House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 230: Xu Xutuzhi (3/4)



The issue of contract renewal has finally been temporarily resolved. Of course, as Mo Xiaojuan expected, the negotiation was temporarily put on hold, and Niu Meiling also promised Mo Xiaojuan in private that she would not (anymore) Do something small to Murphy in exchange for Murphy’s return.


In fact, Niu Meiling did compromise on this issue.


She’s a smart person who knows the pros and cons quickly.


Since there is no way to coax or force Murphy to sign a low-level contract, Niu Meiling has to change her mind and treat Murphy as a platinum singer. In a big turn, Niu Meiling gave an order to let the people below change to fully support Murphy’s new record!


Let’s make less money from Murphy. Although Niu Meiling’s heart is bleeding, she will never allow Murphy’s ace contract, which she still cares about a lot, to run into someone else’s hands !


With her understanding of Murphy, Niu Meiling feels that as long as she maintains a good relationship with Murphy, with so many years of cooperation and friendship, she can firmly tie Murphy to her Tianmei.


However, Niu Meiling only considered the possibility that Murphy would go to another company or another company to dig up the pillars of their family, but did not think that Murphy had another possibility.


Build your own home!


Niu Meiling couldn’t have imagined that Mo Xiaojuan, a daring fellow, with the financial support of her brother-in-law, had already poached a few girls from her company and started a new business outside the contract period!


Of course, Niu Meiling’s strategy is also good. Murphy is indeed easily dominated by emotions. Under her care, she may be reluctant to leave Tianmei.


“…It depends on your ability, brother-in-law!” After Yang Yi sent Murphy back, Mo Xiaojuan and Yang Yi spoke on the phone quietly. She analyzed Tianmei’s changes and Niu Meiling’s thoughts, and then Hehe smiled and said, “You have to work hard to **** Sister Fei from Tianmei!”


“Yes.” Yang Yi agreed.


Yang Yi is not too worried that Murphy will be reluctant to terminate the contract with Tianmei. What kind of master-disciple relationship can be compared to his relationship with him?


“Hey, brother-in-law, I’m optimistic about you! You can do whatever it takes, but my sister will definitely not be able to stand it, and she will finally agree to you.” Mo Xiaojuan said meaningfully, “Of course, it will be slow. Slow down, the water will flow!”





“Xixi’s Bedtime Story” has passed the new period, many bookstores have removed this book, only the state-run big bookstores are still selling it, and a few optimistic individual bookstores still sell this fairy tale book in the most conspicuous position.


In Guangdong Province, the word of mouth of “Xi Xi’s Bedtime Story” gradually spread among the parents, and even a book was hard to find. Fortunately, the people in Sahara responded very quickly, and it was early in the local area. Media with relatively large influence has released advertisements of online sales channels.


Many parents who took advantage of the bank’s activities to open online banking with the mentality of giving it a try, registered and logged in the Sahara Online Mall, and purchased “Xixi’s Bedtime Story”, although the courier fee was added, But after deducting the website discount, the price of buying in the online store is a few dollars lower than that of the ordinary bookstore!


After this calculation, they gradually realized the benefits of this online mall. Even if they didn’t buy anything, they still took a look at it and compared the price of goods in the online mall with the price of the real store.


In addition, starting this month, the online mall has specially joined forces with manufacturers of infant products and children’s products to organize activities, especially the milk powder, diapers and other imported baby products on the counter, which are more expensive than going to the supermarket. is much cheaper!


“It seems to be a good deal?” Although many people are deeply wary of online shopping, many people are moved by the price difference and try to buy it.


Mothers who don’t even dare to buy will tell others about this special offer by chatting with the surrounding mothers after dinner. The reputation of the online store is spreading little by little!


The background monitoring staff of Sahara Online Mall can see that the sales data is increasing exponentially every day. It seems that these are driven by “Xi Xi’s Bedtime Story”, but the specific analysis is not the case. In the end, this is still After the online mall reduces the intermediate channels, the price advantage is reflected!


In any case, the sales of “Xixi’s Bedtime Story” also began to rise, and as more and more people read it, the good reputation began to spread out of Guangdong Province.


Until one day, a netizen who had purchased the book “Bright Sword” in the Sahara Online Mall saw the promotion of a large banner in the online mall.


“Huh? By Yang Yi? Isn’t Yang Yi the type of military writer? Although he has been playing with crime recently, when has he written a fairy tale book?” This non-hardcore fan of Yang Yi became curious.


He specifically went to the online customer service of the online bookstore and confirmed that this book was indeed written by Yang Yi!


“Hey, it’s interesting, Yang Yi also wrote a fairy tale book?” Non-hardcore fans are interested. Although he is not a die-hard fan of Yang Yi, he is a very curious person and bought “Bright Sword” , and also bought “Xi Xi’s Bedtime Story”, just to save a little postage.


However, after the courier delivered the book, a man in his early twenties was fascinated by this fairy tale book.


More than 20 finely edited fairy tales made him fascinated by two days and two nights, especially when he saw the story of “Sleeping Beauty”, he almost had a girl’s heart overflowing, and a woman’s heart almost controlled not live.


Such a beautiful book, Amway must go out, but what if he doesn’t know any children and single mothers?


There is a way! He excitedly went to the discussion area of ​​the two serial books “Remaining Sin” and “Prison Break” and posted, “You may not believe it when you say it, but Yang Yi greatly made me fall in love with fairy tales again.”


The title is very conspicuous, and the content is naturally “Xixi’s Bedtime Story” by Amway Yang Yi. I recommend everyone to go to the Sahara Online Store to buy it.


As soon as the post went out, he was sprayed with blood by book friends who were waiting for updates.


“Navy? How could Yang Yida have written a fairy tale book?”


“I’m afraid it’s a fake link, don’t click on it, beware of fraud!”


The id of this non-hardcore book lover is naturally not as well known to **** book lovers as Mu Yucheng’s “Mu Yuchen”. Although he argues hard, it is still difficult for everyone to be convinced.


It was Mu Yucheng who saw this post. He vaguely remembered that when he went to the Sahara online store last month to study the other party’s online shopping ideas, he had seen the book “Xi Xi’s Fairy Tales”, which seemed to be promoted by Yang Yi. Yes, just because it was children’s literature, it didn’t arouse his interest.


But now Mu Yucheng is on vacation. He has nothing to do. He simply followed the link given by this book friend to find it. It was really written by Yang Yi. Can’t wait for the update, so buy a copy and check it out! Mu Yucheng jumped into the pit with great interest.


A few days later, Mu Yucheng reprinted the post of the non-hardcore book friend who had already gone somewhere, and solemnly recommended “Xi Xi’s Bedtime Story” to millions of book friends who were waiting for an update.


“It was really written by Yang Yida, and it has been confirmed with customer service that Yang Yida compiled the bedtime stories he told his daughter into a Is there any love for father and daughter! Although the book is in the physical The bookstore’s sales results were not satisfactory, but the quality was definitely not average, the storyline was very exciting, and although the wording was simple, Yang Yida’s writing was as good as ever!”


“If I were to write a recommendation, I would say: the old should be young, although it is a fairy tale, but adults are also fascinated by it!” Mu Yucheng is really passionate about doing free Amway work .


With a familiar id like him, many book lovers can’t sit still.


“Fuck, Lao Mu has also spoken, it seems that I can’t buy it!”


“Buy, buy, buy, for the book written by the real Yang Yi, I definitely want to buy it!”


“If you don’t buy it, it’s not Yang Jiajun!”


“I said why Yang Yi is so weak and weak in updating, it turns out that he has a daughter! Well, donate milk powder money to our daughter!”


“Go away upstairs, who is your daughter? Yang Yi is my father…”


“You guys continue to talk, I’ll go to place an order first. Anyway, Yang Yi’s character is guaranteed, and he can’t buy it at a disadvantage or be fooled.”


“Do you live near the Hutong, Chaonei Street, Beijing? Let’s make a bill together? Save some postage…”


In the midst of laughter, Yang Yi’s fans will bring the sales of “Xi Xi’s Fairy Tale” to a magical number. Although this will no longer attract media attention and reports, it will eventually bring these fairy tales to life. The story spreads.


But that’s another story. 8)


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