House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1246: The mother who is in a hurry to perform (2/3)


At noon, Yang Yi took two children who had played all morning to the company to pick up Murphy for dinner. In the car, he introduced the performance of the two children in the morning to Murphy with a smile, and praised Xiao Jiao, who “was more and more brave in battle”.

“Don’t look at Jiaojiao at first, he didn’t dare to play, he knew he was called sister when he was standing at a high place, and he held his sister’s hand firmly, but after playing it once, he thought it was fun, and dragged her sister to run up and down I’ve played it a dozen times!” Yang Yi laughed, “That’s right, a manly man, you must learn to overcome your inner fears and face challenges bravely!”

Sitting in the back, he can still understand that his father is complimenting him, sitting happily in the baby safety seat, moving his buttocks, rubbing, and laughing “Hum **** ho” .

Xixi’s big eyes also narrowed into two bright moons with a smile, and she couldn’t wait to echo her father and report to her mother: “Yes, Mama, let me tell you, I want to play other things later, and then My brother still wants to play the slide, I’m speechless!”

The little girl didn’t know where to learn this online vocabulary, and she has often heard her use this word recently.

“When I was playing on that slide, the static electricity made my hair fluffy and exploded. I took a picture, you can see it with my mobile phone!” Murphy pointed to the phone he put in the armrest and said.

Murphy’s reaction was a little slow. She came back to her senses after a while and picked up Yang Yi’s phone, as if she had something on her mind!

However, without waiting for Yang Yi to find a chance to ask, he will know the reason when he arrives at the restaurant!

They had just sat down and Yang Yi hadn’t even started to order food. Murphy couldn’t wait to greet the two children. She took out a small box from her bag and said mysteriously: “Xixi, Come and sit here too, and mom will teach you and your brother to play a very interesting game, okay?”

It turned out that she was thinking about this memory card in her heart, and was anxious to show her “powerful”, so she was silently preparing her opening remarks and speeches along the way, which of course seemed a little bit to what Yang Yi said. Indifferent!

Have a game to play? Xixi was curious and happy, jumped down from her father and came to the sofa beside her mother. Xiaojiao has his own children’s chair to sit on, so he doesn’t need to get down.

“Look, this card is called a memory card, and there are cute cartoons printed on the front, right?” Murphy spread out the front of the card with a smile and gave it to Xixi and Xiao. Look around.

“Wow!” Xixi couldn’t help but exclaimed when she saw these cartoon images, and the little girl’s eyes were still very vicious, and she found a card she knew in the middle, “Hey, this is Xiaohua Immortal! I’ve seen it on TV…but there doesn’t seem to be a stupid bear, I can’t find it.”

Xixi’s interest came up, her little hand was tugging at the cards, and Xiaojiao looked at her sister curiously. His little arm couldn’t reach the cards, so he could only stretch his neck and look at her sister intently. rummage.

“I found a little flower fairy again… but there is no stupid bear…” the little girl muttered.

Murphy explained with a smile: “This card is printed with some classic animation images. There are only seventeen types, a total of thirty-four cards. Of course, you can’t print all of them on it.”

Xixi looked at her mother in amazement. She blinked her big eyes, rubbed her little hands on the cards, and said a little puzzledly: “But the stupid bear is better, the stupid bear is so good. Cute, why isn’t it on it?”

“BenBenXiang is a new cartoon. It can’t be regarded as a classic, but if new cards are released in the future, it’s estimated that there will be aBenBenBenXiang.” After ordering, Yang Yi handed the menu to the waiter. Looking back, he explained to Murphy with a smile.

“Well, yes, let’s play these cards first! Xixi, you have found out that these cards are actually two of the same, so, we play like this, put them Cover them all, and then turn over two, only if they are the same, and cover them back if they are not the same…” Murphy explained the gameplay of this memory card.

However, maybe Murphy’s description was too fast, or maybe she spoke dryly, and the little ones couldn’t hear it, so when Murphy looked up, he looked at the two expectantly When the little guy asked them if they knew how to play, Xixi shook her head, and Xiaojiao was even more blank-eyed.

Fortunately, Yang Yi helped the dumbfounded Murphy make a clearance. He stretched out his hand to take the card in Murphy’s hand and said with a smile, “It’s okay, I will play a game with my mother, we can play and explain to you. Listen, so you’ll know how to play in no time!”

Of course, Yang Yi wasn’t sure if Xiao Jiahao could understand it. After all, teaching a two-year-old to play cards is still a bit difficult.

Watching Yang Yi shuffle the cards and spread them out one by one in the middle of the dining table, Murphy couldn’t help but get excited, she geared up and smiled confidently: “Xixi, Jiao, let’s see Ma Ma for you. Show your skills! This game, Mama is super powerful!”

“Okay! Okay!” Xixi clapped her little palm with joy, a response that satisfied Murphy.

On the other hand, Xiao Jiao was very interested in the cards in his father’s hand. When a card was dealt, it was a little closer to him, and the little guy couldn’t help but want to lean out of the children’s chair and touch it.

“You can’t move yet!” Murphy hurriedly held down his son and said solemnly, like a serious examiner, “You can’t cheat!”

Cheat? what is this?

Xiaojiao looked at his mother with a bewildered expression.

“Okay, do you turn it over or I turn it over?” Yang Yi said to Murphy with a smile after laying out the cards.

“Come on, I’m afraid I won too fast!” Murphy said coolly, while she said, she winked at Xixi proudly, as if saying “you know”… …as if she was in a group with Xixi – who asked Xixi to cheer for her just now?

“Won too fast? Didn’t it take turns to flop? Could it be that the same card is turned over, can it continue to turn over?” Yang Yi asked in surprise, “I remember you just said that it was a turn flop. …”

When Yang Yi received Murphy’s threatening glance, he learned to behave, closed his mouth, and reached out and flipped two cards on it.

Really flipped it casually, and Yang Yi tilted his head to one side!

Because when shuffling the cards Yang Yi, a guy who had learned a thousand skills in his previous life, had already habitually glanced at it. Even if he didn’t want to play the old thousand, he subconsciously put the value of each card. The location is noted…

Murphy looked at the cards that Yang Yi turned over, and immediately turned her head happily and said to Xixi: “Hee hee, look, the two cards that Baba turned over are not the same.”

Yang Yi smiled slightly and explained the game to Xixi and Xiaojiao: “Mom is right, my mother and I are taking turns flopping cards, you see, these two are different, so we have to Fold it back, but you have to remember what cards these two positions are as much as possible. In the future, when there are more cards in the back, if the same card appears, you will know that the same card is there. You can Turn it out!”

Xixi looked at her father’s hands and face attentively, listening carefully. Xiaojiao’s attention was obviously unable to concentrate. He stretched his neck and stuck his head out to look at the cards that his father had turned over. With the brightly colored cartoon images, these cards were much more attractive to the little guy!

“Yes, this way you can take back the same two cards. It’s my turn, it’s my turn, husband, put your hands away, I’m going to flip the cards!” Murphy couldn’t wait to play, was urged.

Speaking of which, Murphy’s luck is not bad. The first card she turned over was the same as one of the two cards that Yang Yi just turned over!

However, Murphy remained unaware, reaching for another unplayed card.

Fortunately, Yang Yi noticed her silly behavior, quickly took her hand, pointed to the same card, and said, “Flip this, you forgot? I just flipped over yours just now. Cards?”

“Really?” Murphy still didn’t believe it and looked at Yang Yi suspiciously.

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