House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1228: ?? Sakura? Wisdom larvae and? Ring O Lu> model. ㄒ?…



After all, the classroom was still a little crowded. Even after Yang Yi moved a small stool and let Xiao Jiajia sit between Xixi and Lu Xiaoyu, Xixi’s little **** was saved, but the air in the whole classroom was still a little stuffy. , so many parents were crowded together and couldn’t move. Yang Yi felt a little more comfortable when he went to the back of the classroom for physical education class.


“Today we have a football lesson!” As soon as Mr. Lu Dashan finished speaking, the boys cheered.


Of course, the boys’ parents reacted differently. Like Wang Leilei’s father, the parent named Wang Hongwei who had talked to Yang Yipan when he first entered school, felt that his son was a little too out of touch and affected the classroom. discipline.


He waved his hands anxiously, from left to right, just like a policeman directing traffic, motioning Wang Leilei to stop making noise and listen to the teacher’s lectures carefully. But Wang Leilei didn’t notice it. He just looked up at his small flat head happily and laughed ho-ho, making his father jump.


Xiao Jiayu stood with his father and held his mother’s hand with the other, but he was much more “serious” than those little boys. Because the little guy was wearing a sunscreen cap, he could only try his best to lift his head up. With his head and mouth slightly open, he stared at Teacher Lu Dashan, who was talking about how to play football. He didn’t know if he could understand it, but he was fascinated by it!


Next, Mr. Lu Dashan also improvised a fancy ball!


That’s right, it’s not just a simple ball, he also played tricks such as knee ball, turning ball, and catching the ball behind his head. It seems that Teacher Lu Dashan still has some accomplishments in football before. what! No wonder he chose football as an open day course to show parents…


Watching the teacher flip the black-and-white football up and down in a dynamic and freewheeling manner, not only Xixi and other students screamed in amazement, parents applauded, but even Xiao Jiajia watched The big round eyes widened.


His little head nods up and down following the football, apparently fascinated.


Of course, Lu Dashan can’t always show off his skills alone. Next, the children will work in two groups, each holding a soccer ball to practice the simplest pass and catch.


Yang Yi and Murphy smiled and watched Xixi and Lu Xiaoyu play football. The two little girls were newbies, no, it should be said that they were new feet. When they went out, the ball went to one side, and Lu Xiaoyu finally picked it up and wanted to kick it to Xixi, but she swung it empty.


But the two little girls still had a good time, laughing all the time.


Even picking up **** is fun!


Xiao Jiao looked at the sisters enviously and thought that the things the sisters were playing was very interesting, but he couldn’t participate because his father and mother were worried that his little man would run into the crowd and be easily hit by people When he arrives, or is hit by the ball, Xiaojiao can only watch his sister play football from a distance.


However, there are exceptions. The children’s passing and receiving are the same as Xixi’s. Wandering in front of Yang Yi and Murphy.


Of course, not so coincidentally, the football is five or six steps away from them, and about the same distance as the other parents.


Lanzhou Kai, who was standing on the side, was interested. His chubby body ran over. Everyone thought he was going to kick the ball back to the children. As a result, Lanzhou Kai brought the football back and gently touched it with his feet. He stepped on the grass in front of Xiaojiao.


“He, come here, you kick it back to that brother!” Lanzhou Kai said to Xiao Jiao with a smile.


It turned out that he also wanted Xiaojiao to perform!


Seeing this scene, the anxious little boy who thought this uncle was going to steal his ball was relieved. He stopped, scratched his head, and waited there.


Parents all looked over and looked at Xiao Jiao with a smile. After all, Xiao Jiao was the only child in Class 2, Grade 3, who was brought in on the parent’s open day today!


Xiaojiao didn’t notice other people’s eyes, he just saw Lan’s father bring the ball over, and then his father smiled and patted his little head and said, “Go, you kick too! “


How could Xiaojiao, who has been very interested for a long time, not willing? He didn’t even feel shy or nervous, he smiled and ran up excitedly.


However, Xiao Xiaojiao didn’t swing his feet, he just leaned forward, hesitated for a moment, bent down, and picked up the football with his two little hands!


“Use your feet, not your hands!” Before Yang Yi and Lanzhou Kai could guide them, the parents nearby burst into laughter, and a few others, like Wang Leilei’s father Wang Hongwei, called out eagerly. stand up.


Yes, kicking the ball with the hand, and intentionally handball, is to be sent off with a red card!


Xiao Xiaojiao picked up the ball and threw it on the ground with a shy stomach. Of course, it didn’t go far, and the football stopped again.


Under the demonstration of Lanzhou Kai’s waving of his feet, Xiao Haoyu realized that he ran over and kicked out with his little feet.


Of course, it is still very difficult to play well with the small man of Xiaojiao. In the end, the football was knocked out by Xiaojiao with his rolled out a few steps away.


“Alright, alright! That’s it, give the ball back to my brother!” Yang Yi walked over with a smile, kicked the ball back gently, and let the anxious little boy follow him. Reach out to pull Xiaojiao.


“Hmm! Ball!” Xiao Jiao hadn’t had enough fun, so he suddenly became anxious, took his father’s hand, and wanted to catch up.


“Don’t disturb my sisters and the others in physical education class. If you want to play football, Dad will go back in the evening and buy you a new one. Let’s play football at home. From now on, you can play football forever! Okay?” Yang Yi squatted down quickly and spoke to him gently.


Xiaojiao is still struggling, but at this time, some parents have run over diligently, asked the teacher for an extra football, and sent it over.


“Yang Yi, let your son play with this, just take it back to the teacher after class!” The other party said with a smile.


Yang Yi actually doesn’t want to get used to Xiao Jiao. Today, the little guy wants to sit with his sister and play football. These are all bad behaviors that disrupt other people’s class discipline. Jiaojiao does these things, and gives him a false hint that he can succeed as long as he makes a fuss, and it will be difficult for Xiaojiao to manage in the future!


But now someone else has brought the ball over. Although they are courteous, they are all parents in Xixi’s class after all. It is a bit unreasonable to refuse, and Xiaojiao has already seen it. If you don’t give it to him, it will affect the Yang Yi also didn’t want to see Xixi in class.


So, Yang Yi took the ball over, smiled and thanked him, and then handed the ball to Xiao Jiao to play.


“Go back and clean you up! The little monkey still wants to turn the sky up?” Yang Yi thought to himself as he looked at the little guy who was holding up the football again and smiling happily.


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