House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1242: I am not a little turtle (1/3)


Perhaps Yang Yi usually left a good impression on other parents. When the voices of criticism on the Internet were overwhelming, Xixi was not affected in school. However, when the trend of public opinion After the change, Xixi felt something different in the school!

It’s not that the parents didn’t see the news that criticized Yang Yi before. When they first saw the articles posted on the news software, they were skeptical!

But with the instinct of human gossip, they still couldn’t help discussing this matter with other colleagues in the unit and company, and perhaps they had also had schadenfreude. It’s just that they didn’t show it to their children at home, so they were worried that if the children said it at school, they would be embarrassed when they met Yang Yi and his wife!

However, most parents still feel that Yang Yi doesn’t want to be as bad as the news says, and they help Yang Yi to some extent when discussing with friends and colleagues.

Fortunately, Yang Yi did not let them down, especially when Zhu Luyan disclosed to the media the amount of Yang Yi’s donation to the Hope Primary School Project, and this number was verified by many media, and major media have turned to boasting that Yang Yi’s low-key good deeds After the camp, these parents who were glad they didn’t gossip, finally breathed a sigh of relief.

If they have no worries, they will naturally stay at home. When eating at night, watching TV and chatting, they casually talk about it in front of their children…

Therefore, there is the following scene!

“Xixi, I heard from my father, your father is a great man!” During the recess, Chen Yuxuan came over with great interest, resting his hands on Xixi’s desk, shouting said.

“The great man? What is the great man?” Xixi asked in confusion, blinking her eyes.

“The great person…that’s right…” Chen Yuxuan probably didn’t know how to explain this concept. He responded casually, but soon it was like a cassette. .

Lu Xiaoyu was on the side, her eyes lit up, and she said in a loud voice, “Businessman? I know that businessmen are called businessmen, and I’ve heard of them too!”

“Businessman?” Xixi tilted her head and said to Lu Xiaoyu, “Xiaoyuer, but no, I don’t do business, he just sings with me!”

“It’s not a businessman, it’s not a business!” Chen Yuxuan scratched his ears and scratched his cheeks for a while, finally speaking, and happily defended, “I remembered, my father said, your father is a good person, a super good person, That’s why it’s called a great man!”

“Really?” Xixi laughed happily when she heard others praising her father, and asked a little embarrassed.

The little girl’s smile is a joy from the bottom of her heart. Her eyebrows are stretched, her eyes are shining, and her cute little mouth also draws a stretched arc, which makes people look very comfortable. It is also easy to be infected by her joyful emotions!

A young boy sitting in the front row couldn’t help but glance back. He racked his brains to insert into Xixi’s conversation, only to see him hesitantly say: “That, that, I think Get up, there is a TV, there is a person also called Dashanren, the ninth generation Dashanren!”

“I’ve watched this TV too. During the summer vacation, I watched it with my mother!” Jiang Chen passed by, his ears twitched, he turned around abruptly, and said with great interest, “Is that the ninth great benevolent person, right? Turtle changed?”

“I forgot about this, I guess?” The little boy in the front row scratched his head embarrassedly.

Xixi was a little unhappy listening to their conversation, she called at Jiang Chen: “No, it’s not a turtle, you Baba is a tortoise! ​​Hmm…Although the little turtle is quite cute. , but my Baba is not, my Baba is my Baba!”

Jiang Chen looked at Xixi dumbfounded and said innocently, “I’m talking about TV…”

Chen Yuxuan poked Xixi’s down jacket righteously next to him, and said, “Don’t worry, Xixi, the great man I’m talking about is definitely not the ninth-generation great man he said, I’m fine with this one. Yes!”

“What I said is also good! You don’t understand!” Jiang Chen said unconvinced.

“You don’t understand!”

“You don’t understand!”

“You don’t understand…”

Two little boys, neither of whom obeyed the other, quarreled there. They even forgot what they were arguing about in the first place, standing in the aisle with their necks choked.

“Xixi, shall we go to the toilet?” Lu Xiaoyu was a little worried that they would fight, and she cautiously leaned into Xixi’s ear and whispered.

“Mmmm! Little fish, let’s run!” Xixi nodded innocently.

So, the two little girls carefully slipped out from Lu Xiaoyu’s side, leaving behind the two little boys who were unaware and engaged in the quarrel.

However, when she returned home in the evening, Xixi was still a little worried. As soon as she got in the car, she couldn’t help but ask, “Baba, aren’t you a tortoise?”

“Why are you asking this question?” Yang Yi looked bewildered.

“Because, because… Baba, let me tell you, this morning, Chen Yuxuan told me that his Baba said you were a good person…” Xixi felt that she couldn’t finish her speech, and paused. , and began to tell the story in its entirety.

During the period, Lan Xin, who was sitting next to her, suddenly interjected: “Oh, Xixi, it turns out that Chen Yuxuan and Jiang Chen are arguing about this!”

“Yes! It suddenly started arguing!” Xixi giggled at her friends, “I don’t even know, what are they arguing about!”

“Then the teacher took them away!” Lan Xin said brightly.

Although Xixi was interrupted for a while, she still did not give up. She went on to talk about her later worries.

“Chen Yuxuan said that Baba’s people are super nice, and then in the math class this afternoon, Teacher Liu also said that Baba’s people are very good. She donated money and paid wages to those poor teachers. She would like to thank Baba!” Xixi Chatting and chatting, he also imitated Teacher Liu Xuanxuan, clasping his fists with both hands.

Actually, there are still some omissions in Xixi’s retelling. Liu Xuanxuan had a heroic demeanor at the time. After boasting about Yang Yi’s righteousness and wealth, she also sighed and said that she wanted to learn from Yang Xi’s father’s practice, although she did not money, but will also regularly donate 200 yuan a month to teachers in the mountains, and also educate children that when they grow up, they must have love!

But Xixi didn’t finish listening to the rest. She saw that Teacher Liu Xuanxuan praised her father, and she was already immersed in joy and worry!

“Baba, are you really a good person? Because I know Baba you are super nice, but, but I don’t want you to be a turtle, because the little turtle is very cute, but I still don’t like Baba is a little turtle Yes, I like my Baba is my Baba…” The little girl’s worried delicate eyelashes trembled slightly, looking a little pitiful.

Yang Yi finally understood. He also knew what the TV series Jiang Chen was talking about. It was a fantasy TV series in ancient costumes broadcast on Magic Capital TV during the summer vacation. Because it was changed by the Internet, the origin was a bit magical, but the plot It’s still very exciting. Murphy and Wu Jingjing have also played this TV series together.

He comforted the little girl with a bit of tears and laughter: “Don’t worry, Dad is Dad, it’s not something strange changed.”

Although the children’s misunderstandings brought some jokes, Yang Yi had a more accurate understanding of what Lanzhou Kai told him before. I really am not a lone wolf anymore, and my public image, good or bad, may actually have an impact on my children!

Don’t ask the PR team to create the perfect persona for yourself in front of the public!

But Yang Yi feels that it is really necessary for him to listen to Mo Xiaojuan and the others, and respond appropriately to some negative news, so as to reduce the impact of bad influence on children!

“But Chen Yuxuan and Teacher Liu are right! Dad has indeed done some good deeds. Just like what Dad taught you before, you must learn to care about others and help others. The greater our ability, the greater our responsibility. So Dad has also helped a lot of people.” Yang Yi smiled and said to Xixi, “When you grow up, Dad will take you to help others together, and let’s do good things together, okay?”

“Okay! But we still don’t want any kind people! Hee hee, I don’t want to be a little turtle!” Xixi first responded to her father happily, and then laughed mischievously.

It seems that the saying that the little turtle has become a good man of the ninth generation has left a deep impression on the little girl!

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