his head, stood up and walked to the bar.


“It doesn’t matter, I won’t disturb your work. When there are no guests, let’s take a few steps.” Guo Ziyi chased after the script.


“I want to see too!” Xixi jumped off the deck with great interest.



In the evening, Yang Yi returned from kindergarten and brought Xixi home: “Xixi, do you want to know what the teacher praised you today?”


However, the little girl ran into the bedroom excitedly, pulled out her own drawing paper and small pencil, and ran out again: “Baba, Baba, let’s play chess! I teach You play three-piece!”




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