House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 272: Luo Xin’s advice



Having a task at hand, Yang Yi’s comrades-in-arms said goodbye and left that afternoon.


It’s hard to say goodbye when we meet, but for the big men, it’s not so much lingering, just a little uncomfortable in my heart – I don’t know when the next goodbye will be.


After the weekend, the boy who was almost thrown into the river by Yang Yi did not come back to the store to cause trouble, as if it had never happened. Maybe he was really frightened by Yang Yi.


After this incident, Ding Xiang came over hesitantly the next day and told Yang Yi a big reason. This upright girl felt that Yang Yi’s way of handling this matter was too extreme and reckless, and she was also worried that Yang Yi’s actions would scare other customers and affect the business of the store.


It’s also a shame that she met a boss like Yang Yi who was very easy-going when faced with things she didn’t care about. Not only did Yang Yi not blame her for “complicity in the following”, but she sincerely apologized and made a promise – although he might not Do this.


Of course, these are just blips.


Time flies, and in a blink of an eye, it’s mid-to-late November.


The biggest news these days is the project press conference of the TV series “Soldier Assault” in Jiangcheng. The great director Chen Fengchen serves as the director and producer, and the current best-selling novel “Soldier Assault” has been adapted by a gold screenwriter. There are new people playing the leading role, and these gimmicks have attracted many entertainment reporters from the film and television industry.


Yang Yi was invited to attend this press conference, but he was obviously unwilling to go, and Chen Fengchen had nothing to do with Yang Yi’s indifferent personality.


But Yang Yi still watched relevant media reports on TV, he mainly wanted to see what Xu Sanduo’s actors looked like.


In the media’s camera, Geng Xia’s ordinary face smiled honestly, but it was only a smile. He was so nervous that his whole body was stiff, and his forehead was sweating all the time. When answering questions from reporters, he even trembled a little, accompanied by his thick accent, which often caused laughter from the audience.


The media have questioned whether Geng Sha can play Xu Sanduo well, but Yang Yi admires Geng Sha very much. This silly appearance fits Xu Sanduo’s character quite well, but he doesn’t know if he can show it after the actual performance.


Acting is another matter after all, and even if you play in your true colors, you may not be able to perform well!


But at least the director Chen Fengchen did not live up to his expectations and found an actor with a similar image and temperament for this role, even if he is not famous!


In addition to this incident, Yang Yi also learned that the performance of Murphy’s “Across the Ocean to See You” has indeed declined, barely maintaining it for more than a week, and it was once again squeezed out of the top spot by “Fireworks of the Heart” .


After all, it’s only a single, and compared to the popular idol singer Ye Qing, Murphy’s fan aggregation is not high enough. When the freshness passes, the sales decline is natural.


Fortunately, “Crossing the Ocean to See You” is still on the list. Although the popularity has dropped, it can still last for a while, and Murphy has also flown to the magic capital, ready to record Luo Xin’s “Looking at You” Zhixin Interview” and new songs.



“Sister Xin, Murphy is already in the waiting room. I told her about the script yesterday. Do you think she will be told to wait under the stage after finishing her makeup later, or what?” The assistant came over to talk to Luo Xin, who was putting on makeup. Report on work progress.


Luo Xin is different from other little hosts. Her time is precious and she is also doing fashion industry things across borders, so her shows are basically not rehearsed. The director of the show team will provide her with some invitations to invite guests. Information, and then communicated with her about the general problem, a special staff handed it over to the invited guests, and the rest was left to Luo Xin to play freely on the spot!


After all, Luo Xin has a lot of experience, and Luo Xin can easily control various scenes, so even without rehearsal, her program recording has been smooth.


However, Luo Xin was more interested in today’s invited guests. She waved her hand and said with a smile: “You can let her wait in the waiting room. There is still a little time for filming. I want to chat with her.”


After a while, Luo Xin, who had put on makeup, came to the waiting room, looked in through the glass window, and saw Murphy sitting peacefully on a chair reading materials, and Mo Xiaojuan, who was yawning boredly, was of course ignored.


Luo Xin stood outside for a few seconds. She carefully observed Murphy. With her experience, she couldn’t help but secretly praised: “What a beautiful girl.”


There is nothing wrong with Luo Xin, who is almost twenty years older than Murphy, calling Miss Murphy.


Luo Xin admires Murphy very much. She can see that Murphy only looks a little cold on the outside and should not be used by strangers, but she should still be a humble and good singer.


Luo Xin pushed open the door and went in, and Murphy’s performance confirmed her judgment.


“Mr. Luo, hello!” Murphy stood up, bent down and shook hands with Luo Xin. Luo Xin was a little shorter than her, and Murphy fully considered this.


Although his facial expression was still cold and his smile was shallow, Luo Xin was very satisfied with Murphy’s attitude.


“Murphy, this is our first time meeting, right?” Luo Xin said with a smile.


“Yes, I’ve been looking forward to it, and finally I can appear on your show, Mr. Luo.” Murphy nodded in response.


Luo Xin shrugged, and she smiled cheerfully: “You can’t blame me. Five years ago, I wanted to find an opportunity to invite you to the show, but who made you suddenly retire!”


Murphy froze for a moment. She didn’t expect such a story to exist.


Luo Xin is well maintained, and after putting on makeup, she looks like she is only in her thirties, and her conversation is elegant and friendly. Even if they are separated by a generation, Murphy does not feel that there is any communication. What a generation gap, and the whole person exudes a unique charm, which is convincing.


I saw Luo Xin winked at Murphy and said with a smile, “Murphy, I know the reason for your retirement!”


Murphy’s expression changed, Xixi was her inverse scale, and Mo Xiaojuan, who was behind, couldn’t help but stand up.


“Haha, don’t be nervous! Don’t worry, I won’t say it out loud. If I was so big mouthed, it would have already spread when I saw you and your children in the United States.” Luo Xin thought for a while and said The name of the place is the city where Murphy’s father’s farm is located. “I saw you at that time, although I recognized it, but I didn’t know it well, so I didn’t dare to say hello.”


It is estimated that Murphy took Xixi out to go shopping and bask in the sun, and was seen by Luo Xin, who often runs abroad.


Murphy calmed down, and still had some lingering fears: “Sorry, Sister Luo Xin, I lost my way.”


“It doesn’t matter, I can understand, it’s a child after all! I’m just a little surprised now that you were at the peak of your career and suddenly retired because of having a child. Thinking about it now, do you think it’s a pity?” Luo Xin was curious asked.


Murphy smiled slightly: “I still felt a little regretful when I first But after the child was born, I felt that this happiness could cover all the regrets, so I didn’t feel it was a pity.”


“Understood, I am also a mother.” Luo Xin patted Murphy on the shoulder kindly.


She suddenly said again: “Then the show will be recorded later, can I ask this question?”


Murphy froze for a moment and pursed her lips: “Sorry, Sister Luo Xin, I’m not ready to make it public yet.”


Luo Xin nodded and said with a smile: “It’s nothing, but it’s a pity that our program is missing a hit point, but don’t worry, I won’t tell others about you.”


“But Murphy, Sister Luo Xin, I’ve been in this entertainment industry for too long, and I’ve seen a lot of situations like yours, so I still want to persuade you.” Luo Xin said gently, ” If it is not a particularly big problem, emotional stability, family harmony, these things are better to be made public, and it should be sooner rather than later, waiting for the paparazzi to expose it, then it is really troublesome.”


Murphy stared blankly at Luo Xin, lost in thought.


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