House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 215: Xi Xi with the same style as the giant panda



“Xixi’s Bedtime Story” quietly became popular in Yangcheng, and gradually drove the sales of surrounding cities, and even some cities even had a situation where it was hard to find a book!


However, due to the blockade of the chain bookstores, the people from Sahara Publishing House only knew that “Xixi’s Bedtime Story” was already out of stock through the feedback from readers’ calls, and then readers could not find the problem of purchasing channels.


“If the **** like Aishu, Shuba, and Shuxiangge don’t give us restocking notices, don’t tell us that big state-run bookstores will fool us?” Fu Jun slammed the cup on the table and asked angrily.


The subordinate reported with a bitter face: “No, the big state-owned bookstore is fine, but their prices are a little high, and sales really can’t increase.”


This is the conclusion they came to after their overnight investigation. Most of the people who buy these fairy tale books are ordinary mothers and women who manage family living expenses. Their attitude towards buying books is actually the same as going to the market to buy vegetables, which is greatly affected by the price!


So, they won’t go to the big state-owned bookstores, and the chain bookstores are out of stock every day…


Fu Jun has a headache, and so do the people at Sahara Press.


Now they know that Yu Qian’s column recommendation last week has brought a boom to the book’s sales, but it’s too late, there are only a few days left before the first month of protection, how can they still have a chance What about creating enough data for those chain bookstores, big state-run bookstores to keep it on their shelves?


I missed this opportunity because the relationship between the Sahara Press and the chain bookstore alliance was not as good as Fu Jun imagined. They could not rely on the two books “Soldier Assault” and “Bright Sword” to break each other’s blockade. , behind this, there are still invisible forces suppressing the efforts of small publishing houses…


The opponent’s iron chains are connected to the boat, blocking the river. If you want to break it, you can only sink the boat and attack with more fierce fire!


Recalling the source of this upsurge, Fu Jun had an idea. He called the Sahara Press and the Sahara Online Mall for a meeting.


“First of all, the customer service department, you will do a training. In the future, whenever you ask where we can buy our books, you will tell them that it is cheap and convenient to go to the Sahara online store, and it can also be delivered to your home by express!”


“Then, advertise for me, do a survey first, see which newspapers our readers read most often, advertise on them, buy a full page, and just get a couplet, the first couplet: Xi Xi’s bedtime story, good-looking; Xialian, Sahara Online Mall, cheap; horizontal criticism: for the children, it’s worth it!”


A subordinate asked nervously: “Boss, isn’t the cost of this advertisement a little too big? In the whole country, it is impossible to do an advertisement with only a few million dollars.”


“It’s going to be huge, but it’s also a good opportunity to open up the reputation of our Saharan online store! It’s worth a few million dollars!” Fu Jun waved his hand proudly.


The Sahara Online Mall has actually made a profit recently, and the profit is not small. Fu Jun has the money to do several big operations.


He turned his head and said to the staff of the online store, “You should also hurry up and enrich the products in our store. The several publishers you talked about before have them send all the books to our warehouse, and expand Let me know your thoughts, don’t just sell books, all products related to infants and young children can be put on the shelves, and suppliers will control the quality…”


This time, Fu Jun decided to spare no expense. He wanted to follow the story of “Xixi’s Bedtime Story” and fight a big battle and a turnaround!



Actually, Yang Yi doesn’t care about how his books are selling. What he cares about is what Xixi wears when he goes to watch Guo Ziyi’s show tonight at the freshman party tonight.


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“I want to wear a skirt.” The little girl was bouncing on the bed. Although she was wearing a nightdress after taking a shower, the little girl still looked expectantly at the princess dresses she liked in the closet.


“If you don’t wear a skirt today, it will be a little cold outside at night.” Yang Yi dug out a pair of denim shorts that he first bought for her at the Haihong shopping mall in the closet. The jeans that adults wear are so rough.


“How about this one?” Yang Yi thinks Xixi’s wearing this is a good one. The T-shirt top and the layer of jeans on the stomach are covered like a jacket, it will be much warmer.


“This one is also good-looking!” Xixi immediately became empathetic again, and she gestured happily on her body, “There is a pocket here for the little belly, and I like it very much!”


With blue skin and a pocket on her stomach, Yang Yi doesn’t know why she thought of a famous anime character.


Hmm! When Journey to the West is finished, tell Xixi the story of this fat blue man!


Fat Lan put aside first, Yang Yi found a T-shirt for Xixi that could be matched with jeans, or the little girl jumped down and pulled out a short-sleeved T-shirt of the same style as Baby Bear from the closet with her father. Shirt, her favorite one!


Black short sleeves, white body, and a black collar around the neck! Although the cartoon image above is not a giant panda, doesn’t this T-shirt look like Xixi’s panda (cat) baby?


“Just wear this?” Yang Yi asked, “Will it be cold?”


It’s autumn after all.


“Neither cold nor cold, wear this, wear this!” The excited little man has already begun to take off his nightgown and put on a T-shirt of the same style as the panda.


Yang Yi had to help her daughter put the T-shirt It’s actually a bit troublesome for a girl to get dressed. She took out her tiny arms. Hair, but also gently pull out, use a comb to straighten the messy hair.


When putting on the overalls for Xixi, Yang Yi was surprised to find that her daughter had grown taller again! The bibs that were originally able to cover her knees now exposed her small knees.


Fortunately, I didn’t buy the same T-shirt for the giant panda for a long time, otherwise Xixi probably wouldn’t fit.


Thinking about it this way, Yang Yi may have to eliminate a batch of clothes for the little girl, and then buy a new batch of clothes. The burden of raising a child is quite heavy! Fortunately, Yang Yi is not short of money now…


Yang Yi put white short socks on Xixi’s feet, and then put on the little sneakers of magenta lined with a white star map, before giving the little girl a smug look in front of the mirror.


This little guy can’t help but want to look in the mirror when he’s wearing the same t-shirt as the giant panda and no pants.


“Would you like to tie your hair?” Yang Yi asked while sitting beside the bed, stroking Xixi’s long hair gently.


The little girl’s hair is of good quality, dark and thick, and shiny. It feels as if a cloud is sliding over her fingertips, which is very comfortable.


“No, no.” Xixi waved at her father, and the smile between her eyes has not yet dispersed.


Xi Xi’s outfit is still pretty good, especially the overalls, which are like the finishing touch, making the little girl’s little baby fat face very cute.


Yang Yi dresses up her daughter carefully, but she still wears what she usually wears today, and even her shoes are a pair of large sandals and slippers.


“Brother Yang, we have to hurry up, or the show will start.” Ding Xiang waited anxiously for them downstairs. She changed her clothes in the store early and didn’t need to make up. Naturally, she waited for a long time. She is very principled and does not want to be late.


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