House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 226: Xixi’s handicraft class (3/4)



The curriculum of Springfield Kindergarten is very interesting. The teachers don’t just cramming in education, they pay more attention to the enlightenment of children’s abilities.


It’s like learning to write in the first two weeks. After the teachers have taught how to write strokes, they let each child go back and study how to write their own names with their parents.


It is this kind of exploration that allows the children to experience the structure of those characters. In the future, there is no need for teachers to teach them word by word. They all know how to learn to write other words through imitation.


Of course, this course of learning to write is just a taste. This half-aged child is not suitable for lying on the desk and climbing the grid all day. After the teachers have inspired their basic writing ability, they have started other more interesting course.


For example, the handicraft class started this week. Although it was set up to inspire children’s hands-on ability, it was very popular among children. Xixi liked it very much. She just came back from kindergarten almost every day and started looking forward to it again. Going to kindergarten tomorrow…


Under the leadership of Teacher Shen, who is good at all kinds of handicrafts, Xixi and the other children seem to have entered a new world.


On the first day, Xixi brought back a heart made of red paper, which was “plagiarized” by the hateful father – Yang Yi took a photo and sent it to Murphy, without telling Murphy that it was Xixi Stacked!


The next day, Xixi brought back a large cardboard with sticky colored scraps and watercolor brushes to create patterns of trees and flowers.


On the third day, Xixi brought it back to play with her father and mother who was staying temporarily. Teacher Shen taught them to make a handmade phone with two paper cups and a piece of cotton thread. Xixi, who did not understand the principle, was still happy Show your mom the magical whispering skills without any hesitation!


The fourth day…


It was yesterday, and finally it was the weekend. Teacher Shen showed the children in class, and then brought the instruction manual to the children. Let’s make a doll out of discarded fabrics at home!


It’s a small task, too. Otherwise, Xixi might have to pester her father again on the big weekend and say she wants to go to kindergarten to play with Teacher Shen.


Mo’s three-year-old is very interested in Xixi’s manual work, and he prepared materials with great interest last night.


She pulled out the bib that Yang Yi had bought for Xixi before, but because Xixi was not a one-year-old child, she could not use it. It was made of 100% pure cotton, it was very comfortable to touch, and it was pale pink, with a pure and elegant color, suitable for dolls.


As for the cotton wool used for stuffing, Murphy didn’t want to use medical cotton, so he disassembled Yang Yi’s pillow and took out a handful. She also snickered and ran over to ask Yang Yi if she knew where she got this ball of cotton?


There is no other way, Yang Yi can only serve at home…


Without a pillow, that night, the two of them could only truly share a bed—Yang Yi sleeps on Murphy’s pillow, Murphy sleeps on Yang Yi’s body…cough!


It is worth mentioning that Yang Yi’s family has no sewing needles and threads. Although he is a literary killer who can embroider at heart, he does not really know how to embroider.


Spider-Man and King Kai Bian will make their own clothes, but Yang Yi doesn’t know how… Usually, if the clothes are torn, I just throw them away and replace them. How could I ever think about sewing them up by myself?


So his pillow couldn’t be mended, and he had to find a place to buy needles and thread for Murphy and Xixi to do the next day.


I really don’t know where to buy needles and threads for sewing. Fortunately, Ding Xiang, who lives frugally and continues to wear clothes, can consult.


“Brother Yang, do you still have Xixi’s clothes torn? Give it to me, I’ll make it up in the dormitory and bring it back to you.” Ding Xiang, who came to open a shop early on the weekend, kindly wanted to help Yang Yi saves money, “You don’t need to buy needles and threads, you don’t need them anymore, what a waste?”


After knowing the real use of Yang Yi’s needle and thread, Ding Xiang wanted to give Yang Yi his needle and thread, but Yang Yi declined this kind girl.


He doesn’t want needles or threads, he just wants to know where to sell needles and threads…


After a tossing, Yang Yi bought back the needle box, pink thread, and his new pillow that Murphy wanted in the afternoon.



I can finally start making handmade dolls. Yang Yi looked at Mo Sansui who was excited and kindly reminded her: “Murphy, you can’t do all the processes by yourself, this is a parent-child Homework, you have to involve Xixi too.”


The little girl who had been squatting on the side early and looked eagerly nodded quickly, she blinked her big eyes and said, “Mama, I want to play too.”


Not only did Xixi want to play, but when they saw the wads of cotton wool, the three kittens raised their tails and walked around with great interest, looking for opportunities to mix up while watching the owners’ reactions. Come in and touch your paw.


But Murphy pushed them away vigilantly. She spread out the manual, pointed it down step by step, and said, “Of course Xixi wants to get involved, but Xixi, Mama told you, you can’t touch it. Needle and sewing work must be done by Ma Ma or Baba, you can help Ma Ma and help Ma Ma, okay?”


“Okay!” Xixi responded happily, no matter what she does, as long as she can participate.


“I don’t need it, right? I’ll help you drive the cats.” Yang Yi waved his hand quickly.


Threading the needle, isn’t that what the girls only play with the Eastern Invincible?


There is still a way to deal with Xiaohui, Duoduo, and Xiaoguo. Yang Yi pulled out the catnip doll he bought a few days ago. In fact, the small doll was stuffed with a bag of catnip, exactly three in a set, and Yang Yi threw them out.


When I just threw it out, a few young British shorts didn’t pay attention, only the restless Xiao Hui turned his head to take a look, but it seemed that the attraction was not as great as that of the cotton balls!


But Dodo, with a sensitive nose, seemed to smell something. It ran to the little doll closest to it with small cheerful steps and sniffed.


Suddenly, Duo Duo’s two cat pupils turned from thin slits to large round beads. With a “meow” sound, Duo Duo’s two claws rushed up, and then gnawed.


It didn’t seem like he was dealing with a class enemy. Duo Duo nibbled and twisted his body again, rubbing the catnip doll with every part of his big round face.


In less than a while, the three catnip dolls all found their respective objects, and were then ravaged by their objects in a tragic manner. The filthy scene was unbearable to look directly at.

不管怎么说这三只小家伙暂时是没有精力来打扰杨轶他们了。 These three little guys don’t have the energy to bother Yang Yi and the others for the time being.


But Murphy still arranged a task for Yang Yi.


“No, Teacher Shen said that parents and children are required to make this doll together. How can you not do your homework, Yang Yi?” Murphy giggled while looking at Yang Yi’s flustered look. , said, “Come on, take this bib and cut the knots off the edge.”


Yang Yi had to sit down too. Fortunately, he only used scissors, something related to knives. He was able to play with it. He grabbed the center, and the scissors stabbed in a circle, and all the protruding parts of the edges were covered. Cut out, leaving only an oval piece of cloth.


Murphy was not idle either. She rubbed the cotton wool into strips. Xixi also helped in every way. Then, according to the diagram in Teacher Shen’s manual, the strips were stacked together, and finally rolled into a A sturdy and nice looking ball.


“It’s a bit too big. Teacher Shen said it’s about three centimeters in diameter. Ours is a bit bigger, but it’s okay, let’s make a bigger doll!” Murphy smiled at Xixi who was poking at the ball curiously. road.


“Okay, make a big one, I like big dolls!” Xixi responded happily.


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