House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 259: Ding Xiang picks gifts



Yes, what is the reason for coming to Yang Yi?


Guo Ziyi’s mind was wide-ranging. Looking at the small carpentry house on Yang Yi’s desk, he had an idea and said, “Gift, isn’t Miss Murphy going to celebrate her birthday? I can’t go next Wednesday night, so I came over and said to Brother Yang, But I will give the gift, please pass it to Sister Murphy, please!”


“Can’t go? Why? Didn’t we agree to celebrate Sister Murphy’s birthday together?” Ding Xiang asked in confusion.


Yang Yi also frowned. He had specially invited Guo Ziyi and Ding Xiang to make Murphy’s birthday more fun.


“Sister Ding Xiang, you forgot? Didn’t the dean of the department send a notice in the morning that the freshmen and sophomores of our college will all attend the dean’s lecture at the Jiangcheng Great Hall next Wednesday?” Guo Ziyi said helplessly, “No. It’s just me, and you have to go too.”


Ding Xiang was stunned for a moment, hurriedly flipped out her phone, and looked at the text messages she ignored in the morning.


“…The college will arrange a bus to pick up and drop off at that time. All students will go and return together. The counselor will be responsible for counting the number of students and deducting grades for absenteeism…”


It’s really…


Ding Xiang looked at Yang Yi with an embarrassed look on her face. This was an administrative order directly issued by the college. Although it was absurd – for the dean’s face, she had to pull the number of students – but she had to go!


“It’s okay, you all listen to the school’s arrangements, I’ll just convey your thoughts to Murphy.” Yang Yi smiled and said calmly.


Of course he still feels regret, but he doesn’t blame the two friends for the school’s request.


“Brother Yang, don’t worry, I will definitely buy a big gift for Sister Murphy later!” Guo Ziyi said while patting his chest.


“Ziyi, take me with you, you help me with my staff, I don’t know how to buy gifts.” Ding Xiang made up his mind and pleaded with Guo Ziyi.


“Oh, it’s rare that Sister Ding Xiang wants to go shopping with me! Okay, it’s just to help you pick a gift! Let’s go, quickly pack up, close the door, let’s go for a walk!” Guo Ziyi said excitedly.


“But I have to open a shop at night.” Ding Xiang remembered.


Yang Yi laughed a little dumbly, and he said, “The opening hours of my store are very random, you can go if you want! However, I don’t care about Guo Ziyi, Ding Xiang, your gift is not allowed to exceed one hundred yuan, hear Is it? Guo Ziyi, you are responsible for supervising her, take back the shopping receipt and show it to me, I don’t want any more than 100 yuan, and Guo Ziyi, you have to pay Ding Xiang the money!”


Guo Ziyi’s eyes lit up, he aimed at Ding Xiang, he smiled and said, “As ordered, I promise to supervise Sister Ding Xiang!”


Ding Xiang rolled his eyes at him angrily.



In the evening, on the pedestrian street of Commercial Road in Tingshan District, a pair of figures appeared.


The male is white and fat, while the female is black, black and thin… Of course, it is impossible to see how dark Ding Xiang is at night, but the combination of fat and thin still attracts many people’s strange eyes.


“Ziyi, where are we going to buy gifts?” Ding Xiang looked around curiously and asked.


Actually, Ding Xiang didn’t come here before, but she didn’t come here for shopping, but in the hottest summer, she put on a big doll costume and distributed flyers here. It’s almost sunstroke, where can I have the energy and spare money to go shopping?


“There are several boutiques in Wanlehui in front of me, and it’s best to buy a gift in it!” Guo Ziyi took Ding Xiang to the place without touching the ground all day.


I haven’t seen Ding Xiang in the prosperous world very much. She followed Guo Ziyi into a boutique. As soon as she entered, she was dazed by the dazzling array of goods on the shelves.


“There are so many things!” Ding Xiang suddenly felt a little suffocated, especially those delicate trinkets, which made her look flustered.


For a while, Ding Xiang still had some illusions. He felt that his grandmother hid the ancestral headdresses, neck ornaments, breast ornaments, hand ornaments, etc. , still not as pretty as these trinkets.


Of course, Ding Xiang is not stupid. She still knows good and bad. The jewelry that her grandmother left her is made of real silver, which has been passed down from generation to generation. How can the value of these small jewelry made of plastic be comparable?


But silver jewelry will become dirty after all. If it has not been “washed silver” by the Miao family silversmith, it does not look good. Women are all creatures who love beauty. Seeing these beautiful trinkets in front of them, even Ding Xiang, Is it inevitable that you will be excited?


Ding Xiang pinched the two hundred dollars in his trousers pocket, thinking in his heart whether it was worth buying these dozens of dollars of accessories.


But thinking of her grandmother at home, even though she now earns 6,000 a month, Ding Xiang is still reluctant to spend the money to buy herself an exquisite “crystal” hairpin.


Guo Ziyi was also picking out gifts. Seeing that Ding Xiang didn’t follow him, he went back and glanced at what Ding Xiang was looking at, then said, “Sister Ding Xiang, you don’t want to buy these for Mo. Miss Fei?”


“This gift is not good.” Guo Ziyi looked around and said to Ding Xiang in a low voice, “Sister Murphy is a big star, all the jewelry she wears, including the clothes she wears, are provided by sponsors. , you can’t wear anything from other brands, what’s more, this hairpin is a bit low-grade…”


Ding Xiang pursed his lips, but didn’t say it. He just pushed Guo Ziyi and motioned him to go inside.


“What gift would you like to buy for Sister Murphy?” Ding Xiang watched for a while, but still had no idea.


There are also expensive things in the boutique, so expensive that Ding Xiang is a little bit tongue-tied, and Ding Xiang is not sure about the cheap things, so he has to ask Guo Ziyi for help.


Guo Ziyi has already picked out a gift, a clockwork puppet that can play drums. Because the mechanism is complicated, the price is naturally not cheap, more than 500 yuan.


“Your budget is less than 100 yuan…” Guo Ziyi touched his chin and brought Ding Xiang to the decoration area. After watching for a while, he took out a crystal ball with a simple base, “How about this? “


Not expensive, fifty-five yuan, Guo Ziyi fully considered Yang Yi’s restrictions and Ding Xiang’s pockets.


“This?” Ding Xiang took it and fiddled with it awkwardly.


“Turn it on here!” Guo Ziyi reached out and turned on the switch under the base.


Suddenly, the small light under the base lights up, shining the crystal ball’s brilliance. Guo Ziyi brought it over again, shook it, and the white snowflakes inside slowly flew, creating a romantic atmosphere.


In the crystal ball, two villains, a man and a woman, embraced and kissed in this romantic atmosphere.


“This is pretty nice.” Ding Xiang himself felt a little like it.


“The main meaning is good! I heard that Brother Yang and Sister Murphy haven’t received the certificate You can get another small card and write a blessing. I wish Sister Murphy and Brother Yang can grow old together forever and have a good relationship for a hundred years. Guaranteed that Murphy will love you for this gift!” Guo Ziyi laughed.


“Brother Yang and Sister Murphy haven’t received their certificates yet?” Ding Xiang was surprised, she couldn’t believe it.


The two have children!


“It’s normal, it’s a celebrity! Hidden marriages are normal!” Guo Ziyi waved his hand nonchalantly.


“Then you will become a big actor in the future, and you will also engage in an underground marriage?” Ding Xiang keenly grasped Guo Ziyi’s loophole and asked.


“Uh…” Guo Ziyi was a little embarrassed.


“How could I hide my marriage? If I meet a girl I like, I promise to declare to the world that I love her, and then let the world witness my happiness with her!” Guo Ziyi felt that men should not be cowardly.


“Then I’ll buy this gift!” Ding Xiang, however, completely ignored his lofty ambitions, holding the crystal ball, hesitated for a moment, and made up his mind.


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