House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1241: Those who are enlightened will help more, an unknown Yang Yi! …



“Brother-in-law, what you said also makes sense, but we are different now. You are a public figure, an idol in the eyes of many people, not an unknown fish and shrimp. Serious public opinion influence, if you don’t stand up and make a response, what do your fans think?” Mo Xiaojuan didn’t expect Yang Yi to be so stubborn on this matter, she was a little anxious to get angry, but now she is even more troubled .


Even, Mo Xiaojuan had no choice but to look at Murphy for help: “Sister, persuade your brother-in-law!”


However, Mo Xiaojuan didn’t know that her former cousin, who had a queen’s aura and a queen-like style of acting, has already put away her minions and is comfortably the one behind Yang Yi. Snuggle little woman!


“I listened to Yang Yi, and I also think that donating money is worthy of our own conscience. It doesn’t need other people’s approval.” Murphy smiled, stretched out his hand, and stuffed his thin palm. He entered Yang Yi’s big hand, let him hold it, then looked at Yang Yi and said softly.


“However, the logic of solving the problem shouldn’t be like this. Now we are being slandered. Should we just let it go? Sit and watch? Let others blame?” With short shoulders, he said silently.


Yang Yi shook his head and said indifferently: “Of course it won’t be the case. What does the company keep a group of lawyers for? If you should sue, don’t leave me alone!”


“Sending a lawyer’s letter can only scare Liu Shifang, but it can’t solve the problem of public opinion…” Mo Xiaojuan said, dumbfounded.



After the news of Liu Shifang’s bombardment of Yang Yi spread, it didn’t take half a day for many media to reprint it, and many media discussed it.


In order to attract hot spots and attract attention, the extreme media deliberately made unproven things into real hammers to determine Yang Yi’s “fraudulent donation” as the keynote, and began to discuss the issue of artist’s virtue .


The slightly more neutral media first explained that the news had not been confirmed, but then, it still used this incident as an introduction to discuss the issue of wealthy people donating money.


There are different opinions, but few media support Yang Yi and speak for Yang Yi!


After all, the current trend of public opinion is in the direction of criticizing Yang Yi. If the media helps Yang Yi to defend himself, he may easily be criticized by some angry melon eaters. Want to wash the ground for Yang Yi?”


Mo Xiaojuan couldn’t convince Yang Yi and Murphy for a while, so she had to release a clarifying micro-broadcast in the name of the studio.


Of course, just a few lines of text are not convincing!


But just when Mo Xiaojuan was having a headache to persuade Yang Yi and Murphy, on the Internet and on Weibo, without communicating with Yang Yi, a group of people began to help Yang Yi fights hard according to reason!


Chen Yijie said on his personal microbroadcast: “Yang Yi and Murphy are the most peaceful, low-key, and life-loving stars I have ever met. Because of my love for music, my husband and I have become very good friends. I don’t know much about other things, but I know one thing for sure! During the recording of the first season of “The Voice of China”, there was an activity in the middle of organizing the advanced students to sing for the disaster area, although Yang Yi did not have time to personally He came, but as far as I know, he arranged to send a batch of living materials worth 2 million, and sent a special person to supervise to ensure that the materials were distributed to the victims! The media did not report this matter, because Yang Yi asked not to publicize it. So , to say that Yang Yi is too selfish and doesn’t do charity, I don’t believe it!”


The most loyal one is Ju Jie, who directly scolded Liu Shifang on the micro-broadcast: “Mr. Liu, do you think I don’t know what kind of garbage you are? We Tianmei Entertainment didn’t give you a red envelope before, many artists You’ve sprayed all the records! When Sister Murphy signed a contract with our company, she was also scolded by you! Now you want to smack me, Brother Yang?”


Ju Jie’s next Weibo broadcast also revealed an important message: “I remember very clearly that when the last episode of the first season of Extreme Challenge was recorded last year, Brother Yang came with his daughter Xixi. , Although it was a family ticket, Brother Yang brought a batch of books to donate to the children in the mountains together with Xixi! In addition, Brother Yang also donated two sums of money, one in the name of his company, It was donated to help Yang Huan and Guo Ziyi who didn’t have much money at that time, and the other one was donated independently in the name of Xixi. Not many people know about this matter, but you can still find out if you check it! The staff who ate inside and outside were not even considered marginal characters at the time, they knew shit?”


In order to support Yang Yi, Ju Jie even went so far as to be rude, but his fans are a group of young people with distinct personalities.


Several guests of the extreme challenge, such as Xie Yuchen, Shan Hongkui and other big stars, at the beginning, they were wise to protect themselves and kept silent, but after Ju Jie spoke, they couldn’t sit still, and they retweeted Ju Jie’s Weibo. Broadcasting, although not as excited as Ju Jie, and even forwarded without a text description, but this behavior itself is silently supporting Yang Yi!


In addition to the star’s speech, many people told their stories with Yang Yi, just like Lu Benjie, the general manager of Sahara Publishing House, who also asked the official Weibo of the publishing house to clarify for Yang Yi, because “the author of children’s books” “Support Fund” authors who have changed their lives, like Yu Ying, couldn’t help but speak up on the microbroadcast to defend Yang Yi.


But after all, their influence is relatively low, and not many people see the microbroadcast they send.


Because of some clever media interviews, that night, an article titled “Yang Yi’s Saharan Rural Development Public Welfare Fund is only for personal gain? Farmer: I’d rather have more public welfare funds like this.” The report once again strongly refuted Liu Shifang’s point of view!


There is no doubt about the authority of this report, because it comes from the official microbroadcast of the Yangcheng Evening News, a media with an official background!


In the report, the reporter learned from interviews with several peasant households helped by the Saharan Rural Development Public Welfare Foundation that this summer, the technical guidance provided by the volunteers who went to the countryside helped them a lot. Many peasants The agricultural products have got a new sales channel!


On the past Double Eleven, farmers were reminded by some volunteers to prepare in advance, provide more distinctive agricultural and sideline products, actively stock up, and make a lot of money!


“Farmers don’t know Yang Yi, and they don’t even know who these great people are who helped them! But they recognize the Sahara Rural Development Public Welfare Foundation and know that these so-called ‘selfish’ people brought them Hope to get rich!”


“Bi Guohua from Haidong Village said: I can make money for several years in half a year. I would rather have more of this kind of public welfare fund!”


The next day, although Yang Yi still did not respond positively, the trend of public opinion gradually changed. Thanks to the support of many people, some positive news appeared. Yi, who seems to have become a black-hearted boss, doesn’t seem to be as bad as they thought at first…


Things seem to be turning around?



Yang Yi, a fan of the authorities, apparently fell into a misunderstanding of thinking. In the end, Mo Xiaojuan had to ask Lanzhou Kai for help. Among these people, Lanzhou Kai is more like a person with great wisdom. Moreover, Lanzhou Kai and Yang Yi cooperate more closely. Mo Xiaojuan thinks that maybe Lanzhou Kai’s words will be effective!


Lanzhou Kai waited for Yang Yi to send the child back to school, and told him to go to his villa for tea.


“Brother, what you think is wrong!” Lanzhou Kai said cheerfully, “Now, your identity is different, you understand? The angle of thinking about the problem also needs to be widened. “


Lanzhou Kai said, and made a separate gesture with his hands.


“You know, you are not only representing yourself now, you are also representing your family, your company, and those who need your salary and are associated with you!” Lanzhou Kai poured tea to Yang Yi, who was drinking tea in a muffled voice, and said slowly.


“Let me tell you a story. Seven years ago, when my company had not built our villa complex, there was an uncle in my Lan family, who was still a leader in Jiangnan at that time, and he said, now There is an activity to select provincial-level outstanding young people, I will report your name to you, run it, and go back with an honor.” Lanzhou Kai smiled, “I said, what outstanding young people? I am 30 years old. What are you talking about young people? You didn’t want to at first!”


“Afterwards, my uncle scolded me, “You are stupid. With such an honor, you can do anything in the future!” In the middle, the youngest one is still me!” Lanzhou Kai laughed, a little off topic.


“Speaking of which, after I got this honor, many people who sold houses below reported my name, and many people knew: Oh, Lanzhou Kai, you know, that outstanding young man in the province! Your boss is capable. Ah! The business started to do well, and then the next year, I took the land for our villa with the city. This honor was somewhat useful. The leaders of the city thought I was qualified and gave me some news! Lanzhou Kai deliberately lowered his voice and said to Yang Yi, “I think I have a lot to do with this outstanding young man!”


Of course, Lanzhou Kai said that on purpose. When he inherited the family business, his net worth was already more than one billion yuan, and after relying on his own efforts, it has doubled several times in more than ten years. Where can only one honor be changed? Woolen cloth?


“Speaking of this, I actually want to tell you, don’t underestimate your own personal influence! A traditional person like me also knows how to ask someone to protect me and the company’s public image! The same is true for you, others To slander you, you can’t just sit back and ignore it because you don’t want to make it public! If you are called a liar by others, then your company, our company, and related people will also be called by others. Become a liar? Will your daughter, Xixi, also leave the impression of a liar’s daughter in other people’s minds?”


Lanzhou Kai’s words finally touched Yang Yi’s point! Yang Yi, who had been drinking tea with his head down, finally moved slightly, he frowned and thought about it carefully.


“And Xixi…” Yang Yi sighed helplessly, “Brother Lan, I understand!”



On the third day when Liu Shifang bombarded Yang Yi, Yang Yi finally responded on his own Weibo.


Apart from the photos of the donation receipts that Liu Shifang questioned, Yang Yi did not provide any other evidence.


He succinctly responded to his attitude on Weibo:


“To our fans and other friends who care about us:


Charity has always been done, whether it is in his own name or, as Ju Jie said, in the name of the child, the donation list is kept, and we are not afraid of questioning and slander.


But charitable donations should be conscious and voluntary actions of individuals, and should not be influenced by the outside world, nor should they be subject to public supervision and moral kidnapping! I never disclose my donation information to the outside world, which is also the reason!


Now, in order not to worry and sadden our fans who care about us, I have come up with a part of the evidence. The rest are left to the legal team and Mr. Liu to go to court. But in any case, please keep calm and don’t kidnap morally.


During the Three Kingdoms period, Liu Bei exhorted his descendants in the time of Tuogu: Do not do evil for small things, and do not do good things for small things. I also sincerely hope that everyone will not be praised for their large donations, nor scolded and abused because of their small donations. Donation is a heartfelt and a very personal act. It is enough to be worthy of your heart!


——Yang Yi. “


I have to say that Yang Yi’s positive response still had a very good effect!


If others support it, it is difficult to convince the public. On the contrary, Yang Yi’s response has reversed the trend of public opinion, and more and more media have begun to turn against Yang Yi – they have never questioned Yang Yi before. Like Yi, they all commented on Yang Yi’s evidence and supported Yang Yi’s point of view!


The most happy are the fans of Yang Yi and Murphy. They have been worried for a few days. Today, they can finally breathe a sigh of relief and try their best to defend Yang Yi!


But Liu Shifang is still stubborn. He continues to bombard Yang Yi with incomplete and unconvincing evidence, which may have been faked in the past few days!


“…Three days, what perjury can’t be done? If Yang Yi is not guilty, he needs to spend three days to respond? Even if it is true, this donation is compared to their family’s assets. , it’s only a drop in the bucket! Compared to XXX, others donate 100 million in assets of more than 1 billion, and who has no conscience, it is clear at a glance!”


Liu Shifang’s microbroadcast is still very good. Although he didn’t give any more evidence, after his microbroadcast was released, some of the grass was shaken again, and he felt that Yang Yi’s donation was less!


But Yang Yi didn’t reply, but a lawyer’s letter was delivered to Liu Shifang’s desk, and more than a dozen lawyers were gearing up to sue the old man for bankruptcy!



Just as the turmoil was about to subside, a press conference, like a depth bomb, blew up the gradually silent people eating melons, but this time, they were convinced by Yang Yi!


The press conference is not large, but a hotel conference hall was arranged in a hurry, and even the banner was not ready to hang! Because, this is Zhu Luyan returning to the capital to visit relatives, knowing that Yang Yi has encountered such a big trouble, and hurriedly held it in the capital!


With Zhu Luyan’s background, he invited many reporters from traditional media, and even some reporters from Beijing TV brought photographers over!


“This report about Mr. Yang Yi, saying he is a hypocrite and a hypocrite, earns so much money but is unwilling to do charity, I believe many media friends have learned about it!” Zhu Luyan held a newspaper, serious “Here, I hope to clarify for Mr. Yang Yi.”


Many media people present stared at him blankly, showing the surprise and puzzlement in their eyes.


Is Zhu Luyan still related to Yang Yi?


One is the national top ten young men, the initiator of the Hope Primary School Charity Project who won the Group Award for Touching China last year, and the other is a singer and a businessman, and the two are not next to each other, how could it be related?


But Zhu Luyan soon used pictures, videos, and a detailed donation form to tell them about Yang Yi and herself, or what it had to do with the Hope Primary School Charity Project!


“Mr. Yang Yi’s donation to the Hope Primary School Charity Project is really not much. Starting from the first two million yuan three years ago, he only donated two million yuan every month. If you include him several times because of Hope Primary School has a large-scale public welfare project with additional donations, and Mr. Yang Yi has only provided a total of 114 million donations to Hope Primary School within three years!” Zhu Luyan laughed and couldn’t help but said the irony, “Although There are not many Hope Primary Schools built, five, and in addition, wage subsidies have been given to rural teachers in eleven Hope Primary Schools!”


“But who and which star can insist on making a monthly donation of 2 million yuan, rain or shine? Does Liu Shifang have it?” Zhu Luyan asked the reporters.


The reporters couldn’t answer, they all looked at each other, of course, their eyes flashed with excitement. If what Zhu Luyan said was true, and there was verifiable evidence like the ones he played on the multimedia system, then this must be a big news!


“In recent years, many people have donated money to Hope Primary School, but why do I have the deepest impression on Mr. Yang Yi?” Zhu Luyan once again revealed a big news, “That’s because I was initially working on the Dream Primary School Project. At that time, I met Mr. Yang Yi, who donated the first two million yuan to us. It was his guidance that helped us improve the rules and regulations of the association and the goals of the association. From the past, it was only building schools and houses. According to the specific needs of poverty-stricken mountainous areas, the scientific site selection and construction of schools are carried out, and most of the funds are provided under the premise of openness, fairness and justice to provide better treatment for these rural teachers, retain teachers for students, and retain the hope of studying. !”


The reporters were writing and writing, and even picked up their mobile phones to take pictures. They were very shocked. They had no idea that Yang Yi had done so many good deeds. If this is the case, then this news will be very explosive. !


No wonder Yang Yi said, don’t brag about how much donations are made, and don’t criticize them because of how little donations!


It turns out that the last sentence is not the first sentence is! He didn’t piece together this sentence for the sake of orderly confrontation, he really donated a lot of money!


I think of Yang Yi’s usual low-key, and the positive energy conveyed to the outside world by the warm life with Murphy and the children, such a good person, there are still people who hate him?


There is no reason!


“Do you know? I hope that the name of the primary school was proposed by Mr. Yang Yi. We thought it was good, so we changed it to this name, but Mr. Yang Yi didn’t want to make it public, so this history is unknown. At last year’s Touching China Awards Ceremony, I mentioned thanking a mysterious person for his help, and what I said was thanking Mr. Yang Yi!” Zhu Luyan said excitedly, “So, I’m really sorry, I slandered Yang Yi just now because of this article. Sir, I can’t help but get mad at the report that he is a hypocrite!”


I hope that elementary schools are all proposed by Yang Yi?


The reporters present were almost dizzy with excitement. Today’s news is too much!


“Mr. Yang Yi did not disclose his good deeds, but he was misunderstood! As a person who has been helped by Mr. Yang Yi and the person in charge of public welfare projects, I must stand up and correct Mr. Yang Yi’s name! “Zhu Luyan clasped her fists in both hands and said sincerely, “I hope this matter can also get everyone’s help, please rest assured, everything I said is true and verifiable!”


The reporters laughed and agreed.


Even if it wasn’t Yang Yi’s big news, they would still work hard to report it because of his identity as Young Master Zhu!


Now, they don’t need any other motivation to give up on this big news! They have thought about the headline of the news. It must be ambiguous and attractive enough!


It’s called: “An unknown Yang Yi”!


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