House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1247: Murphy’s dumbfounded and Xixi’s secret joy (3/3)



Giving her advice was questioned, Yang Yi was a little dumbfounded, and nodded helplessly with Murphy.


Murphy turned over the card he said suspiciously, and the two cards made a pair without any accident! She immediately happily picked up the two cards and put them in front of her, as if she was afraid that others would not give them to her, and happily explained to Xixi: “Look, Xixi, Mama made a pair, let’s Get ahead!”


Seeing that Murphy was as happy as a child, Yang Yi couldn’t help but smile, completely losing the idea of ​​winning the game.


While Yang Yi and Murphy were playing cards, the waiters served dishes one after another.


“Put it there, wait a second!” Murphy said hurriedly, pointing to the empty table next to him with a stack of cards in his hand.


She hasn’t had enough! Moreover, I have to play with Xixi and the others later… How can I eat now?


“Let’s put it there, we’ll serve it ourselves later.” Yang Yi had to stand up, nodded apologetically to the waiter, and said.



This one, Murphy’s luck is not bad, and Yang Yi is turning over the cards that have not been turned over and secretly releasing water, so Murphy finally wins!


“Did Xixi understand?” Murphy asked her daughter after she cheered.


“I see, but, but if this card contains Sister Elsa, Sister Anna, Snow Treasure, Tinkerbell, Manny (a character in the Ice Age), Squirrel…” The little girl counted After a while, regretfully said, “If there were so many I liked, that would be even better!”


Yang Yi smiled and said, “Okay, let’s go back and let my father get you a set of our own cards.”


Not only that, Yang Yi thinks that if the children like to play this game, he can also get some word cards, let Lan Xin learn, get some poetry cards, let Xixi read, or get some recognition cards card, ask Xiaojiao to learn more vocabulary…


However, now Murphy can’t wait for the new card, she greeted Xixi with great enthusiasm: “Xixi, try it first, see if your luck is good. , let’s play a game and we’re about to eat!”


“Alright then!” Xixi didn’t care, she straightened her small chest, pressed both small arms on the table, and blinked with interest.


Xiaojiao’s attention has long been attracted by the dishes on the table next to him. The little guy looked over there eagerly. He also looked left and right at the decoration of the restaurant, and the white clothes walking around with dinner plates. , waiter in black pants, as if those things are fresher!


Yang Yi smiled and helped Murphy and Xixi shuffle the cards and put them on the table one by one.


Of course, last time it was just an inadvertent boss. Yang Yi played games with his family, and he would not cheat so badly. Even when he came to be the referee this time, Yang Yi deliberately didn’t record cards. So most of the cards on the table are still unknown.


There are exceptions. For example, there are two cards. Just now, Yang Yi played for Xiao Jiao, and Xiao Jiao wrinkled the edge, which is not particularly obvious, but what kind of eyes does Yang Yi look at? He only needs a glance to see what card is coming!


“You and Xixi, who will come first?” Yang Yi asked with a smile, “How about guessing, whoever wins will flop first.”


“Okay!” Xixi replied crisply, she also actively hid her two clenched fists behind her, ready to guess with her mother.


Murphy is still like before, generously letting Xixi flop the card first.


These small twists and turns do not need to be repeated. In the first few rounds, Murphy and Xixi did not turn over the same card, and because Xixi was unfamiliar, she turned a card and asked her father again: “Baba, Look, look, can I do this?”


“You need two cards that are the same to get to your side.” Yang Yi patiently instructed, “Now you are not good enough with these two cards, but you can’t cover them up, you have to open them up, and everyone has to see them. Until you turn over the card, then you can fold it back.”


“Well then…”


Murphy watched Yang Yi “eccentrically” instructing her daughter, and she pouted secretly. Don’t think that Murphy is jealous, this guy played with confidence and muttered proudly in his heart: “Hmph, let you be a military adviser, do you think you can win Ma Ma? How naive!”


It’s Murphy’s turn. Murphy has her own “unique skills”. I saw her reach out and scratch the surface of the cards on the table, and her mouth moved. Although she didn’t make a sound, she said in her heart: ” Order soldiers and generals, which one you choose is Yang Yi, the big watermelon…”


But this time, luck seems to have lost contact with Murphy. Instead, Xixi was very lucky, and she was the first to turn over two identical cards.


“Can you really get it back?” Xixi felt a sense of accomplishment, and happily grabbed the two cards and put them in front of her, looking at her father with a little uncertainty.


“Of course, you put it in front of you. When the meeting is over, you have to count who has won more cards.” Yang Yi said with a smile.


Murphy looked at Xixi, she didn’t care much, she calmly prepared to flop, and muttered in her heart: “It’s okay, we can also be the latecomers!”


But in the next round, Xixi turned over to the same card again, and the little girl didn’t rely on luck this time. When she opened the first card, she was stunned and turned to look hesitantly. He asked his father, as always, “Baba, Baba, look, I seem to have seen this great monk!”


“Yes, think about it, where did you turn it over? Find it!” Yang Yi looked at Xixi with a smile and said encouragingly.


There is no doubt about Xixi’s memory, the little girl blinked, looked left and right, reached out and turned over, and she turned to the card she had turned over two rounds ago!


“Yeah! It’s really this!” Xixi cheered, and she happily grabbed the two cards, holding her two small hands in front of her chest.


The little girl’s face was filled with a snickering smile – her mouth was pursed, she didn’t want to laugh, but the corners of her mouth were raised, and a little baby fat on both cheeks was arched by her smile, and her delicate skin was flushed. She had an intoxicating blush, and the little girl’s pink lips were as rosy as rouge, but hers was more natural and shiny! Of course, the most beautiful thing is the little girl’s beautiful eyebrows, the eyebrows are raised with a smile, and the big eyes are narrowed into two crescent moon springs, shiny and very cute!


When her father gave her a thumbs up and complimented her, she glanced away embarrassedly and was quietly happy.


But some people are happy and some people are worried! Xixi harvested Murphy’s hands were still empty, and she couldn’t help but get anxious.


“Would you like to ask my husband?” Murphy struggled in her heart, but she didn’t want to cheat in front of her daughter, so she had to bite the bullet and keep scrolling.


Actually, Xixi is not very good, because the little girl’s concentration is not as good as that of adults, she just remembers the cards she has turned over, and she doesn’t really see the cards that her mother has turned over.


But in comparison, Murphy’s “technique” is still a lot worse. After a game, Xixi took the lead in obtaining nine pairs of cards and won the game!


“No…Is it okay to have another one? Just play another one, Mama just had a bit of bad luck.” Murphy looked at the poor three pairs of cards in his hand in disbelief, and then began to squeeze tightly. Holding the ones on the table, looking at Xixi eagerly, he pleaded.


It’s just that Xiaojiao was drooling at the food, but Xixi was happy because she won, and she didn’t feel very hungry, so she nodded to her mother and said confidently: “Okay then! Let’s play again! , I think it’s pretty fun!”


“Aren’t you going to eat?” Yang Yi asked, dumbfounded.


At first, Yang Yi was worried that Xixi would not be able to lose when playing this kind of card game, but she didn’t expect… Murphy started the “one more game” mode first!


“Wait to eat, hurry up to help deal the cards, and play a game very quickly!” Murphy quickly handed the cards in his hand to Yang Yi and urged.


Well, it looks like I won’t be able to take her to the casino in the future…not even a stroll around.


Yang Yi secretly wrote down a note in the small notebook, reluctantly shuffled the cards, and put the cards on the table for Murphy and Xixi. But this time, in order to eat lunch early and not starve the two little guys, Yang Yi paid attention and wrote down the position of each card.


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