House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1243: Murphy with “big ambitions” (2/3)



On the weekend, Murphy teased Xiaojiao, and by the way, he smiled and asked Xixi next to him, “Will I go to the company to sing with Mama today? How is it?”


Murphy’s last concert of the year is scheduled for next week. Although he returned to Jiangcheng after a tour, Murphy, who has always been strict with his work, will not neglect his work and end his vacation early. Every day is like clocking in to work, going to the company to practice songs, rehearsing with the dance team…


For a rare weekend, Murphy was not idle either. No, she is going to go out, first try to see if she can coax the two little guys to go to the company together, so that her husband can accompany her to practice songs together!


However, Xixi is not as easy to coax as before, she shrinks her head cleverly, and smiles with wide eyes: “Hee hee, hee hee, don’t sing with Mama, I want to sing with Baba Go to the park!”


Xiao Jiahao was initially persuaded by his mother, and blinked his eyes, ready to agree, but at this time, when he heard his sister’s words, the little guy immediately thought of the newly developed forest park near the community.


There are a lot of fun equipments there, and the laughter and laughter of when they went to play last week flashed in Xiaojiao’s mind, and he immediately changed his ways, grinned and shouted cheerfully: “Yes! Yes! Hang the park! “


The latter word, he hasn’t used it proficiently yet. He has completely learned the pronunciation of his sister just now, so naturally he doesn’t learn it well.


“That’s right! We have to take Baozi to play, and Baozi also plays a lot of things, brother, do you remember? Last time…” Xixi chatted with her brother excitedly.


Xiaojiao couldn’t keep up with the speed of her sister’s speech at all, but she was also used to not being able to understand what others said. Anyway, looking at her sister’s appearance, he was also affected by this positive emotion and was inexplicably excited. He got up and waved his little palm.


Murphy regretted looking at the two little guys who were already interested, knowing that she had no chance, so she had to call Mo Xiaojuan to pick her up.


“I’ll go to play with them first, then go there at noon and pick you up for dinner.” Yang Yi took Murphy out and comforted Murphy, who was a little hurt.


Murphy pouted and said sullenly: “It’s not fun, my son and daughter are no longer with me, and I think about taking Baba here and there to play!”


“Okay, okay, you take care of me, I take care of the child, that is, you take care of the child, all the same, do you still eat my vinegar?” Yang Yi coaxed with a smile, ” Come, don’t forget to kiss one, after kissing, don’t pouting!”


“Hum!” Murphy pouted her mouth higher arrogantly and deliberately.



Although she only acted like a spoiled child in front of Yang Yi, Murphy still felt the crisis. She felt that her status was getting lower and lower in the hearts of Xixi and Xiaojiao!


“We have to find a way!” Murphy pondered secretly, “I want to give Xixi and Jiao a piece to show their Mama charm! Let them see that Mama is actually more interesting than Baba!”


Sitting in the car, Murphy started thinking about it, trying to “take back” his position from Yang Yi!


The words are divided into two parts. On Yang Yi’s side, after taking Murphy to the company in Mo Xiaojuan’s car, he turned around to clean up, and also took Xixi and Xiaojiao to Forest Park to play. Of course, in the car Also with a bag!


Xixi and Xiaojiao got into the car first, Yang Yi put a baby safety seat on Xiaojiao, and Xixi had already grown up, so she just fastened her seat belt. And this doesn’t need Yang Yi to do it. Xixi has heard her father say it many times since she was a child.


However, after all, they are all children. After getting into the car, Xixi was not so well-behaved. She took off her sneakers and pushed her little feet in pink socks to the front passenger seat. on the backrest.


Yang Yi’s large SUV has a very spacious interior. The second row is adjusted to the rearmost position, and the platform in the middle of the first row is enough for an adult to lie down!


But Xixi still kicked it, and the advantage of the little girl’s long legs was reflected at once!


“Huh!” Seeing this, Xiao Jialu also sat on his baby safety seat, straightened his legs, and pushed forward hard!


However, although the baby safety seat has increased his sitting height, the driver’s seat in front of his father has also been adjusted backwards – after all, Yang Yi is also tall and has long legs, but Xiao Jiajia is still too small, he pedals hard Ah, how can I not pedal!


“Hee hee, hee hee, brother, you can’t do it! Then if you want to kick down, you still have to take off your shoes, otherwise the car will be dirty!” Xixi smiled happily. A feeling of schadenfreude.


Baozi was called out by Yang Yi and knew that he was going to go out to play. He was also very happy and jumped up and down beside Yang Yi. Moreover, this guy is smart enough to jump up from the door of the second row because he sees that the little masters are all sitting in the second row!


However, Yang Yi stopped it: “Baozi, sit in the trunk!”


He opened the trunk and patted it with a smile.


The steamed bun is still very spiritual. I heard that it is not allowed to sit with the little master. It also drooped its head, ran back to the back, and jumped up.


Fortunately, Xixi is already very familiar with it. She pulled down the armrest of the middle seat in the second row, and by the way, lifted the covering curtain, and through the hole, she called to the steamed bun in the back: “Wow! Baozi, come here!”


As soon as Baozi saw it, he was instantly refreshed. He wagged his tail happily and drilled his head into the hole in the middle.


There is no way to get out. The most comfortable thing for the bun to adjust is It lies on the back, its head and a section of neck emerge from the center armrest, and rest comfortably on the armrest.


“Hee hee, this way, Baozi, you can play with us!” Xixi rubbed Baozi’s head with satisfaction and said happily.


Xiao Jiao also clapped his hands happily and danced with his calves.


Baozi calmed down. He obediently looked left at Xiao Jiao and right at Xixi, resting his head there, as if he was sleeping, drooping his ears comfortably and entering the ride mode.



Murphy is practicing with the hired stage art team today. Although she mainly sings, she still needs to follow the arrangement of the stage art teacher and try to cooperate several times.


Murphy, who was devoted to her work, temporarily forgot her troubles in the car. She forgot the time. She practiced for two hours. Murphy did not come out of the dance studio until the break.


“This and this, my guess must be right!” Murphy was about to drink some water and eat some fruit, when he heard laughter from the pantry from a distance.


She walked in and saw that it was a female colleague from the company’s public relations department who was on duty for two weekends. They were sitting at a round table, chatting and laughing with a deck of cards.


However, these cards are not ordinary playing cards. Some of the cards turned up have some beautiful cartoon pictures on them, some are the same and some are different!


“Hey! No, these two are not the same!” The girl who swore to be the same just now turned over two different cards and sighed regretfully.


“Go back, go back, it’s my turn!” another girl yelled.


They were so engaged they didn’t notice Murphy at all.


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