House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1214: It’s over, Yang Xiao? Ying? Lu? ǘ??/a>



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Murphy’s chat with her mother was almost over. She smiled and leaned forward on the sofa to probe her head, shouting, “Hey, Huo, come here and say goodbye to grandma!”


After shouting twice, a small figure ran over from the stairs, walking very slowly, and there was also laughter of “hee hee”. The fastest update┏Ⅹ④③⑨⑨┛


“He’s here!” Murphy smiled, handed over the phone, and exhorted, “Hey, tell grandma, bye, see you!”


But when her eyes shifted from the microphone and fell on Xiao Jiao, who was like a small cat with a gray head, Murphy’s voice suddenly stopped and she was dumbfounded.


Is this grey doll still my baby boy?


At least the voice was still there, Xiao Jiao excitedly pressed his two gray paws on the sofa, pointed at the microphone, and shouted in a milky voice: “Grandma, bye!”


Perhaps he heard the English coming from inside, and he also learned to say: “seeyou!”


Murphy regained her senses. She hurriedly said a few words to her mother, hung up the phone, and then stared at Xiao Jiao, who was still jumping on the sofa without knowing whether to laugh or cry.


“Yang Xiaojiao!” Murphy exclaimed in exasperation, “What good things have you done?”


Xiao Jiajia was immersed in his happy little world, and he didn’t notice his mother’s mood changes. He also raised his head giggling and smiled with his mother.


“How did you make yourself like this? Where did you play just now?” Murphy reluctantly picked up the little guy’s two dirty little claws and asked.


“Just, just, Jiao, playing with buns!” Xiao Jiao blinked his innocent big eyes and explained, “Painting, sister, paint!”


“Baozi took you to be naughty?” Murphy looked at Xiao Jiao suspiciously.


Xiao Jiajiao didn’t mean to cheat his teammates, but in his pure thoughts, Baozi was “congenial” with him! So, after listening to the first half of her mother’s words, Xiao Jiao, who automatically ignored the second half, nodded her head happily.


Fortunately, Murphy was skeptical. She didn’t believe Xiao Jialu’s words. She picked up the little guy and went to the stairs to check.


Just around the corner, Murphy’s face turned black when he saw the walls and floor in front of him in a mess.


“My God! Yang Xiaojiao, look at what you’ve done!” Murphy put down the little guy in a rage and a funny way, and then she stared at the innocent-looking boy with her hips on her back. Dude, his voice was slightly reproachful and he said, “I also left the responsibility to Baozi. Does Baozi have the guts to make the family look like this?”


Murphy obviously forgot, Baozi once had a “brilliant record” of tearing tissues all over the floor (last year Yang Yi used tissues to set up a formation in the stairwell, for Xixi and Xiaojiao to play through the levels) game) – Although it wasn’t entirely Baozi’s fault that time, the other three big fat cats that moved their claws slipped away, leaving Baozi to be scolded, but after all, Baozi was still involved!


Murphy forgot about this, but the steamed bun still has the impression that when the big masters lose their temper, he is still very scary.


So, seeing Xiao Jiao being “pathetically” blamed, Baozi summoned his courage, ran over from the side, stopped between the big master and the little master, and raised his two front limbs , enthusiastically placed it on Murphy’s lap.


“Hoho…” Steamed Bun couldn’t stand still, fell down and turned twice, exhaled again, and stood up.


It looks like it is helping to pull the frame, don’t let Murphy blame Xiaojiao.


Xiao Jiajia also seemed to feel his mother’s anger this time. He stretched out his hand and scratched his face, leaving two traces of gray whirring, but his eyes were bony. His mother’s “records”, her mother’s expression, clearly wrote: “You are in trouble!”


What should I do?


I don’t even know Xiao Jiao! He could only stand in the same place at a loss, not daring to move, and blinking his innocent and cute big eyes hard, pretending to be pitiful…


Fortunately, Baozi’s “sister” helped to stop it, otherwise my mother might have to beat her own little ass!


Murphy was actually trying to figure out a way, but after watching it for a while, she finally sighed helplessly, learned some accents from the TV, and said, “It’s over, Yang Xiaojiao, Mama tell you, you are here It’s a big deal! Mama can’t help you make up for it!”


What else to make up for? Except for a few dark handwritings on the wall, it was the traces that were drawn horizontally and vertically with the tip of the pen. Therefore, it seemed that the underside of the wall was just like the ploughed fields, full of pits and pits, terrible to see. !


“When you come back, he has obsessive-compulsive disorder. He must be crazy when he sees you painting the wall in such a mess!” Thinking of Yang Yi, Murphy couldn’t help but twitch the corner of her mouth. Said to the little guy angrily.


Xiao 曈曈 knew that he was really in trouble, and was scolded by his mother. His original excitement had long since disappeared. Gradually, his panic and helplessness prevailed, and he could see that his eyes were red. Get up, little mouth shriveled up…


I haven’t cried yet, it’s just the little guy’s fear of being scolded.


I saw the little guy moved aggrievedly with small steps, approached his mother a little bit, and then carefully grabbed his mother’s hand. Although he didn’t say a word, Murphy’s heart softened because of this poor little appearance.


“Okay! Mama will give you a bath first, then mop the floor. Look at you, you’ve got yourself a whole bunch of dust.” Murphy hugged Xiao Jiao distressedly and said softly, ” Don’t be naughty next time!”


In his mother’s arms, Xiao Haoyu was a little relieved. At this moment, the teardrops that were swirling in his eyes slipped down a few on his little face, and he sadly buried his little head in his mother In his arms, he didn’t want to be scolded.



In the evening, Yang Yi, who was not the protagonist, made an excuse to leave. Instead of attending the dinner, he went to pick up Xixi and Lan Xin home.


As soon as I got home, Yang Yi didn’t put down the car keys in Yang Yi’s hand and Xixi’s schoolbag. Murphy, who greeted him, smirked, reached out and grabbed his hand, saying, “Come here, I’ll take you Look what your baby boy did this afternoon!”


Xiao Jiao was happy to see his sister, but when he heard his mother’s words, he panicked.


Didn’t Mama help herself clean the floor? Why did you sell your teammates again?


“No, no!” The little guy yelled anxiously, but thinking that his small stature obviously couldn’t stop such a big dad, he gave a cowardly expression and hummed “uuuu” Twice, she grabbed her sister’s school uniform skirt aggrievedly and hid behind her little butt.


Xixi looked at her parents in confusion, then grabbed Xiao Jiao’s hand that was holding her skirt tightly, and asked suspiciously, “Brother, what have you done?” /



The ground has been wiped clean by Murphy, and Xiaojiao is not as gray as he was at the beginning, but when Yang Yi sees the pitted wall, he behaves exactly as Murphy expected!




A tangled face!


Although after listening to Murphy’s Yang Yi was a little bit dumbfounded at the mischievous Xiaojiao, he still looked at the wall that was scratched in a tangled way.


“It’s not easy!” Yang Yi looked at it for a while, then said to Murphy with a wry smile, “He’s scribbling destructively. I can’t even try to cover it up with some pictures on it, I can’t change it!”


Yang Yi’s method is a bit like when Xixi was not very good at drawing before, in order to make the little guy happy, he specially made the scribbled paintings she drew and made complicated secondary creations, turning them into a painting. A very majestic painting!


However, this one can’t be done by Xiaojiao, it’s messy, it’s all crooked grooves, the key is that it’s not symmetrical!


“Then just have someone repaint the wall, or how about tiling? That way I won’t break the wall again!” Murphy asked with a smile, “Fortunately, his I’m not tall, but the bottom part suffers, just stick the tiles below it!”


“This is not the solution to the problem…” Yang Yi pondered, stretched out his hand to touch the wall, and said, “By the way, what did he draw with? He made the wall so messy?”


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