House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1287: Not sure who will teach who to make dumplings! (1/3)



Xixi received a very warm welcome at the table of the diplomatic staff, not only Sister Cai, but all the uncles and aunts were laughing and vying to hug her and Xiao. Sister Xiao Cai was still laughing at the back: “Hey, you guys, if you go to hug someone without washing your hands after making dumplings, what should you do if your clothes get dirty?”


In the end, Xiao Xiao was picked up by an enthusiastic aunt because his characters were too small. Others stuffed him with two candies, and the little guy chewed one in his mouth and clenched his hands in front of him. One, comfortably watching my sister being led by those aunts and uncles to make dumplings.


“Dumplings are made like this. Look, let’s take a piece of dough, spread it out, put a little meat filling on it, put our fingers together, and squeeze it like this, and the dumplings will be ready!” Sister Xiao Cai taught Xixi, but she is obviously a rookie. Not only is the method of making dumplings lazy, but the dumplings she squeezed are so ugly that you can’t bear to look directly at them.


Xixi listened patiently and watched curiously at first, but when Xiao Cai finished pinching her, the little girl tilted her head in doubt, pouted her mouth and said, “No… Xiao Cai… , I, I didn’t pinch like this, I said, I want it like this…”


I saw the little girl gesturing with her two little hands, as if she was doing a performance without real objects, and she was earnestly wrapping “dumplings” for Sister Cai to see.


Seeing Xixi’s explanation so seriously, the uncles and aunts next to him all burst into laughter: “Xiao Cai, you have been taught by children! Do you still want to teach others about your three-legged cat kung fu?”


Sister Cai, who is not ashamed of her mistake at all, ignored the mocking laughter and asked Xixi in surprise, “Xixi, do you still make dumplings?”


This sentence can actually be understood in this way. If Xixi only watched her father make dumplings, then Sister Xiao Cai would probably continue to encourage Xixi to take her to make dumplings in an “easy” way.


However, Sister Xiao Cai is destined to be disappointed.


Xixi nodded seriously and said, “Yes, I can make dumplings! Sister Xiao Cai, let me tell you, we also make dumplings at home, and Xiner and I both like to eat them. What about the dumplings made by Baba! Then, Baba said, you can make some too, and see if you can find them later…”


The little girl was still learning to speak in her father’s tone, and all of a sudden, these elderly uncles and aunts were so adorable.


Although Xixi got more excited the more she talked, she told a story like how she and her friends designed their own dumplings, as well as the details of how her younger brother only likes to eat dumplings but is afraid of being hot when he eats dumplings.


Accompanied by the story of the little girl, this table was full of laughter and laughter, and without knowing it, a lot of dumplings were made. Of course, there are also several achievements of Xixi, but it’s a pity that the little girl’s package is not so good-looking, just a little better than Sister Xiao Cai!



At noon, Mr. Ambassador, who just went out, and Minister Gao Yu, who went to pick up Yang Yi, and the main leaders of several embassies, led a few foreigners in, and said with a smile: “Let’s Welcome to Canada’s Ambassador to France, Mr. Smith, and New Zealand’s Ambassador to France, Mr. Williams…”


It is a diplomatic institution after all, and it is normal to invite ambassadors from other countries to celebrate the Spring Festival.


This has nothing to do with Yang Yi, because it is not his turn to help receive guests.


However, while the dumplings were in the pot, there were fewer people around Yang Yi and Murphy, Gao Yu walked over and whispered to Yang Yi: “There was news from France just now that they The president is signing the document, and it is estimated that the restriction order will be lifted tomorrow. If you are in a hurry to return home, I will arrange the nearest flight for you.”


Obviously, under the pressure of public opinion and the frequent pressure from embassies of many countries, the French police still made concessions, not to mention that they did not want to be disgraced.


The reason why Gao Yu takes such care of Yang Yi is not only because of Yang Yi’s special status, but also because someone in the country greeted him, and this person is not Guo Zhengyan, a small mayor in the district, but has now been promoted to the capital. Lieutenant General Zhang Yazhong, the former deputy commander of the Southwest Military Region, had originally invited Yang Yi to serve as the boss of the image spokesperson of the Southwest Military Region.


Don’t look at the fact that France can’t find any news, and it won’t admit its mistake, but in the hands of high-level figures from various countries, there is a piece of information about “what happened” inside the train station. In China, there is only a lot of information about this. Although it has not been confirmed who did it, Zhang Yazhong asked Luo Zongsheng and Shen Xinyu.


“It goes without saying that with such a good skill, who can kill so many people single-handedly, who else but Lao Yang? This guy is too critique, and he has made a fire with kbfz!” Shen Xinyu was so excited that she could not wait He can also fight side by side with Yang Yi.


Luo Zongsheng was much calmer, he held down Shen Xinyu, winked, and said, “It’s not necessarily Yang Yi, his identity is different now, and it is unlikely that he will shoot at will, and he has been missing for more than a year, I don’t know him Has your skill slipped?”


Although Luo Zongsheng was covering for Yang Yi, everyone knew that.


In any case, these private discussions will not be spread out, and Zhang Yazhong also asked someone to help, and asked the embassy to help Yang Yi solve those troubles as much as possible and bring Yang Yi back as soon as possible.


After all, Yang Yi is also a “person” of the military!



It’s a bit of a stretch. After learning that he would be able to return to China soon, Yang Yi and Murphy smiled at each other, and Murphy also clenched Yang Yi’s hand, feeling very happy.


At noon, everyone eats dumplings together, eats the reunion dinner prepared by the chefs of the embassy, ​​and celebrates the New Year’s Eve with the time in China. Of course, an indispensable program for the Spring Festival is watching the Spring Festival Gala.


It is worth mentioning that the blessing video they recorded in the morning also flashed in the Spring Festival Gala program, and Yang Yi’s family appeared on the screen of the embassy in France, which caused quite a stir in China.


Of course, during this period, Yang Yi’s phone calls kept going, and the various New Year’s greetings calls from relatives and friends across the ocean basically didn’t stop. Until the end of the Spring Festival Gala, people in the country fell asleep to the sound of firecrackers, and Yang Yi’s side was able to stop.


The Spring Festival Gala in China is over, but here in Paris, night has just fallen, and the embassy’s own program to celebrate the Spring Festival has just kicked off!


After the ambassador made a simple speech, smiled and said, “To be honest, we have a celebrity couple in this banquet hall tonight that can’t be invited for a lot of money. We can Can’t let them go, Yang Yi, Murphy, you two come to a show first, okay?”


This has been discussed a long time ago, and Yang Yi and Murphy have also practiced this new song in private, so Yang Yi stood up with a smile, and made a gentleman’s invitation, Murphy gently caught Yang Yi’s reaching out hands, the two looked at each other sweetly, and walked to the center of the banquet hall.


Perhaps when she stepped on the stage, Murphy’s temperament changed suddenly. She, who had become weak because of fear and fear, was calm at the moment, as if she naturally became the focus of the stage, Murphy showed a very strong confidence.


“Hey, Baba and Mama!” Xixi clapped her hands and shouted excitedly from the sidelines. She has been playing at Sister Xiao Cai’s table this afternoon, and she is still very happy to see her parents playing. , and excitedly stretched out his hand to pull the little boy beside him who was busy eating snacks, “Brother, look, Baba and Ma Ma!”


With this pull, the twist in Xiaoben’s hand fell off and rolled from his trousers to the ground.


Seeing the twists fall, Xiao Duo was stunned for a moment. Soon, he came to his senses and twisted his little **** on the chair sadly. He pouted and complained vaguely: ” Woohoo, sister, woohoo, can’t, can’t eat it!”


Seeing this, Xixi scratched her head a little embarrassedly, and whispered: “But, but Baba and Mama, they want to sing…”


Sister Xiao Cai found out, she quickly retracted her applauding hand, helped to break apart a piece of twist, handed it to Xiao, and said, “It doesn’t matter if it falls, there is still more!”


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