House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1217: Stickers for cats (2/3)



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“Xixi, I found out that you have never come to live in my house. I used to live in your house before!” At noon, after dinner, Lan Xin took Xixi upstairs and went to her I went to play and rest in my bedroom, and on the stairs, the excited little chubby girl couldn’t help chatting. The fastest update┏Ⅹ④③⑨⑨┛


Xixi hugged her white bear cub and happily followed behind Lan Xin, her laughter and voice echoed in the spiral staircase: “That’s because, I think my home is more It’s fun! Then you all like to come and play at my house!”


“Who said that? My home is fun too! My dad bought me a lot of toys!” Lan Xin exclaimed in disapproval.


“But I often come to your house, you don’t have too many toys.” Xixi giggled, expressing disbelief.


“Then I’ll find them all for you! Xixi, let me tell you, it’s really a lot!” Lan Xin trotted two steps, and even though she was a little tired from running fast, she screamed when she was out of breath. , “Come up quickly!”


The two little girls are not quarreling, Lan Xin is trying to make Xixi and her family come to her house to play often, and she wants to sell hard how fun her home is! As for Xixi, she is not arguing with Lan Xin, the little girl is just stating a fact that she has never seen how many toys Lan Xin has!


Five minutes later, Xixi’s exclamations echoed in Lan Xin’s bedroom: “Wow! Xiner, really, why do you have so many toys?”


I saw that the big pink bed in Lan Xin’s bedroom had been covered with a bunch of toys. Lan Xin also worked hard to take out boxes of toys that were not even unpacked from the cabinet next to her, and continued. Lay on the bed.


After hearing Xixi’s exclamation, Lan Xin stopped to take a breath. The little chubby girl gasped for breath and put her hands on her hips again, and said triumphantly: “Yes! I told you, I have a lot of toys! My father bought them for me!”


Actually, Lanzhou Kai, a local tycoon, has always been stingy in buying toys for Lan Xin. If there are any interesting toys in the market, he will go to buy them after hearing from the people in the company. It was given to Lan Xin, and there were a lot of toys as soon as they were bought. Lan Xin couldn’t even play with them, so many toys were not unpacked, and in the end they asked the nanny, Grandma Wu, to help pack them in the cabinet.


Of course, Lan Xin is not unwilling to share with Xixi!


It’s just that her and Xixi’s hobbies are a little different. When Lan Xin goes to Xixi’s house, Xixi likes to show her new toys and dolls to Lan Xin, while Xixi goes to Lan Xin’s house to play. Lan Xin never thought about toys at all. Instead, she graciously took out the imported snacks that Wu Jingjing bought while traveling abroad to share with Xixi!


What they take out and share with their best friends are their most precious things!


Of course, Xixi and Lan Xin didn’t think so much. The two of them quickly forgot the topic they were arguing about on the stairs just now. They sat on the bed with great interest, and played with the toys on the bed. .


“Xin Er, what is this?” Xixi pulled out a book that looked like a magazine, but hadn’t opened the plastic packaging.


“I don’t know, look!” Lan Xin rested her hands on the bed, moved her little **** to get close to Xixi, and watched curiously.


Xixi quickly unpacked the plastic wrap, took out the booklet inside, opened it, but found that it was loose-leafed, except for a few white paper cards, it was colorful coloring pages, and some glossy Feel it out!


“No words!” Xixi felt amazing, opened her mouth slightly, and muttered to herself.


“Isn’t this a book?” Lan Xin pointed to the back of the cover, there seemed to be some explanation, and said to Xi Xi, “Xi Xi, what do you see written on the back?”


Xixi looked at it, read a few words in a low voice, and then she understood, she grinned happily: “Xin Er, I see, this is a sticker! Then it said, we can use Post a nice picture! Look, here’s an example of a flower pot!”


“Oh!” Lan Xin suddenly realized.


Lan Xin is not very interested, but Xixi finds it very interesting. Her two little hands are holding different coloring page stickers, and she happily proposes: “Xiner, do you have scissors? We can play!” /


Although Lan Xin is not very interested, she also has no opinion of her own. Seeing that Xixi wants to play, she jumps off the bed and runs to find scissors for Xixi.


“What are we pasting?” Xixi took the scissors that Lan Xin had turned out in the cabinet, and pondered with her little head tilted.


“Just stick a flower pot. There are examples here.” Lan Xin blinked and pointed out.


“That’s not good, it won’t be fun, we have to post an interesting one ourselves!” Xixi said enthusiastically, “Xiner, how about we post cats? The cats are super cute!”


Lan Xin flashed the images of the three big fat cats that Xixi had just brought over in Lan Xin’s mind, she quickly shook her head and shouted, “No, no, cats are not good-looking, your cats are all black. , it doesn’t look good!”


Xixi giggled and explained, “Oh, no, darling, they’re not black, they’re blue, and then, the cats we post can’t be like them! We can post super nice looking Yes, because cats are very easy to draw, they have three mustaches on both sides, yes, Xiner, we can paste the cat’s beard into different colors, it must be beautiful!”


Under Xixi’s hard description, Lan Xin finally got a little bit of interest, she nodded, and then followed Xixi to cut and paste paper together, playing with enthusiasm.


I don’t know how long it took. On the white paper card, a somewhat abstract “cat head” made from a sticker jumped on it! It has a turquoise outline, blue ears, purple cat eyes, a black cat nose, and a small red mouth!


Of course, all eyes, noses, and mouths are angular. Even if the stickers were cut with scissors, the two little girls couldn’t cut them round, but that’s okay!


The rest is Xixi’s unforgettable cat mustache!


“Xin Er, Xin Er, shall we stick to one side? Then the three beards will all have different colors!” The little girl suggested enthusiastically.


“Okay, okay!” Lan Xin was also fascinated with Xixi, and responded with a smile.


But at this time, Lan Xin’s door was opened, and Yang Yi, who was not at ease, came up to see if Xixi was sleeping well. As a result, as soon as he opened the door, he saw two little girls having fun on the bed!


“Why haven’t you taken a nap yet?” Yang Yi asked in surprise.


Xi Xi was making stickers with Lan Xin when she heard the voice and looked at her father in a daze.






“Ahhhh! Baba is here! Go to bed!” Xixi cried out in panic, like a little girl who was caught doing something


Yang Yi’s eyes fell on Lan Xin’s messy bed, he raised his brows, and asked with some tears and laughter: “What are you doing? There are so many things left on the bed, how do you sleep?”


Isn’t it? Xixi and Lan Xin panicked and wanted to lift the quilt to hide, but found that the quilt was being held down!


“Two little slick heads!” Yang Yi smiled and rubbed their heads on their heads, and said angrily, “Come down, clean up the bed with me, and take a nap!”


Xixi smiled embarrassedly and squeezed down.


The little girl was actually a little worried that her father would blame her. In order to change the topic, she rolled her eyes and called out softly, “Baba!”


“Look at the cat I posted with Xiner, it’s super cute! Is there any?”


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