House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1252: Leave the weak and cold Ma Ma (2/3)



Although it was only a concert, the day after Murphy’s concert ended, many media reported on Yang Yi and Murphy with a large number of sections. After all, in this concert, Yang Yi and Murphy have come up with new songs, and they are not one or two songs. In addition to the two new songs of Murphy’s new album promised at the beginning, Yang Yi also sang “The Price of Love” 》To the enthusiastic fans!


These are very hot news materials, and entertainment media will not miss them.


Of course, many professional music media reported on Murphy’s concert from another angle. They expressed their high praise for Yang Yi with comments like “a magician who plays with melody and words”!


In addition to the praise for “Jiangcheng Story” and “The Price of Love”, the media also gave another new song “Time Thief” high praise.


“‘Even if it’s like a dream, half awake, laughing and crying are happy’, good lyrics are like a pot of mellow and fragrant old wine, listening to Murphy’s whispered “Time Thief”, With this kind of feeling, the wine is not intoxicating and self-intoxicating. As long as you taste it carefully, you can always have a long and graceful aftertaste! Those who have been in love may understand this feeling of half-dream, half-awake, half-crying and half-laughing, and time The same is true, in the magic of love, it gradually passes by your fingertips, and when you come back to your senses, you may already be in tears…”


“Like ‘Time is something that makes people caught off guard, sometimes it’s sunny, sometimes it’s windy and sometimes rainy, it can’t compete for the day and night, and I’m thinking about the past, stealing the blue silk but keeping you…’ This passage is not only catchy, It is as meaningful as a verse, and its structure of words and sentences is also very strange. ‘When it is sunny, there is wind and cloudy and sometimes rainy’, this sentence is not a simple symmetry of the two sets of words. The word ‘time’ is dropped to the back, although it is not symmetrical, but when it is sung, it has a kind of interlocking charm, which is worth people’s careful consideration!”


A lot of reports and comments made many fans who were not able to snap up the tickets began to get angry when they saw it! Although there are also some behind-the-scenes videos of the concert scene that were officially released on the Internet, after all, they are not clear sound sources, and they are not complete songs. They were not able to hear the three songs so boasted by music critics, and their hearts itch. Impatient!


However, although the voice of Murphy’s new album has become higher, Yang Yi and Murphy are still unhurried and have not changed the idea of ​​releasing a new album after the Spring Festival. Both Yi and Murphy stopped their work and started to prepare for the upcoming summer trip to Sweden!



Traveling abroad is nothing special to the Yang Yi family. After all, they have set foot on two other continents before. But this time is still a little different, because this trip to Sweden is in winter!


Whether it’s the children or Murphy, who are used to living in the mild climate of Jiangcheng, they have never seen the world of ice and snow, what’s more, Sweden is a Nordic country with a latitude much higher than the northeast of China. Covering, the average temperature is several degrees below zero, such extreme weather must be a big challenge for them!


So Yang Yi started to buy some cold protection equipment for a trip to Sweden early. After Xixi found out, she suddenly became interested. Every morning she woke up and went home from school in the evening, she ran to check the calendar. Hands counted how many days left until the holiday.


Not only that, the little girl is also eager to participate in her father’s travel plans. Although she doesn’t know how to browse a large number of foreign websites and make travel guides like her father, she has a friend who can consult!


No, after learning the piano at night, Xixi went to find Lu Weisha for a video chat, and informed Lu Weisha about her father’s preparation progress and how many days she could go to Lu Weisha to play .


Lu Weisha is also looking forward to Xixi coming to play with her. She is happier than Xixi. She has been rummaging through some of her knowledge to tell Xixi what fun there is in her hometown!


As a result, the following scene is often staged in Yang Yi’s study.


“Baba, Baba!” Xixi, wearing her cute cartoon pajamas and a hood, ran over and knocked on the door of her father’s study, waving the phone in her hand excitedly, and said, “Lu Weisha said, we can go to their house, but we can also live in that super nice ice hotel, you see, Lu Weisha sent me the photos, it’s all snow and ice, isn’t it super cool? Looks good? It looks like Sister Elsa’s house!”


The little girl was not content to stand on the ground and talk to her father, so that the father could not see the photos, she twisted her little butt, rubbed and rubbed, and squeezed directly into the gap between her father’s big boss chair and the table, Then she sat in Dad’s arms, so that she could let Dad hold her, and then freed up two small hands, holding the phone with one hand, and swiping the screen with the other, pointing to the photos on it for Dad to see.


As for the ice hotel, of course Yang Yi knew it. He smiled and clicked on the travel guide document he was making on the computer with the mouse, and brought up a few photos for Xixi to see.


“Do you mean this? Dad found it too, the whole hotel is made of ice, and there are many beautiful ice sculptures in the room! Would you like to experience a hotel like this? Just living in it, it’s a bit It’s cold, it’s not like our house has heating, so you still have to wear thick clothes to sleep.” Yang Yi smiled.


“Wow, this is prettier than what Lu Weisha showed me!” Xixi turned her head to look at her father in surprise.


The little girl is addicted to the magical “magic” of ice and snow. She thinks that these beautiful ice and snow hotels may have very powerful magicians, just like Aisha’s powerful people can do it, where does she listen Gotta go in for those shortcomings Dad said?


“It should still be the hotel that Lu Weisha said, but it is different every year. This is also a photo from last year. It collects new ice to build the hotel every winter. Maybe, when we go to see it , it’s even more beautiful!” Yang Yi laughed cheerfully, “And in this kind of hotel we can also live in an igloo with a glass dome, and if we’re lucky, we can see the aurora!”


“Wow!” The little girl listened to her father’s description, and she couldn’t help holding her little hands in front of her, her two big eyes reverently showing a yearning light, and she whispered in admiration, “I like it so much! “


“Then let’s book a hotel room like this, stay for one night, and try it out, okay? But don’t say you’re afraid of the cold then!” Yang Yi said with a smile.


“Okay! But why is it only for one night? I want to live in such a beautiful hotel every day!” Xixi couldn’t help but moved her buttocks, opened her hands, and said excitedly.


Yang Yi laughed and said, “That’s not good, it’s too cold! It will freeze you, your brother, and Ma Ma!”


“Well, I’m not afraid of the cold!” Xixi pouted her little mouth and acted coquettishly with her father, “Baba, if Mama is afraid of the cold, we will let Mama and her brother live in Lu Weisha’s house, and then I will Would you like to live with Baba in such a beautiful hotel?”


This leaves mom and brother behind? Xixi, mother knows, but she will spank your little ass!


Yang Yi smiled, he knew that no matter what he said, Xixi would not realize how terrible cold is, so he just rubbed the little girl’s head and smiled: “Wait for you to stay for one night first. , experience it, and talk about it if you are not afraid of the cold!”


“Hee hee, I’m sure I can, I’m not afraid of the cold, I can do magic like Sister Elsa!” The little girl jumped out of her father’s arms and said happily.


After she finished speaking, she ran out again. Although she was wearing thick pajamas, the little girl’s figure was still very brisk. She couldn’t wait to tell Lu Weisha the good news!


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