House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1216: Small?? Carbuncle and thatch lead ㄒ? Three)



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Saturday, probably because of the autumn rain yesterday, the weather in Jiangcheng is very good, and the blue sky is as clear and clear as washing! Without the heavy clouds to cover, the sun in the early morning is golden, shining diagonally on the lawn in the front yard, and the green and lush grass leaves are also dyed with a gleaming golden edge!


Of course, the villa of Yang Yi’s family is very lively today!


“曈, come, you pick up the kennel of Baozi and put it on this small cart. ┏Ⅹ④③⑨⑨┛” Yang Yi pushed the borrowed cart directly to the stairwell, and then he leaned against the stairs , pointed at Baozi’s doghouse with a smile, snapped his fingers, and said.


Because there are a few walls to be painted, Yang Yi is going to take Murphy, the children, and the family’s cats and dogs to move to Lanzhou Kai’s mansion for a few days, although the blackboard recommended by Lanzhou Kai Paint is environmentally friendly, but after all, it is wall paint. Yang Yi feels that for the health of the children, the house should be vacated, ventilated for a few days, and then live in!


As for Xiaojiao now helping his father move, it is also because he has had a big accident before and needs to do some simple work to make up for his fault!


Of course, Yang Yi is not too strict, he just asks Xiaojiao to do something within his power, such as moving Baozi’s kennel to a stroller. Baozi’s doghouse is actually like a soft cushion , It’s not heavy at all, it’s just right, it’s something that Xiaojiao can hold!


Xiao Xiaojiao doesn’t care, because everyone is working, and even Xixi is running around with her schoolbag. Dazzled. In this fiery atmosphere, Xiao Jiao was also unwilling to be lonely. Just now, he kept giggling and followed behind his sister’s butt. Now that he can “participate”, he is naturally happy!


“Yeah!” I only heard the little guy yelled loudly, and then he ran past his dad just like a little train with a humming laughter.


“Huh…Huh…” Xiao Jiao pouted her little butt, her two little hands grabbed the edge of the doghouse, and dragged it up with a little effort.


The weight is not a big problem, but the problem is that the kennel is a bit big. Xiao Haoyu dragged the kennel with his two small hands, which were already raised above his head, and part of the kennel was dragged on the ground. !


“It’s a bit difficult! You have to take your time and don’t fall!” Yang Yi looked at Xiao Jiao with concern, carefully guarding against Xiao Jiao’s fall, and was ready to go up and grab a handful at any time.


However, he didn’t mean to help, and said “cold words” with a smile in his mouth: “Hey, can you see, how much trouble you have caused everyone, the steamed buns will Moved for you!”


Xiao Jiajia is still trying hard to drag the kennel and lean towards the trolley, his father is very bad, he doesn’t even push the trolley over to him! But the little guy has shown the fine tradition of the old Yang family – there is a tenacity that does not give up easily! Even though it was a little troublesome, Xiaojiao still persisted, and an amazing energy burst out from his small body!


It just so happened that Baozi, who had gone out for a walk in the morning, came back. When he saw this scene, he ran over briskly with his tail wagging.


My dog’s kennel was moved by the little master, and Baozi didn’t care at all. After all, when the big master and the little master go to other places to hold concerts or travel, it is often arranged to live at Lanxin’s house, so Baozi is accustomed to it. He also came up enthusiastically, biting the lower half of his nest with his mouth, trying hard to help Xiaojiao pull.


“Here, put it here!” Yang Yi commanded.


Bun tried hard to bite the kennel with his dog’s mouth, dragged him to the trolley, and put his two front paws on it. He accompanies Xiaojiao to put the kennel away before letting go of his mouth.


“Hee hee, hee hee, buns!” After Xiao Jiao completed the task, his two little hands spread their fingers, one hand rubbed himself subconsciously, and the other patted the buns. The head, in a good mood, laughed with Baozi.


At this time, Xixi stepped down the stairs, with a thumping sound, the little girl called out before she got down: “Baba, I want it, I want to bring my doll! But so many… How to bring it?”


Yang Yi raised her head and saw Xixi with her small head sticking out on the stairs. The little girl at this angle was also very cute, her black and smooth hair fell down, and the delicate features on her little face were looming. Of course, the bright pair of bright Big eyes can’t be hidden no matter what!


Xixi’s eyes are bright and kind, and her happy and anxious emotions are intertwined into a pitiful sadness, which is fully expressed in her eyes!


“No need to bring it, we’re just going to stay at Xiner’s house for a few days!” Yang Yi explained with a smile, “It’s not that we can’t come back, just bring a few textbooks, what are you missing these days, Dad Come back and get it for you!”


Xixi understood, she shook off her sorrow and put on joy, with clean teeth and big watery eyes, she smiled brightly, turned her head and ran back: “Hee hee, that’s fine!”


Xiao Jiahao’s work is not over yet, Yang Yi took the little guy and continued to spread newspapers on the tiles at the entrance of the stairs, he first demonstrated: “Look, let’s spread this newspaper out, starting from this edge and corner Spread it out, and when Dad paints the walls in the afternoon, it won’t stain the floor!”


Xiaojiao stood by his father’s side and watched curiously. He seemed to be very interested in this kind of hands-on work. After his father had laid out the newspaper, he stepped on it with great interest,


“Come on, you also help Dad spread the newspapers!” Yang Yi smiled and handed over a stack of newspapers, “Help Dad work, and remember the consequences of this accident, so don’t mess around in the future. , if you want to paint on the wall, you have to get permission from your parents!”


I don’t know if the little guy can listen to his father’s thoughts. Anyway, he spread out the newspaper. This job is already a big challenge for Xiaojiao with small arms and short legs. I tried my best to imitate my father and opened my two little arms wide…


After many attempts, and with the eldest’s efforts, Xiao Hao finally spread out a newspaper. He was immediately overjoyed, and put the spread out on the ground, then turned and ran to his father, pulling Dad’s shoulders, full of sense of accomplishment, said: “Baba, Baba! It’s done!”



Yang Yi and Xiaojiao shop Because he deliberately left a lot of space for Xiaojiao to do, so Murphy and Xixi have already packed their luggage, and Xiaojiao has leftovers The next point is not done.


“Baba, let me help my brother!” Xixi put her small schoolbag at the door and ran over enthusiastically.


“No, this time I have to do it myself.” Yang Yi leaned against the stairs and smiled, “And there are only two newspapers left, so it’s almost done!”


But Xiao Jiao heard his sister’s words. He was so full of energy that he didn’t know where to go, and even, he automatically ignored his father’s obstruction… I saw the little guy raised his head and smiled grinningly. Looking at his sister, he also grabbed a newspaper, stretched out to her, and called out with a sense of dependence: “Sister!”


Yang Yi shook his head dumbfounded, ready to say something.


But at this time, Lan Xin’s voice came from outside – the door to the yard was open, she came in directly, but from a distance, Lan Xin couldn’t wait to shout: “Dad Yang, Xixi, Are you all okay? You’re coming to our house for lunch!”


Lan Xin asked, the rice is ready, just wait for Dad Yang to cook!


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