House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 214: Chaptery’s little red flower



Xixi’s name, the word “Yang” in “Yang Xi” is fine, the little girl learns faster, but when it’s her turn to “Xi”, Xixi encounters a problem.


Under my father’s hands-on guidance, the shrewd little girl knows everything, but because the word “Xi” is too complicated, she always forgets the details here or there when she writes.


“Don’t write S directly for the turn that the Ministry wants here, you need to write it one by one, it depends on Dad…” Yang Yi was also very patient, and took Xixi to correct the details.


Even so, Xixi has learned the two characters for almost an hour, which is longer than the time she spends doing homework every day.


“Come on, try it yourself.” Yang Yi let go of his daughter’s hand and encouraged.


Without her father’s hands-on teaching, Xixi was not used to it at first. Although she could write it out according to the above example, her strokes were crooked.


However, the progress is obvious. After a while, she gradually became proficient. The young “Yang Xi” was written in a similar manner.


It’s almost there, for such a small child, do you still ask her to write like a calligrapher?


Yang Yi rubbed the little head of Xixi, who was sitting in front of the children’s desk, and said softly, “Okay, Xixi, you have written very well, let’s play for a while! I’m here to call you!”


The little girl who is closest to Xixi is also curious why the little master hasn’t come to play with her for so long today.


Before, it came to rub against Xixi’s little feet, but was kicked away several times by the hateful **** shoveling officer. Xiaojiao can only express her expectations in this way, as if saying: “Little master , did you see me? Here! Here!”


However, Xixi has no idea of ​​playing with it today. The little girl who has been thinking about in her heart has just been liberated, so she hurriedly pestered her father to tell her a story: “Baba, Baba, hurry up and tell me the story of that child monster! Is it powerful?”


Since Xixi performed very well today, Yang Yi simply gave the little girl a reward. He moved around and jumped to the empty space in the living room, startling the duo who was playing in the living room, meow. He jumped onto the sofa with a thud.


“Speaking of which, Sun Wukong and Zhu Bajie found Huoyun Cave, beat the little monster and ran back crying, crying with the little kid monster, the kid had white face and red lips, his hair was tied in a bun, and his eyebrows were dotted. Red cinnabar…”


As Yang Yi gestured and told the story vividly, Xixi couldn’t help but hold her breath. Shui Lingling’s eyes were fixed on her father, and she listened to the story with all her concentration.


The little guy next to him tilted his head and glanced at the hateful **** shoveling officer, and found that he seemed to be ignoring him, so he secretly walked around to his little master and posted it.


It’s just that today’s little girl has no way to **** the favor of the little master from “Red Boy”!



The next day.


“It seems that everyone has finished writing, and Mr. Mu has seen everyone’s efforts. However, I still have to perform a few children: Nan Zhaoyu, your writing is very beautiful, and Yang Luoqi, you can be independent. Write your own name, which is great!”


“Finally, the teacher would like to commend Yang Xi, who is going to get the little red flower today. Little Yang Xi has made great progress. She can write down such a complicated name completely and beautifully. Should you give her a round of applause? ?”


Amid the untidy applause, in the envious eyes of the friends, especially in the envious eyes of Lan Xin, who couldn’t write the word “Xin”, Xixi held out her small chest, and in Teacher Mu’s body Before, was awarded a little red flower!


This is the first little red flower that Xixi got. When she learned to dance, although Xixi danced pretty well, it was the child Yang Luoqi who got the little red flower.


This honor is what Xixi has been looking forward to for a long time. Wearing the little red flower, the little girl’s happy smile almost never stopped.


Even when she went to bed at noon, the little girl’s mouth turned up in her sleep, as if she had dreamed of something happy.


It’s just that she is overjoyed and sad, Xixi insists on taking a nap wearing the little red flower, but when she wakes up in the afternoon, the little red flower is crushed by her… In addition to getting up, the little girl is crying so sad!


“Uuu…” Maybe there is remorse, maybe there is unwillingness, but when it comes to my heart, it is an unresolved sadness. This strength makes Xixi cry into tears in Teacher Shen’s arms. .


Teacher Shen’s coaxing is useless, Xixi’s eyes are swollen from crying, and I feel pity for the appearance of pear blossoms with rain.


Fortunately, Teacher Shen held Xixi outside to comfort her under the shade of a tree.


It was Mr. Mu who cut the unused red paper and made a small red flower for Xixi on the spot, and the little girl burst into laughter. This time, having experienced the painful “loss”, Xixi is even more careful to protect the little red flower pinned to the clothes on her chest, and no one will touch it.


In the afternoon, Yang Yi went to pick up Xixi, and the little girl who had long since passed the rain was smiling like a ran over and couldn’t wait to show her little red flower to her father.


“Baba, look, come down to see, there is Xixi’s name here, hee hee, Mr. Mu asked Xixi to write it, only Xixi’s flowers have names!” Xixi took her father at the time , let him squat down and look at the little red flower on his chest.


“Let me see!” Yang Yi also attached great importance to the first reward her daughter received, and immediately reached out.


“Well, you can’t touch it, it will break.” Xixi pouted and hurriedly backed the little red flower.


“Okay, Dad won’t touch it, let’s take a look at our Xixi’s name.” Yang Yi said quickly.


Only then did Xixi agree.


However, Xixi’s name is a little bit hidden by the petals in the middle, and you can’t see it unless you uncover it.


After all, he is a father, and his treatment is still different from others. I don’t know what kind of mental struggle the little girl went through, but she finally said hesitantly: “Then you can touch it, just touch it, it can’t be damaged. It!”


Looking at this little girl’s precious appearance, Yang Yi knew that she had to get her a small glass box to put it in when she went back. Otherwise, Xixi would be heartbroken at home without knowing when it was broken.


However, even if Xixi doesn’t care, Yang Yi will keep it. After all, this is her daughter’s first small prize!


“Baba, let’s go back. You have to take a picture of me and send it to Ma Ma to see!” Sitting in the car, Xixi couldn’t stop. side said.


“Okay, okay, of course you have to let your mother know about such a big happy event.” Yang Yi turned the steering wheel and smiled.


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