House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1276: Arriving passengers do not get off the bus (Two/Third)



When the train arrived in Paris, it was already the next morning, and the sky outside the window was just bright, but the sky was very blue, with a few white clouds floating lazily, similar to the Paris winter air mentioned in the report. The pollution is serious, and the smog that makes the instrument explode seems a bit different (in fact, the smog in Paris is different from that in Beijing, it is also polluted, but the blue sky can be seen from the ground to the sky).


But seeing this blue sky, Yang Yi still breathed a sigh of relief.


“Where are the dark clouds?” He wondered to himself if there was something wrong with his feeling yesterday, but, regardless of whether there was a problem or not, Yang Yi kept his eyes open and secretly guarded.


This is his habit in the past life, and it is also the vigilance that he has learned after being photographed secretly by Lu Yue once in this life and capsized in the gutter.


However, Yang Yi didn’t show it, he still laughed and watched Murphy and the children “dance” – just got up in the car, Murphy was in a good mood, she called Xixi and Xiao When he got up, he happily twisted the samba dance and sang to himself: “Come to Paris, buy a dress! Come to Paris, buy a bag! Come to Paris, buy a shoe!”


She was as happy as a three-year-old child who had never seen the world.


Murphy’s happiness also infected the two little guys who had just woken up and rubbed their eyes with a confused look. A graceful arc, and then she looked at her mother and giggled, and giggled, and overwhelmed her brother.



The train has already arrived, so Yang Yi and Murphy simply pick up the two little guys and get off the train together.


“Let’s go to the hotel first, take a shower, change clothes, and then go shopping!” Murphy walked ahead enthusiastically and commanded.


“Don’t worry, we still have our luggage!” Yang Yi called out to Murphy, dumbfounded, this guy just wanted to go shopping!


“Oh, that’s right!” Murphy shyly took back her steps.


However, although Murphy was too impatient today, Xixi liked her mother very much. The little girl just now was full of joy with her mother, shaking her hands a lot, and walking ahead. It’s rare that Xixi is in step with her mother!



It was not difficult to collect luggage. Yang Yi and the others came to the front of the luggage cart and handed over the receipt. Soon, a staff member delivered Yang Yi and their two trolley suitcases.


However, while waiting for the suitcase, Yang Yi’s ears moved and he sensed a movement. He looked into the distance and saw several figures hiding behind a parked freight train in the distance. !


Of course, from Yang Yi’s point of view, he can’t see those people, but Yang Yi’s eyes are very sharp, and he can just see the ankles and calves that are faintly exposed in the gap under the car!


“A thief?” Yang Yi secretly guessed.


It should be, I touched it so early, I guess I want to wait for the staff to not pay attention and steal some goods from the freight train.


However, Yang Yi didn’t plan to be a hero. He didn’t have the heart to be a hero in the first place, and now he is with his wife and children. More things are worse than less things, so Yang Yi just glanced at it and took his eyes back, as if nothing had happened. He took over his two suitcases, thanked the staff, and left with Murphy and the others.


However, before leaving, Yang Yi glanced in that direction again, a face flashed by, and a pair of gloomy eyes fell into his sight.


Yang Yi had already turned around, smiled and greeted Xixi and the others to sit on the trolley case, and then pushed the two little guys forward, but the wicked eyes still remained in his memory middle.


Vaguely, Yang Yi felt a little uneasy.



Back to the train station where people come and go, the noisy and lively atmosphere drove away a trace of the haze in Yang Yi’s heart.


After all, this is Paris, an international metropolis and a transportation hub in Europe. Even in the morning, there are still many people at the train station. Whether it is from all directions, or tourists who are about to leave by train, there will be huge trains. The station is jam-packed!


Yang Yi smiled and joked with Xixi and Xiaojiao: “Okay, it’s time to get on the escalator! Passengers arriving at the station, please get off!”


Xixi was amused by her father, she giggled, grabbed the handle of the suitcase, and said to her father mischievously: “Passengers who arrive at the station won’t get off, hee hee…”


Xiao Jiahao doesn’t know if he understands it. Anyway, he thinks the conversation between his sister and his father is very interesting, and he also imitates his sister to hold the lever and laugh: “Don’t get out of the car, don’t get out of the car.”


Yang Yi reluctantly patted Xixi’s little head and said with a smile: “Okay, seriously, come down, you have to take the escalator, it’s not safe to sit like this, Xixi, set a good example for your brother !”


Xixi didn’t really want to be lazy, the little girl was still very well behaved, her little **** kicked back and jumped directly from the suitcase, after all, the advantage of long legs is greater.


“Brother come down too!” Xixi also actively helped. She went around the lever with both hands and hugged Xiaojiao’s armpit from the front.


“I’m not getting out of the car…” Xiao Jiao muttered, but his mouth was not right, he still leaned over, wrapped his arms around his sister’s neck, and asked her to hold him down.


“You’re so heavy! Brother, you’re getting fat again!” Xixi shouted after taking Xiao Jiao down.


Xiao Jiao laughed with her sister, rubbing her two little hands on her body embarrassedly.


However, after getting on the escalator, before they were about to leave the station, Xixi suddenly turned around, pulled her father’s hand, and said weakly, “Baba, I want to go to the toilet.”


Yes, the little girl got up in the morning and was about to get off in a hurry.


“I want it too, I want to pee too.” Xiao Haoyu blatantly “playing a He stretched out his belly and followed his sister’s voice in a clear voice.


“Want to go to the toilet?” Yang Yi looked at the station gate in front, pondered, and said, “Then let’s go back to the waiting hall, it’s hard to find a toilet outside, and I don’t know if it will be possible to take a taxi to the hotel. Traffic jam.”


Murphy said with a smile: “Alright, by the way, you can also take out a towel and wipe the faces of Xixi and Jiao, even if you wake up in the morning, you haven’t washed your face and brushed your teeth!”


With such a happy decision, Yang Yi took Murphy and the children down the escalator again. There are still quite a few toilets in such a large railway station, but because Xixi and Xiaojiao had to wash their faces and brush their teeth, Yang Yi simply took them to the most remote bathroom. This is the passage to the staff, not to mention that there are no toilets. People, usually very few travelers who are in a hurry find here.


“Come in with Mom, Dad is outside and show you your luggage.” Yang Yi opened the luggage bag, took out the towels, toothbrushes and other toiletries to Murphy, smiled and followed Xixi and Xiaojiao Kou said.


Xiao Jiajiao is too young, a two-year-old boy, it doesn’t matter if he goes to the women’s toilet. But Xixi can’t go to the men’s toilet, Yang Yi is on guard!


Murphy took the two little guys into the toilet with laughter and laughter, while Yang Yi stayed outside, guarding the two suitcases.


However, when Yang Yi professionally scanned the waiting hall, he had an unexpected discovery.


“Huh?” Yang Yi’s eyes fell on the station, standing in twos and threes on top of the men in gray trench coats next to the public telephones scattered around, he faintly felt something was wrong, “How come there are so many dressed like this? people?”


The haze in Yang Yi’s heart that had already been suppressed by him suddenly shrouded him again.


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