House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1230: This little chubby girl is really not here to be cute! (3/…



While Yang Yi and Murphy were chatting in a low voice, the little classmates who announced the show had already come up. After all, they were only elementary school children, and their announcements didn’t have that natural feeling. After memorizing the lines, after some introductions about snails, they said in unison: “Next, please, all the students in the second grade and third class, bring you the musical short drama “The Story of the Snail”!”


Besides Yang Yi and the others, many parents clapped their hands excitedly, as if they wished everyone in the gym would know that it was their children’s show!


Murphy was also a little excited. Although she was a little reserved and didn’t applaud desperately, she still smiled and patted Xiaojiao’s two small fleshy palms. She lowered her head and said to the little guy, “Sister is going to appear. , it’s my sister’s show!”


After the little students who announced the news went down, children wearing props came up one by one.


Parents in the audience laughed, because these second grade children were so cute, they either dressed themselves up as grass, or as a background tree, and five little boys were carrying a Snail shell props, dress yourself up as a snail!


Wang Hongwei, the father of Wang Leilei next to him, has been watching, and now he is excited. He pointed to one of the little boys in a snail costume and said to the parents next to him: “There, look, the one who plays the snail is mine. Son!”


Soon, the music started, and the prelude was more cheerful, and Yang Yi asked Jin Yingming for advice, and added some elements of wind instruments in it, which made the prelude even more interesting, making people unable to bear to listen to it. I want to twist.


In fact, the “snails” on stage are already dancing!


Although they don’t do any particularly outstanding dances, they are just carrying snail shells, kicking their legs gently, left and right, squatting up, swinging their arms, and jumping gently… but relatively neat The five-person dance is still very interesting to watch!


“Oh, these little kids, dancing in snails, they’re so cute!” Parents from other classes in the audience couldn’t help laughing and admiring.


At this moment, the prelude ended, and there was a tender, sweet and neat singing next to it: “Amen, there is a vine in front of the vine, the green land of Anan is just sprouting, and the snail is carrying that heavy shell, Climb up step by step!”


Looking at the sound, everyone noticed that there were several little girls under the “mushroom” on the left, singing loudly into the microphone.


“I don’t seem to have heard this song before?” There are not many parents who think like this – many people listen to songs without thinking about which song they have not heard or may not have published. After all, the world There are so many songs, but not every one I have heard. But there are still a few people who like music briefly have such doubts.


They don’t know that Yang Yi has come up with a new song for his daughter’s praise this time, and he mixed the song “Snail and Oriole” into “Snail”, making the whole story line of the play. clearer.


At this time, Yang Yi smiled and patted Xiao Jiao, and pointed to the big mushroom prop full of fantasy on the stage with some ignorant little guys and said, “Look, my sister is singing there!”


“Sister?” Xiao Jiao looked at him suspiciously. After a while, he recognized her from a distance. Seeing her sister performing on the stage, Xiao Jiao felt that her sister was so powerful that she could be as good as her mother. Sing on stage! Suddenly, the little guy’s admiration for his sister rose again.


However, the singing and accompaniment stopped here.


Jiang Chen’s voice came out. He read the narration in the background, and told everyone the story of the snail getting up early in the morning, trying to climb the tree, and trying to eat the grapes on the tree. At the same time, the stage The last five “snails” also performed the tree-climbing action very cooperatively.


This short segment is not very exciting, but soon, the music started again, and Xixi was still leading the singing. The little girl stood up from the mushroom tree and sang in a sweet and clear voice: “I want to climb up step by step, at the highest level. Dian flew forward on the blade, the small sky, the tears and sweat that flowed, one day I will have my own sky…”


Murphy taught Xixi how to pronounce it, and now she can still hear the little girl’s inappropriate singing, like at the end of each sentence, Xixi can’t help dragging the ending for a long time, even though she sings like this , also has the characteristics of children singing, but to the professional Murphy, she couldn’t help frowning.


“Xixi is a little nervous singing!” Murphy whispered to Yang Yi.


Yang Yi squeezed Murphy’s little hand and said with a smile, “It’s alright, I’ve sung very well, I’ll improve it slowly! Don’t worry…”


It was only Murphy who was critical. When Xixi sang this passage, many audience members applauded. On the one hand, it was because Xixi’s voice was so sweet, just like a human being. sweet! Moreover, the little girl’s voice is soft and soft, which is intoxicating.


On the other hand, it is also because the lyrics are very rational, and adults can hear the feeling! How can you not applaud?


Xixi paused, she took a step back and returned to the children. At this time, the “choir” under the mushroom tree was further expanded. In addition to the original Lan Xin, Cao Ruolin, Lu Xiaoyu and others, A few boys joined in, and everyone sang the lyrics that Xixi just sang again in unison, but there were only a few changes in the It seems that the little guys have been singing this month. The rehearsal was still effective, and they basically sang the rhythm of the songs Yang Yi composed for them!


After a short stay, this time it was Lan Xin’s turn to stand up. Because of her unique voice, the chubby girl has also learned to sing with Murphy. Therefore, Lan Xin and Xixi are both in charge of singing in the second grade and third class. Back, Lan Xin is about to sing the real opening of “Snail”!


“Should I put down the heavy shell and look for where there is a blue sky, drifting gently with the gentle wind, the wounds I have experienced don’t feel pain…”


When Lan Xin stood up, everyone just thought this little fat little girl was a little cute, and didn’t think she would bring any surprises to everyone. However, when Lan Xin opened her mouth, many people listened to her singing, My heart can’t help but tremble!


Lan Xin is perfect to sing this lyric!


Because Xixi’s voice is not as loud as Lan Xin’s, in contrast, Lan Xin needs less effort to sing the same loud song, so in this lyric, Lan Xin sings well It’s not very hard, but the singing is clear and audible, and people can’t help but taste a kind of tiredness, just like the kind of confusion described in the lyrics!


The previous lyrics are very inspirational, just like our life. At the beginning, everyone rushed forward like a chicken blood, but when we arrived at Lanxin, it seemed that the ideal had come into reality, and it was out of reach. The end point makes people feel discouraged and confused.


Lan Xin sang this feeling, and her singing was full of a deep taste that children of this age do not have!


“Xin’er is amazing!” Yang Yi smiled, clapped and said to Lanzhou Kai.


Isn’t it? In this section, Lan Xin has already amazed the audience!


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