House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1237: Small??Right miserable?Fractures ㄒ?Three)



Because of the need to make up for Yang Xiaoxi, who was worried that it was broken, Yang Yi specially spared the weekend to take Xixi to visit the largest bookstore in Jiangcheng. After all, Yang Yi hasn’t been shopping with the little girl for a long time, and Xixi has grown up now, so she should read some meaningful books.


You can’t always read villains, indulge in stories but lack the edification of literature.


Of course, Murphy, the big drag oil bottle, also followed with a small scorpion and followed with great interest.



Because the weather in Jiangcheng is very cold now, Xixi can no longer go out in a beautiful but light skirt as before, but it doesn’t matter, even if she puts on a sports sweater and trousers, the little girl is slender, The thin clothes rack can still easily hold up!


Especially when I went to the bookstore with my parents today, the little girl was in a good mood, giggling, and ran in front of her. Her lively figure was so playful and cute that she wanted to pinch her little girl. face!


Xiao Jiajia was infected by his sister’s vitality. He struggled to get down from his mother’s arms, his little **** twitched, and ran to his sister happily. The little guy ran and shouted anxiously. “Wait for me, sister, wait for me!”


It wasn’t until he shoved his little hand into his sister’s hand that he giggled with peace of mind.


“But, I’m holding you, how can I find a book to read?” Xixi said to Xiao Jiao with a wide-eyed smile.


“Uh, uh, that’s it, that’s…” Xiao Jialu encountered a problem, and after holding it for a while, he couldn’t think of the answer. He frowned and puffed out his mouth, not knowing how to answer.


But he doesn’t want to let go of his sister’s hand either!


Of course, this problem has been solved with the parents coming up. With my parents around, Xiao Jiajia is still very safe.


When my sister was flipping through some little books on the shelf, the little guy kept looking around curiously. There were still many children around, but they were all older than him, and most of them were big brothers, like I haven’t seen such a beautiful girl as my sister!


And what’s interesting is that those big brothers and sisters were sitting on the ground reading books, and they looked over by themselves, and they looked over carefully, as if they were afraid that they would say them!


Isn’t it dirty? A thought that didn’t belong to him sprung up in Xiao Jiao’s head.


Although other children are older than me, they are all children after all. Xiao Jiayu who came to the Dwarf Kingdom grinned inexplicably and laughed “hee hee”.


However, after seeing these new things around, Xiao Jiao looked at his sister curiously again. With his small stature, he could only press his two hands on the bookshelf, and then tilted his small head to look from below. Look at my sister.


This is still a very novel way to play!


Xiao Jiajie found his own happiness. The little guy squeezed along the bookshelf to his sister’s side, so that he could spy on his sister’s focused expression through the edges of the book.


“Hee hee!” Xiao Jiao laughed contentedly, and arched her sister with her little butt.


But Xixi just felt squeezed. The little girl who was immersed in the story in the book did not respond.


It was Murphy, who absentmindedly flipped through those villain books, while scanning Xiaojiao from time to time to prevent him from going somewhere else to play. Seeing this scene, she rubbed Xiaojiao funny. slender little brain.


Yang Yi, who disappeared for a while, reappeared. He went to find books for Xixi. He always thought that Xixi should read some books with connotation. A stack of books came back.


“Xixi, come here, do you like these books?” Yang Yi smiled, put the books he found on the bookcase, and said to Xixi.


“What book?” Xixi reluctantly looked away from the little book in her hand, and looked curiously at the book her father brought over.


“This is a children’s encyclopedia.” Yang Yi smiled, picked up a thick tome, and said to Xixi, “Its content is all-encompassing, you see, it talks about nature, like How did the lion mother move with her baby, and there are also arts, like the piano, guitar or violin we learned, how these instruments were born, and some historical stories, anyway, a lot of what you think of before Questions, or new things you haven’t been exposed to, you can find answers here!”


“Wow, really?” Xixi became interested. After she cried out in surprise, she put down the little book in her hand, picked up the new book that her father recommended to her, and put it down, then, The little girl shouted happily again, “Wow, it’s all in color! There are so many beautiful photos! Baba, I saw the lion biting the little lion!”


Yang Yi smiled and nodded to the little girl who raised her head in surprise. He waited for Xixi to flip through a few pages, and when he was gradually fascinated, he began to introduce the second book: “Xixi , the book is also good.”



The largest book city in Jiangcheng is very large, and the atmosphere of reading is also very strong! Although Yang Yi only brought Xixi to buy books, they were still infected by other book-loving adults and children in the bookstore in the process of constantly flipping through and looking for books.


Even finally flipped through a little book that her sister put back with great interest.


This little book is suitable for children over the age of six because it has slightly more text! However, although Xiao Jiao couldn’t understand it, he still pouted his mouth slightly, just like the leader approving the document, he scribbled over the illustrations above, and then he followed the example of his sister and turned to the next page to continue reading.


Finally, when Yang Yi was pushing a pile of books on a trolley to go to the front desk to buy it, Xiao Jiao ran over, holding a small book in his little hand and handing it to his father.


“You want to buy books too?” Yang Yi asked him funny.


Xiaojiao nodded earnestly.


Of course I want to buy a book, otherwise what would I pass it to my dad? Xiao Jiao, who has been shopping with his father and sister before, understands that he must not hold back what he wants, and that he must “buy” the toys he likes with his father, so that he can take it home!


“Do you understand?” Murphy couldn’t help but ask with a smile.


“Look!” Xiao Haoyu didn’t answer the question a bit, but he felt that his answer was right, and he nodded his head vigorously.


Since Xiaojiao wanted to buy it, Yang Yi did not treat him differently. He put the little guy’s book into the trolley and paid for it together.



However, when she left the bookstore, Xixi accidentally found a few doll-clamping machines in the exit hall! Xixi had seen these things in the movie theater in the university town before, and she knew what it was from, but she was in a hurry to watch a movie at that time, so she never played it.


“Baba, Baba, let’s go look over there!” Xixi took her father’s hand happily, and after speaking, the little girl ran over.


The little girl in winter clothes, taking advantage of her long legs, still runs as briskly as a deer!


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