House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1277: It’s too late, let’s arrange the children first (three/…



Seeing such a battle, Yang Yi immediately smelled a dangerous aura. But before he could distinguish carefully, a battery car driven by a cleaner in the station drove into his sight, and it happened that the car was parked next to two people in gray trench coats.


Is it wrong now? Yang Yi frowned.


But soon, Yang Yi saw that on the battery car, someone lifted the curtain and handed two black, long cloth bags to the two men in gray trench coats! And the two men in gray trench coats took advantage of the situation and hid them in their trench coats. They moved very quickly, and only Yang Yi could see it clearly!


“Fuck!” Yang Yi suddenly felt the hairs on his body stand up.


Yang Yi can guess what’s inside if you look at the shape of the bulging cloth bag! Could it be… could it be…


Just in time, the battery car turned around, and Yang Yi’s eyes fell on the faces of the two people in the cleaner’s uniform.


Black and yellow skinned, but different from East Asians, their faces are more three-dimensional, concave and convex, with well-defined browbones and high nose bridges, a bit like the faces of white people…but even without the iconic beard, Yang Yi also recognizes it…


“Your uncle! How could you be this lunatic?” Yang Yi thought anxiously.


You shouldn’t be too familiar with these people in Yang Yi’s past life, but that’s just to carry out a mission. But if it wasn’t for the mission, Yang Yi would not want to provoke them!


The battery car was still turning around, and the eyes of another person sitting in the passenger seat also fell into Yang Yi’s eyes. Those sullen eyes, although there was no contact, were enough to make Yang Yi shudder.


“It’s him!” Yang Yi had seen these eyes, right behind the freight train.


One-on-one, Yang Yi can say that he is not afraid of these guys at all, and even if he can’t handle it, he can get out of it gracefully.


But… now Yang Yi is no longer a lone wolf, he still bears the comfort of his family.


Yang Yi thought of Murphy, Xixi and Xiao Jiao who were still washing in the bathroom, and the heart in his chest kept sinking.




Why don’t these people go to Stockholm? Came to Paris? ——Of course, Yang Yi also knows why. If it were him, he would not choose Stockholm, which is heavily guarded.


It would have been better if I just went out directly, just get in a taxi, what happens in the train station behind, whether it is flooding or landslides, it has nothing to do with them! I shouldn’t have asked to come back to the station to use the toilet…


Alternatively, they shouldn’t have stayed in Leipzig yesterday, if the train didn’t stop yesterday, they arrived in Paris last night, and today they’re already shopping instead of this place!


Of course, regret doesn’t solve the problem! Yang Yi quickly calmed down, his eyes narrowed slightly, and his vision became much sharper.


“At this time, can I still go out?” Yang Yi’s head calculated like a computer. He turned to look at the station gate above the escalator in the distance, thinking about how he took Murphy and the children in the The time it takes to get out as quickly as possible without luggage and without being alarmed.


But soon, Yang Yi’s heart sank to the bottom again, because he saw those people in gray trench coats start to move, and Yang Yi ignored the movements of others for the time being. He could clearly see that there were about three groups, It was also the appearance of six people, who seemed to sit on the escalator casually.


“I’m going to block the door… it’s too late!” Seeing those people on the escalator, Yang Yi started to lift off the windbreaker, took out the black cloth bag, and opened his eyes when he was about to take out the guy. , turned around and walked resolutely towards the women’s toilet.


When I pushed open the toilet door, the gunshots from outside were like a cannonball during the Chinese New Year, and the screams were still a bit slow, but Yang Yi had already pushed the suitcase and walked in. After closing the door, All the noise, wind and waves outside seemed to have been separated from the door.


The two little guys have finished brushing their teeth, Murphy is wiping Xiaojiao’s face, and Xixi is standing beside him and secretly having fun.


Seeing her father come in, Xixi screamed mischievously: “Ah, ah, Baba can’t come in, this is the women’s toilet.”


When Xiao Xiaojiao heard the movement, he couldn’t help but remove his mother’s hand and towel, looked at his father, and smiled.


Yang Yi’s face was cold at first, but now that he saw the two children, he couldn’t help softening a little. He squeezed out a smile, rubbed Xixi’s little head, and said with a smile: “Now there are No one else, what are you afraid of?”


But Yang Yi didn’t have time to play with the children. He first got into a toilet cubicle, stepped on the toilet, and reached out and pushed a top partition.


“What’s the matter?” Murphy was still smiling and wanted to ask why Yang Yi came in, but she was stunned when she saw Yang Yi’s movements. After a while, she realized that something was wrong and hurried away. asked in the past.


Although the top partition can be disassembled, the space inside is very narrow. It is generally used by maintenance workers to repair circuits and cannot be hidden. However, there is another way!


Yang Yi changed the compartment and unscrewed the screw of the air outlet with the multifunctional keychain in his hand.


Fortunately, because the station is relatively large, it needs a good ventilation and ventilation design, so even the toilet, its air conditioning air outlet is designed to be very large, the square air outlet of 6oommx6oomm, and the air duct of 8oommx6oomm, or Enough for an adult of normal size to climb in!


Of course…it’s possible to climb in. It’s impossible to climb from the air duct to other places like a movie. After all, there are other devices blocked inside, and Yang Yi doesn’t know that this thing is crawling. Will it fall off when I crawl.


“There’s an accident outside, there’s kbfz! It’s too late to explain, you all listen to my arrangements, don’t worry, with me there, you’ll definitely have no problem!” Yang Yi whispered to Murphy biting her ears.


At this time, Murphy didn’t know what Yang Yi was talking about, and suddenly there was a look of panic in her eyes. She was just an ordinary person, how could she not be afraid.


I saw Murphy’s eyes redden and her teeth clenched her lower lip. She was afraid that she would cry out in panic and make the two children scared. But she was really panicked, her body was soft, she could only hold Yang Yi’s arm and support her hard.


Don’t panic…you still have kids!


Murphy is trying to tell herself to be strong for the sake of her children.


Yang Yi took Murphy like this, smiled deliberately, and said, “Don’t worry, your husband is so powerful, I have never seen any big scenes, I promise to take you out of danger!”


“Really?” Murphy looked at Yang Yi pitifully. At this moment, she only had Yang Yi’s support in her heart.


“Really!” Yang Yi nodded firmly.


Although Yang Yi was whispering to Murphy by biting his ears, he didn’t dare to relax at all. He saw that he placed two trolley cases flat and stacked on top of the toilet below the air outlet.


“Come on, wife, you climb up first, and then I’ll bring Xixi and Xiaojiao up, and you take them to hide inside.” Yang Yi estimated that it would take some time for those in gray trench coats to control the scene, so I can’t take care of them for the time being, but Yang Yi didn’t dare to delay and started to make arrangements.


“I, I’m out of strength.” Murphy insisted through gritted teeth. She took off her high-heeled shoes, and with the help of Yang Yi, she had already climbed into the suitcase, but her body was shaking. He couldn’t stand still, and with tears in his eyes, he whispered to Yang Yi with a slight cry.


“Baba, what is Mama doing?” Xixi and Xiaojiao stood next to each other curiously, looking at their parents suspiciously, and asked.


“We are playing a small game.” Yang Yi asked Murphy to hold the toilet partition. He jumped up and sat on the top of the partition, then took time to turn his head and smiled with Xixi, pretending to be very relaxed said.


At this time, Yang Yi’s terrifying arm strength finally came in handy. He bent down, clamped Murphy’s slender waist with both hands, and lifted Murphy up with a light hug. Murphy reached halfway into the pipe.


“Wow! Baba is amazing!” Xixi stood below, raised her little head and looked at her admiringly, just like watching acrobatics, she was Xiaojiao looked at her sister , and then looked at his mother who was trying to climb inside. He pouted and said, “But, but, Mama is also very powerful!”


Perhaps hearing the compliments from the children, Murphy’s body, which had been limp with fright, surged with strength, and she climbed up hard.


Fortunately, the air duct and the ceiling of the station are still very stable, and there is no shaking at all. The quality of foreign projects is really not comparable to those of domestic bean curd projects!


“You sit here first, I’ll let Xixi and the others go in from here later, and I’ll hold you again and let you drill through.” Yang Yi explained.


He jumped off the toilet partition. Now, he has a few words to explain to Xixi.


I saw Yang Yi crouched down, pulled the red rope from the necks of Xixi and Xiaojiao, took out the Buddha statue he had made for them before, and let the two little guys hold it in their hands, Then he held Xiao Jiao with his left hand, Xixi with his right hand, and first kissed them gently on their little cheeks.


“Xixi, we are playing this game today, Dad wants you to do me a favor!” Yang Yi said softly, looking at the side of his daughter’s smiling face, which made him tender.


Yes, Yang Yi has made a plan. Unless there is really no way to hide it, Yang Yi will stand in front of the children like an indestructible barrier, not only to protect them from the wind and rain, It is even more important not to let the storm outside leave a trace in their young hearts.


Even if the smart Xixi can guess it, as long as she hasn’t seen that scene, Yang Yi doesn’t worry that it will affect the little girl’s mental health.


“Okay, Baba, what do you want me to do?” Xixi blinked her big watery eyes and said to her father in a clear voice.


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