House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 269: Regardless of the past, let’s say it again (1/4)



Seeing the old comrades in arms, Yang Yi naturally couldn’t let them drink the northwest wind outside. He walked forward and invited Luo Zongsheng and the others to his coffee shop to continue catching up.


Just after the door was opened, the little girl who had already wiped away her tears by Sister Ding Xiang ran over in surprise and threw herself in her father’s arms, but she quickly pouted and complained, “Baba, you lied!”


Baba? dad? With this call, Shen Xinyu, who was following behind, was struck by lightning, and looked at Luo Zongsheng and Yu Xiaotian in surprise.


Yang Yi has children? However, it is not particularly strange to have children. Not all the bachelors in the army, like Lord Luo, are married, but they don’t have children yet. What’s strange about Shen Xinyu is that the daughter of Yang Yi’s family is a bit older, she looks like she is five or six years old!


“You say, you say let me, I do it dozens of times, you will come back, but you won’t come back!” The little girl turned her worry about her father into a complaint, and said, hugging her father’s neck tightly. .


After speaking, the little girl saw that there were many people behind her father, and shrank her head a little shyly, but she was much bolder now, her big eyes were rolling, and she was looking at these people wearing green clothes people.


“It’s my father’s fault. My father came back late because I met these uncles outside, my former good friends.” Yang Yi turned around and introduced them, “Luo Ye, Shen Xinyu, A Xiao , this is my daughter, Xixi, this is Uncle Luo, Uncle Shen, Uncle Yu, and Uncle Guo.”


“Guo Shushu?” Xixi was a little surprised, she turned to look at Guo Ziyi who was explaining to Ding Xiang, the little girl was puzzled, “Why two Guo Shushu?”


“Because their surnames are Guo, but that is Uncle Guo Ziyi, this is Uncle Guo Dabao!” Yang Yi smiled.


“Well then…”


After saying hello, Xixi ran to continue dragging Lan Xin to play.


The fierce guy just now also stood in front of him like a mountain because of his father, so he did not leave any psychological shadow on Xixi.


It’s like the children who liked to watch Ultraman in the previous life. Although they should be afraid of those hideous monsters, as long as they believe that there will be Ultraman to help them defeat these monsters, then those monsters are not to be afraid of. !


Guo Zizhen went to harass Ding Xiang interestingly, but did not come here to influence Yang Yi and his comrades’ reminiscence.


Yang Yi invited Luo Zongsheng and the others, including Guo Dabao, to sit together in a larger booth. He took out his own tea set from the bar and brewed tea for these brothers himself—of course they were not used to coffee.


“Grass the grass, Yang Yi, what have you been through all these years? Even tea started drinking like this?” Shen Xinyu watched Yang Yi pick up the small purple sand tea cups with tweezers and wash them with boiling water, just like playing with art. , couldn’t help crying.


Luo Zongsheng and Yu Xiaotian had similar reactions to Shen Xinyu, Guo Dabao scratched his head honestly: “I drink tea with big gulps, and this small teacup is not enough to quench my thirst.”


“He used to be like that. In the past, Lord Luo took some good tea from the big guys, and he just drank peony like you did!” Shen Xinyu said debunkingly.


Yang Yi smiled. He turned around and went to the bar to get a coffee cup for Guo Dabao to use. The other three were still somewhat elegant, but Guo Dabao probably wasn’t used to this slow drinking method.


Although Luo Zongsheng also asked about Yang Yi’s conflict at the dam just now, Yang Yi didn’t want to talk about it, so he took it over in a lighthearted manner. While drinking tea, several people chatted about a lot of things after Yang Yi left.


“After you left, there have been some changes in the Wolf Warriors. Several groups came and went. First, the whistle and Lao Chen were injured and retired to work as a clerk, and then…” Luo Zongsheng said with a little sadness .


“And Lao Zhang and Zhuzi, they both sacrificed!” Shen Xinyu added.


Yang Yi was a little stunned. Although he had long been indifferent to life and death, these two comrades were vivid characters in his memory, not those unrelated kill targets. Hearing the news of their deaths, Yang Yi Can’t help feeling the heart tugging.


“How did they… sacrifice?” Yang Yi asked in a deep voice.


“Four years ago, we encircled Nuoka, the intelligence went wrong, and he was ambushed…” Luo Zongsheng didn’t want to mention these sad things, but since Shen Xinyu had already leaked his mouth, he simply said it to Yang Yi Say.


Reminiscing about the past, it is natural to ask about Yang Yi’s experience over the years. Luo Zongsheng and the others are very curious about what Yang Yi has experienced, and so many changes have taken place. They also wrote works such as “Soldier Assault” and “Bright Sword”. .


“It’s nothing. I’ve traveled all over the world over the years, and I’ve done it in all walks of life, but I work at the bottom and learn from the people around me, so I know a little bit of miscellaneous things. As for writing novels.” Yang Yi smiled and said lightly. Said, “In those years I was alone, and I could only pass the time by reading books at night. After reading a lot of novels, I also learned to write.”


These comrades-in-arms have no doubts, they just sighed that Yang Yi’s life was not easy.


However, Shen Xinyu looked at Yang Yi strangely: “Then what’s the matter with your daughter? She’s five or six years old, right? I remember you didn’t take any vacation a few years before you retired…”


This guy is still a little bit open-mouthed.


“What are you talking about? How beautiful is Yang Yi’s daughter? Her eyebrows are the same as those carved out of Yang Yi’s mold!” Luo Zongsheng reprimanded.


Yang Yi laughed dumbly and explained, “Xixi is only four years old, but because her mother is tall and her genes are good, she is taller than children of the same age.”


“So that’s how it is!” A few people suddenly realized, and they also breathed a sigh of relief for Yang Yi.


Yang Yi didn’t tell them about the “ups and downs” of his and Murphy’s emotional experiences.


It took a long time to talk about the old days, and the tea leaves were changed a few times.


However, Shen Xinyu was always thinking about the matter of discussing with Yang Yi, and while Luo Zongsheng went to the bathroom, he smiled excitedly: “Yang Yi, it was Lord Luo who stopped us just now, but our brothers have not seen each other for so long, shouldn’t it be right? Gestures? Listen to Guo Dabao, you have improved a lot in your kung fu over the years.”


“You can’t beat Yang Yi.” Guo Dabao reminded kindly.


Shen Xinyu was not happy when she heard it: “Hold the grass, who said I couldn’t beat him! Back then in the army, he was my defeat!”


“The surname is Shen, won’t your conscience hurt when you say this?” Yang Yi laughed, his interest picked up, and he also imitated Shen Xinyu’s tone and said gruffly, “Back then I fight with you, whoever loses more wins more, don’t you have a point in your heart?”


At that time, both Yang Yi and Shen Xinyu were very was basically at the level of 50 to 50, but both of them were not convinced by each other, and they felt that they had won more.


“You said you won more? Ah Xiao, you come to judge, did I beat him to the ground?” Shen Xinyu was not convinced.


Yu Xiaotian doesn’t talk much, his personality dictates.


But at this moment, he looked at the two of them, and still opened his mouth: “No matter the past, let’s fight again.”


“Okay, let’s talk!” Shen Xinyu stood up confidently and raised her eyebrows at Yang Yi, “Go?”


Luo Zongsheng came back. When he saw this scene, he shook his head dumbfoundedly, but he didn’t stop him.


There are not many harsh words, Yang Yi responded with actions, only to see him unbuttoning the jacket that was in the way, revealing the short sleeves inside.


Shen Xinyu did not show weakness, he also pulled off his coat, revealing his strong body in a green vest, and the two plunged into the cold wind outside.


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