House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1202: Chaptera, numb, kiss! (two/three)



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Yang Yi knew that Murphy was eavesdropping, because Yang Yi asked Xixi to talk, and it was also the result of their discussions in the studio during the day. Favorite this site┏Ⅹ④③⑨⑨┛ Therefore, when Xixi said that she only wanted him to teach, Yang Yi was a little surprised, and then immediately imagined what kind of mixed expression Murphy would have when she heard this sentence.


You must know that the idea of ​​letting Xixi learn the piano was proposed by Murphy, and Murphy naturally wanted to train Xixi to be a versatile girl just like her mother did – that is to say, Murphy wanted to personally Instead of finding another pianist outside, teach Xixi.


Don’t look at Yang Yi, who always likes to be jealous of each other with Murphy because of their children’s preferences, but that’s just a joke. In fact, Yang Yi still puts his daughter-in-law first in his heart.


So, after distressing Murphy for a second, Yang Yi hurriedly coughed twice and said to Xixi, “Xixi, it’s just that your father’s teaching may not work! Because sometimes my father is not available, and my father and mother are together. Get up and teach you, okay?”


Xixi pouted her mouth and shook her head to speak.


Yang Yi’s eyes were quick, and he hurriedly covered the little girl’s mouth, then winked.


Xixi couldn’t speak anymore, and she was a little confused. Seeing her father winking wildly, she couldn’t understand it even more. After finally letting her go, Xixi asked suspiciously, “Baba, what’s wrong with you? Did your eyes get sand?”


The little girl was also persuaded by her own whim. She approached her very intimately, and pressed her two little hands on her father’s shoulders, looking left and right, her caring eagerness was vividly displayed on her little face , she also asked: “Baba, do you want me to blow it for you?”


This summer, when I was at my hometown, Murphy once got sand in her eyes. Yang Yi carefully helped her blow it off. Xixi and Xiaojiao were watching at the time. The little girl remembered it very clearly!


Yang Yi rubbed the little girl’s head with a smile and said, “Dad is fine, thank you Xixi for your concern.”


Then he got up from Xixi’s small chair and said loudly: “Okay, it’s getting late, you should do your homework quickly, Dad is going to have dinner too, otherwise, after dinner later, I won’t be there. When we get back from our walk, your animation will start!”


This sentence is quite weighty, Xixi exclaimed in surprise: “Yes! Hurry up, do your homework!”


The little girl shouted, quickly took out her textbooks and homework books, and sat at the desk to study.


Yang Yi watched for a while, then turned and glanced at Murphy, who had a little skirt on the wall at some point, smiled, and went back to the kitchen.



Sure enough, after a while, Murphy pursed her red lips slightly, and strolled to the kitchen. Yang Yi’s cover up just now, in fact, Murphy also understood, but it was better than being sad at first, she was wronged Baba He hugged Yang Yi’s thick waist and buried his head on Yang Yi’s generous back.


Yang Yi put the cut ingredients into the boiling soup, covered the lid, washed his hands, smiled and patted the back of Murphy’s hand lightly, and said, “Okay, how old are you? Are you sad because of a little thing?”


Murphy put Yang Yi’s forehead on her forehead and turned her head **** Yang Yi’s back. After venting for a while, she muttered, “Aggrieved, ask for comfort.”


Yang Yi carried her to the front and smiled: “Okay, come, give my husband a hug!”


Murphy was comfortably held by Yang Yi, and after a while, she raised her head and asked dejectedly, “Why doesn’t Xixi like me teaching her to play the piano?”


“No, she didn’t say that she didn’t like you to teach her to play the piano, but said that she only liked me to teach her to play the piano!” Yang Yi quibble, “You think, you don’t usually play the piano at home, no matter what. It’s the guitar or the electronic piano upstairs. I play it. You’re only in charge of singing. So, she didn’t even think about you. Teacher, so I just want me to teach her…”


Murphy looked at Yang Yi suspiciously, and asked incredulously, “Is that really the case?”


“Really!” Yang Yi vowed and nodded, “You didn’t see that when I said later that Mom and Dad taught her to play the piano together, she didn’t refuse?”


Murphy frowned slightly and murmured, “It seems to make sense…”


“It must be like this! Don’t worry, we Xixi are so good!” Yang Yi patted Murphy’s back with a smile, then gently kissed her forehead, smiling, “You You’re also acting like a spoiled brat, looking at your forehead, it’s all red!”


Just when Yang Yi kissed Murphy, Xiao Jiao, who couldn’t find her mother in the living room, came all the way. He passed by her sister who was doing her homework seriously, and then went to the kitchen where the door was not closed to probe her head, just in time. see this scene.


When Yang Yi heard the movement, he turned his head to look, but the little guy retracted his head and ran away for no reason.


“It’s over, you were seen by Jiao!” Yang Yi said with a smile.


Having experienced Xixi’s “betrayal”, Murphy is somewhat dependent on Yang Yi at the moment. She refuses to let go of her arms, and humbly said, “I see it when I see it. Mom hugs Dad, it’s just and right!”


That is, all day long, you little brats occupy your father, but you are not allowed to hold your mother?


The words were divided into two parts. Outside the kitchen, after the little scorpion ran away, he ran to the table of the elder sister, grabbed the thigh of the elder sister, shook it, and cried out in a milky voice: “Sister, elder sister. !”


“Brother, don’t disturb my sister! My sister has to do her homework.” Xixi turned her head helplessly and said.


Xiao Yujiao ignored what his sister said. He excitedly turned around and pointed to the kitchen, then looked up at his sister, and tried to describe: “Baba, Baba, I want to kiss!”


It seems that there is an extra word “to”, but this is the best explanation that Xiaojiao can make at this stage!


So, after a while, Murphy, who was plausible just now, let go of Yang Yi’s hand with a red face, looked at the two little heads that came over, and said angrily: “Yang Xiaoxi, why are you being naughty? Trouble? Don’t do your homework?”


“Hee hee!” Xixi snickered and ran away with her brother.



These little episodes are nothing. Before going to bed at night, when Yang Yi was reading a book with Xixi, he brought up the question that he interrupted in the evening.


“Xixi, Dad asked you a question.” Yang Yi said softly, “Why don’t you want your mother to teach you how to play the piano?”


Xixi blinked and said, “Because I like Baba to teach me how to play the piano!”


Of course, before Yang Yi could continue to ask, Xixi said the rest herself, only to see the little girl pouting her mouth slightly and saying, “When Mama taught me, it was fierce, I still like Baba!”


“Is your mother very strict when teaching you? So sometimes, you are afraid of your mother?” Yang Yi asked meticulously.


“Yes!” Xixi nodded her head.


“But what your mom taught you, like teaching you to dance, you actually like what your mom taught you, right? Because Dad saw that, you learned very well. You know Dad isn’t very good at dancing, But Dad is very relieved to see that you have learned so well.” Yang Yi said with a smile, “If Mom is not so easy to get angry when she is teaching you, she is also kinder, and like Dad, she uses some good methods to teach you. You, are you more receptive?”


Yang Yi wanted to understand, and then privately changed a way and raised it to Murphy euphemistically.


Xixi nodded and said seriously: “Yes, I like to teach me like Baba.”


“It doesn’t matter, everyone has flaws, both father and mother have them, and father will help mother to improve, so that you like mother more, and also like mother to teach you how to play the piano, okay?” Yang Yi said with a smile, “You don’t even know, my mother hopes you can play the piano. I think that after you learn to play the piano, you will be as beautiful and talented as your mother, so I have always wanted to teach you how to play the piano. She cares about you very much!”


Xixi opened her eyes wide, looked at her father, then smiled shyly, then hugged her father’s hand, embarrassed, and said with a smile: “Well, then, I will also like my mother all, because I I like my mother very much, but I don’t like the fierceness when my mother taught me, and I will all like my mother in the future!”


Seeing the little girl trying to explain, Yang Yi smiled happily: “Then Dad promises you that Mommy will be like Dad in the future. As long as you are obedient, Mommy will never lose her temper. In this way, You can all love Mommy!”


Yang Yi also deliberately learned Xixi’s expression.


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