House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1253: Consoling the aggrieved Lan Xin (3/3)



Winter is suitable for eating mutton, because mutton is warm in nature, nourishes the liver and improves eyesight. In cold weather, it will feel warm all over the body! Therefore, this weekend, Yang Yi specially bought a whole leg of lamb and some lamb chops, and came back to prepare a mutton-themed dinner to reward Xixi and Lanxin who worked hard to study and prepare for the final exam.


However, Lan Xin was a little gloomy today, and came to the kitchen wandering. Although she usually played and ran to see what Daddy Yang was doing, the little girl was obviously in a low mood today, beeping. Xiaozui, for fear that Dad Yang wouldn’t be able to see it.


Seeing this, Yang Yi smiled and asked, “What’s wrong? Xiner, don’t you like mutton?”


“No…” Lan Xin quickly shook her head and pouted, “I like to eat mutton, I like it very much.”


At this time, Yang Yi probably guessed the problem, and asked: “What is the reason for being unhappy? Is it because your parents refused to let you go to Sweden with us, so you are unhappy?”


Hearing what Dad Yang said, Lan Xin felt even more aggrieved. She grabbed the edge of the table with her two little hands, pouted her lips, and nodded glumly.


Actually, Lan Xin and Yang Yi went abroad to play. Lanzhou Kai and Wu Jingjing were actually more at ease. After all, Yang Yi was watching, but this winter vacation would not work. Before this year’s Spring Festival, Wu Jingjing will return to his hometown in the Northeast. They had to go back to their hometown in Jiangcheng and the countryside. During the winter vacation, their time was full. Of course, Lan Xin had to go with them.


Therefore, Lan Xin can’t go to Sweden with Xixi to find Lu Weisha!


But how can children take into account the difficulties of their parents? After Lan Xin’s request was rejected by her mother, she became angry for a few days, crying and refusing to talk to her mother!


This is also one of the reasons why Yang Yi called Lan Xin over for dinner. He was entrusted by Wu Jingjing to help enlighten Lan Xin, who was still sulking.


I saw Yang Yi slicing the mutton and said gently to Lan Xin, who was standing and watching: “Actually, this time you can’t go to Sweden to play, and the main thing is to blame Dad Yang.”


Lan Xin raised her head in surprise and looked at Dad Yang’s profile.


Yang Yi turned around, smiled at her, and said, “I don’t know if your mother made any holiday arrangements. If I had told your father and mother earlier, maybe we could go to Sweden to play together. But because I didn’t think about it carefully, Xixi told you about it now, so your mother has promised your grandparents to go back to your hometown to have a look, so you can’t play with us. “


“But, but I don’t want to go back to the northeast to play, because, because I want to go to Sweden with Xixi, Lu Weisha said that their hometown has a lot of delicious food, delicious fish, and a lot of delicious food The cake, and the cheese to eat!” Lan Xin stomped her feet anxiously, her thin eyebrows drooping, and said unhappily.


“Yes, although your grandparents’ house actually has a lot of delicious food, but these are not as good as Lu Weisha’s. There are so many delicious food you haven’t seen before. It’s all Dad Yang’s fault, so you can’t talk Let’s go to play together, if you want to be angry, be angry with Yang’s father, okay?” Yang Yi said with a smile.


You want to be angry with Dad Yang?


Lan Xin’s expression was obviously hesitant, she frowned and muttered: “Oh, it’s not… it’s… Dad Yang, can you tell my dad so that I don’t have to go back to the Northeast with my mother. , and then can I play with you?”


The little girl’s logic is still very clear! Know what to do to satisfy your desires!


“It probably won’t work, because, you think, your grandparents, they haven’t seen you for so long, they must miss you very much, and they have already prepared a lot of delicious food at home waiting for their precious granddaughter to come back “Yang Yi said with a smile, “If you don’t go back, how disappointed will they be? You say so? Think about it, they have prepared so many delicious food, what kind of delicious food is there in the Northeast? Dumplings, That kind of thin-skinned and meaty dumplings, when you pick them up, they are super large and delicious…Boiled sweet potatoes, this is not bad, this is boiled sweet potato that has been fried with sugar. When you pick it up, there will be very sweet and sweet shreds Pull it out!”


Perhaps Yang Yi talked about a topic Lan Xin was interested in. Although the little girl still pouted, she finally couldn’t help but open her mouth: “Also, that pot-wrapped pork is also delicious, and there are all kinds of meat in it. Meat! There is also the sauce bone, it’s a big piece, I can’t finish it if I eat one, because there is still meat in the bone…”


“Yes, they have prepared so many delicious food for you to eat when you go back. If you don’t go back, will they be sad?” Yang Yi said in a persuasive manner, “It’s like today, when we make mutton, there are Like the fried mutton chops with marys that are eaten in foreign restaurants, there are mutton bone soup, curry mutton, braised mutton, and finally hand-grabbed mutton rice! It’s done, and then you say that I’m going to play, I’m not eating at our house, and I have prepared so many delicious food for you, will Dad Yang be very sad?”


Lan Xin heard the back, her round eyes were wide open, and she even seemed to smell the fragrance of the mutton rice with her hands, she couldn’t help licking her mouth and shouted in protest: ” No, why don’t I eat at Dad Yang’s house? So many delicious food…”


“Then you should also go back to your grandparents’ house, because they also prepared delicious food for you very carefully, because they love you so much, don’t you think?” Yang Yi asked.


Lan Xin scratched her little **** with her hand, her expression hesitant.


“It’s okay!” Yang Yi laughed, the emotion in his voice rose slightly, “Isn’t it just one less trip to Next time we go, we will definitely take you there! Besides, Xiner, let me tell you, this time, I have a very mysterious mission!”


Lan Xin was attracted by Dad Yang, who was chattering, she couldn’t help but curiously asked: “Mysterious mission?”


“Yeah! I’m going to secretly learn how to make the best food in Sweden! Like those cakes, fish, etc!” , I can make it for you and Xixi to eat together!”


“Really, really?” Lan Xin looked at Yang Yi with a look of surprise.


“Of course! You think, Dad Yang is so good at making delicious food. When Dad Yang comes back from stealing his studies, can he still make it for you to try?” Yang Yi raised a brow with Lan Xin proudly.


“Hee hee! That’s right…” Lan Xin finally got better, she smiled with a shy belly, with a look of anticipation.


“So it’s settled? You don’t have to go to Sweden with us, just be obedient, go to the Northeast with your mom and dad, play with your grandparents, and then you can eat delicious food as well, when we get back, Yang Dad will make you delicious Swedish food again! Okay?” Yang Yi asked while the iron was hot.


Lan Xin struggled for a while, but finally nodded slightly, and said a little worriedly: “Then, Dad Yang, you must learn those delicious recipes!”


“Of course!”


“Study hard…”


“Well, Dad Yang is out, can you still worry about it?”


Finally, Lan Xin turned around and went back to find Xixi and Xiao Jiao to play with satisfaction, but when the little girl went out, she couldn’t help but turn her head and asked, “Dad Yang, when can we eat? I really want to eat mutton rice…”


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