House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1240: Yang Yi on the cusp of the storm (1/3)


Yang Yi, Murphy and their children were photographed secretly by the paparazzi when they were on campus, in the bookstore, or shopping. However, they didn’t care. As long as the paparazzi didn’t overdo it, Yang Yi and Murphy were already Calmly ignore those shots.

The serious media are not very interested in the private lives of celebrities, but some entertainment tabloids are very keen to report on the sweet days of Yang Yi and Murphy. They also know that it is boring to simply report such news, so they will take some The news of the star’s derailment, and the news of Yang Yi are put together in the same page and reported together.

As a result, the following situation emerged: the first half of the news was “XXX hotel secret meeting with a macho man, and his ears and temples are ambiguous”, while the second half of the news was “Yang Yi Murphy took the child to clip the doll, and had a good time. Forget about me and disregard the paparazzi’s candid photos”, which seems to be a clear stream.

Of course, many online media will still reprint this kind of news – after all, their sections can be unlimited, Yang Yi and Murphy’s fans expressed their calmness: “This is news? When did Yang Yi come out to play alone? , is it called news?”

But at the beginning of December, when Yang Yi and Murphy received a little less attention, Liu Shifang, an old musician and music critic who once had a holiday with Yang Yi and Murphy, posted on Weibo But he started bombarding Yang Yi!

“Yang Yi is the most shameless and unscrupulous liar I have ever seen!”


What did Yang Yi do to make this irrelevant person call him a liar? And scolded so badly?

Look at the text and pictures below Liu Shifang’s long microbroadcast!

It turns out that Liu Shifang didn’t know where to collect a bunch of materials, to expose Yang Yi’s “true face” – Yang Yi is very stingy, is not benevolent for the rich, and has never been willing to do charity!

First of all, Liu Shifang first posted a screenshot of the webpage, pointing out that there was no clear donation amount in Yang Yi’s news about charity or donations over the years. Screenshot of the interview video of the crew of “Challenge” (the ones who switched jobs to Xingyao production).

In the subtitles of the video, as well as Liu Shifang’s text description, these “witnesses” pointed out that at the charity gala held in the last issue of the first season of “Extreme Challenge”, although Yang Yi had donated books, he did not donate books. money!

Liu Shifang’s words against Yang Yi showed contempt. He pointed out that although Yang Yi donated a sum of money in the identity of Huayi Brothers, the money from Huayi Brothers may be Deduct the reasonable income of its stars!

Liu Shifang believes that Yang Yi was already worth billions at the time, and he was reluctant to donate this point. He deliberately used the name of the company instead of an individual.

Of course, it’s not just this “evidence”!

Liu Shifang also listed two public welfare funds set up by Yang Yi himself, “Children’s Book Authors Support Fund” and “Saharan Rural Development Public Welfare Foundation”.

“Although these two funds are non-profit, their purpose is not so simple! Authors supported by the Children’s Book Author Support Fund must sign contracts with Yang Yi’s own publishing house, and the money earned must be shared with the publishing house. Not to mention the Saharan Rural Development Public Welfare Foundation! Teach others to open a store on his Taobao mall! If you want to do public welfare, please set up some charity funds that can really help others and do not ask for anything in return. Dog meat makes people look disgusting!” Liu Shifang blasted Yang Yi mercilessly.

Obviously, with the strength of Liu Shifang, an old musician and music critic who collects money and does things, there is no way to get so much evidence and write such a splendid essay!

When this bombarded micro-broadcast was spread, many discerning people could guess that there must be someone behind Liu Shifang who was giving instructions, and from the perspective of the few employees who switched jobs, the instructing person should be with Xingyao. Some people in the production or Shonan TV can’t get rid of the relationship!

But ordinary melon eaters are blind. Many netizens who don’t like Yang Yi, or many netizens who hate the rich, can’t help but follow the crusade after watching this long micro-broadcast. Yang Yi.

“It turned out to be like this. I was reluctant to donate some money for the children in the mountains, and I used the name of the company for cheap! But I am willing to invest a lot of money in a fund that is beneficial to myself, and my reputation and interests are all owned by you. People took it! How can there be such a good thing?”

“I thought Yang Yi was a clear stream, but now it seems that he is still an out-and-out businessman.

“It’s really disgusting! It’s so hearty to do a public welfare activity!”

“I just want to ask him if the money donated by the company has been donated? Zhongxing Production is also owned by Yang Yi. The people below will do the accounting. Maybe the money donated has not actually been touched, right?”

“Speaking of which, the Huayi Brothers company is not very clean in the first place, right? Yang Huan and Guo Ziyi have a good relationship with Yang Yi, let’s not talk about it. Qianlichuanshu, which was very popular before, seems to have disappeared in the past six months? Angry at Yang Yi and hidden in the snow? It seems that this company is just a tool for Yang Yi to make money! What brother, hmph, bah!”

“It’s a show for public welfare, I don’t know if his love with Murphy is also a show! Aren’t the two of them good-looking?”

“Thinking about it now, the laughter and emotion brought by “Extreme Challenge” turned out to be fake… it’s disgusting!”

“Here is a situation that Teacher Liu missed. Yang Yi is reluctant to spend a lot of money on public welfare, because he spent billions to build an amusement park like a castle in Jinling City, and he just wanted to know , is this amusement park really built for Xixi to play? I’m afraid the motive is not pure, right?”

“Hehe, when I heard this upstairs, I also remembered this news, how could this amusement park be built just for a child to play? I’m afraid, I still want to spend money in the pockets of us parents! When the ticket price is hundreds or thousands, I will ask if you are afraid?”

“Resolutely boycott Yang Yi’s company, program, and Yang Yi’s amusement park!”

Although many fans of Yang Yi came to hear the news, they tried their best to explain for Yang Yi, and urged everyone to wait for Yang Yi’s response and not to listen to other people’s words, but Liu Shifang’s microbroadcast below, many haters for the rich and not chasing stars The netizens are still even insulted Yang Yi’s fans, saying that they cleaned the ground for Yang Yi…

In less than a day, the microbroadcast is already full of noise!

Don’t look at Weibo, which is Yang Yi’s own territory, Liu Shifang, a famous person like Liu Shifang, directly bombarded, no staff dared to delete the post, but there was a secret channel, and Mo Xiaojuan was notified as soon as possible, and Mo Xiaojuan hurriedly Organize a meeting to discuss public relations measures.

But in less than an hour, all the major web portals on the Internet reprinted the microbroadcast of Liu Shifang’s bombardment of Yang Yi, and the number of pageviews increased exponentially!

You must respond as soon as possible, otherwise, when the public opinion has formed a one-sided trend against Yang Yi, it will be very troublesome to want public relations!

But Mo Xiaojuan met a master who was a little stubborn in this matter.

“Why should I publish my charity information? To prove that I am not what he said, to prove that I am a good person who does charity every month and every year?” Yang Yi asked with a frown, ” Charity should be something you love and I want to do. I want to do charity. Well, I did it. It has nothing to do with Liu Shifang. Why did he ask me if I donated money? Donating money is love, even if I don’t donate. , that’s my duty too!”

Yang Yi is very disgusted with some news that force some entrepreneurs and celebrities to donate money. Although he also thinks that it is appropriate to make money and give back to the society, but this model of these news forces is unreasonable!

So, he has indeed done a lot of charity and donated a lot of money in the past few years, but Yang Yi really hasn’t used his name very much, just because he doesn’t want to make a lot of noise, nor because of himself personal behavior, causing stress to others!

Don’t be worthy of your heart to do charity? Do you still have to do a show?

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