House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1231: Want??Yongyanyao ㄒ?three)



Although the two little sisters, Xixi and Lan Xin, performed very well in their solo performances, the stage now belongs to all the children in Grade 2 and Class 3. After Lan Xin finished singing the previous section, the children went back to Start the chorus again and sing the most inspirational part!


“I want to climb up step by step… one day I will have a day that belongs to me…”


I have to say that when a group of childish children sang this song in unison, the shock and positive energy this song brought to people were beyond what Yang Yi expected!


Not only the parents in the audience clapped their hands with joy and was hugged by his father, Xiao Jiajia, who was watching the show while standing on his father’s lap, also seemed to be intoxicated. The little feet of the shoes were stepping on Dad’s legs across the socks, and the little buttocks twisted up and down with the rhythm of the singing!


“Snail” is over, of course, the musical isn’t over yet!


Because the style of the accompaniment soon changed, from mature, gentle, inspirational, back to light and cheerful, and a little naive! Accompanied by the brisk melody and drum beats, two little girls in oriole costumes jumped up and down the stage!


They danced and circled the five “snails”.


What’s the situation? And the end? The parents in the audience watched this scene, their mouths curled up, and they watched with joy.


At this time, the “choir” under the mushroom tree began to sing again: “Ashu A has two oriole birds, Ahe A is laughing at it, the grapes are still ripe, what are you doing here… …”


Everyone finally understands the writing of this lyric. It turns out that it is preceded by an “A” character in front of the two characters at the beginning! Many parents initially thought that this song was sung in the local dialect.


However, with the word “A”, the lyrics are more colloquial and more catchy!


Don’t say, many children are listening below. They may not like the more profound “Snail”, but they will definitely like the song “Snail and Oriole”. Even listening to it, they are already familiar with this song. Melody, at the beginning of the next paragraph, some of them opened their small mouths and hummed along happily.


Without stopping, the two “Orioles” on the stage stopped, the five “Snails” danced a slow crawling dance, and the “Chorus” also sang for them: “A Huang A Oriole Don’t laugh, I’ll be mature when I climb on it…”


By the time the story line of the whole story got here, it was already very clear, and even the most obtuse parents had figured out what the whole musical skit wanted to express.


Afterwards, the children sang “Snail and Oriole” repeatedly, but this need not be repeated. After their performance, the parents in the audience gave warm applause. This is comparable to the previous two. The applause of the program was much more enthusiastic!


After all, it is obvious to all whether the program is exquisite or not, and whether the thoughts expressed are profound or not!


Yang Yi came out of the auditorium ahead of time and went to the backstage with Xiao Jiao to greet Xixi after the performance.


“Baba, brother!” Xixi didn’t need to wear a costume, so she ran to her father happily with a look of surprise, and cried sweetly.


“It’s hard work, the performance is hard work.” Yang Yi smiled, opened his right hand, hugged Xixi in his arms, and patted her little head gently.


“Baba, how do you think I sing?” Xixi raised her head, smiled with big eyes, and asked with some expectation.


“Of course it’s fine! If you don’t believe me, ask your brother!” Yang Yi turned to look at Xiao Jiao with a smile, and asked, “Jia, do you think my sister sang just now, how was it? Does it sound good?”


Xiao Jiayu’s reaction was a little slow, but when he figured out what his father asked, the little guy became excited in his father’s arms, he lowered his head forward, wanted to look at his sister and said, Qing, if Yang Yi hadn’t held it firmly, he might have fallen off!


“Nice! Big sister, big sister, I’m…” The little guy became excited, and he started to chatter in an alien language when he was short of words, no one could understand what words he created, but At the end, he said something that everyone could understand, “…I really like it!”


Yang Yi smiled and said, “Look, Xiao Jiao said he likes it very much!”


“What about me? What about me?” Lan Xin originally followed her father, but now, she also came over with interest and asked with a smile.


“Xiner’s singing is also very good! Your mother Mo has said that Xiner sings with the bearing of a professional singer. If you continue to work hard in the future, the more you sing, the better it sounds!” Yang Yi said with a smile.


“No, no, I want to talk about it!” Lan Xin shook her head and said disapprovingly.


Yang Yi was stunned for a moment, then looked at Lanzhou Kai and shook his head with a wry smile.



The parents’ open day of Huijia Elementary School, for Yang Yi and others, the show is over after Xixi’s performance. Although everyone patiently watched other shows, it was the children’s performance after all. Without Yang Yi’s backing, how could it be as exciting as Xixi’s show?


Even, Xixi’s show Zhuyu is in the front, but the latter shows have become a bit bland!


Although there are no awards for this art show, everyone knows that the musical in Class 2 and Class 3 is the best, but I don’t know if the teacher who arranged the show will regret putting Xixi’s show on the show. Then ahead.



Since it is a public performance, there are so many parents in the gym, some people still use mobile phones or other tools to record the video of Xixi’s performance – although their original intention may only be to shoot their own children’s performance video, and when they see the first video The three programs are so exciting that I made a temporary decision to record them.


Soon, the video was uploaded online!


Before the reporters heard the news, this video had two unusual “children’s songs”, which were not only pleasant to listen to, but also full of positive energy and easy to be liked by people. Therefore, it quickly became popular. Spread the word online and become popular!


On the third day after the parents’ open day, this video has become a hit on Weibo, and in the process of spreading it widely, many musicians have also become curious about these two songs: “Who wrote it? Such a beautiful song, it is directly used for a group of children to perform!”


Of course, it didn’t take long for this doubt to be cleared up by a well-rounded reporter.


At noon on the third day, some media reported it. They found out that this video was taken on the parents’ open day of Jiangcheng Huijia Primary School.


“Do you think the name Huijia Primary School is familiar? That’s right, Yang Yi and Murphy’s daughter, Yang Xi, are studying there, and this video is **** minutes and **** seconds. The little girl who stood up and sang was Yang. Xi! Speaking of this, it should be easy for everyone to guess who the creators of these songs should be?”


Yang Yi wrote two songs in one go for one of her daughter’s programs. Although the news didn’t make headlines, the popularity on the Internet was not low. Many people came to watch Yang Yi because of this title. what.


Even, many netizens who were not interested in nursery rhymes or this video before watched this video because of Yang Yi’s name.


“The song is amazing! I didn’t expect Yang Yi to be so accomplished in children’s songs! But I still have to envy Xixi, who has such a doting father who is so versatile…” Netizens are all under the comments of the report , admiration and admiration.


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