House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1182: How important is ice cream! (three/three)



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“Xiner is number one?” Yang Yi asked with some doubts when she heard Xixi’s excited cheers. ┏Ⅹ④③⑨⑨┛


Yang Yi knows that Lan Xin’s water is good. After all, she is more buoyant in the water. She usually swims at home and is on par with Xixi.


But this time, it’s a 50-meter swimming lane. Such a distance is not easy for children of this age! Xixi is a little tired after swimming to the back, Lan Xin’s physical condition is not as good as Xixi’s, so it is not a small challenge to swim 50 meters with all her strength!


The game at the Blue Zone Pool was coming to an end when they started to stand firm. However, Lan Xin’s group did not perform as well as Xixi’s group. There was a clear gap in strength. Yang Yi felt that from her own perspective, Lan Xin was only at the forefront in the final stage, and there were two other children and her. Keep pace!


And as expected by Yang Yi, Lan Xin swam really slowly to the back, so Yang Yi couldn’t help but sweat for her!


But Xixi, who was sitting on her father’s shoulder, hugged her father’s head, smiled and said firmly: “Xiner must be the first, I believe Xiner can also take the first place!”


While waiting for Lan Xin to come out, Yang Yi received a call from Murphy. After watching Lan Xin’s game, Murphy couldn’t bear it anymore and hurriedly called to ask about Xixi’s situation .


“She’s not bad, she swam the first place, 1 minute and 24 seconds, she was the first place in their group.” Yang Yi smiled and reported to Murphy Hui, “I don’t know about Xiner yet, see It seems that the gap between the top three is not big, I don’t know what the specific results will be”


“Xin Er is also No. 1!” Xixi smiled brightly on the side, took her father’s hand, and jumped, trying to convey her words to her mother.


“Come on, tell your mother.” Seeing her eagerness, Yang Yi had no choice but to hand over the phone to Xixi.


The little girl leaned her back against her father’s thigh, holding her phone and talking to her mother.


At first, Murphy was still asking her, maybe she was concerned about her state after swimming, but Xixi responded sweetly: “No! It’s just that I was a little tired later, but I don’t feel tired now. “


“Hee hee, I don’t know either, Baba said I swim so fast, I can’t even see them!”


Xixi was holding her mobile phone with a layer of bath towel in between, obviously she was a little awkward. She quickly tore off the bath towel on one side, revealing the small arm on the right, just like the way Tibetan people wear sleeve robes during the day, leaving an empty space. The right hand comes to take the mobile phone and talk to the mother.


As if the seal was lifted, Xixi seized the opportunity and excitedly shared her swimming experience with her mother, a new experience in this professional swimming pool!


Fortunately, Murphy knew too much about her daughter’s habits, so she interrupted Xixi in time and said with a smile, “Wait a minute, Xixi, my brother has something to tell you too!”


“Is my brother watching too?” Xixi asked in surprise.


“Of course, my brother is cheering for you!” Murphy handed the phone to Xiao Jiao and said with a smile, “He, come, tell my sister, sister, come on, sister, come on, come on”


Xiao Jiahao was brainwashed by his mother just now. He curiously grabbed his little hand towards his mother’s mobile phone and mumbled perfunctorily: “Street yo, home yo”


I don’t know what it means. Anyway, it’s very interesting. Xiaojiao also said a few words after being infected by his mother. Of course, now he can’t see his sister, and the enthusiasm of the little guy has dropped a lot. .


“Hee hee, hee hee!” Xixi heard her brother’s cheering voice, although she was dazed, isn’t this the characteristic of Xiaojiao’s usual speech? She laughed happily, and said sweetly, “I don’t even know! I’ll go back and ask my brother if he watched my competition, that is, did he see me swimming super fast”


Let Xixi chat with her mother for a while, Yang Yi saw that Lan Xin and Lanzhou Kai were ready to come out together, so she stopped the little girl and told Murphy and Wu Jingjing, they also had to bring two little girls The girl went to change clothes.


“Xin’er, are you number one?” Xixi was also very happy to see Lan Xin, she couldn’t wait to run over, took Lan Xin’s little hand, and asked excitedly.


“Of course, I swim super fast!” Lan Xin panted slightly, her little face turning pale from exhaustion, but at this moment, she was still in high spirits and said triumphantly.


Hey, was Xixi really right?


At this time, Lanzhou Kai shook his head and smiled to expose the little girl: “Are you still squeamish? This time, it was very thrilling to get the first place. Fortunately, the front swim was not bad, but the back swim was slow. , I was almost caught up by someone. You and the second place are within a palm of your hand!”


“Brother Lan, don’t be so demanding! If you can swim to the first place in the group, that’s also the first place!” Yang Yi clapped her hands and encouraged Lan Xin with a smile.


But Xixi pouted and complained: “But, but I said just now that Xiner is the first, you don’t believe me, Baba!”


“I didn’t see it just now, but now it’s confirmed, the first place is good! It’s just right, we two are the first!” Yang Yi rubbed the heads of the two little girls with a smile and said, “Today You both performed very well, no matter what the results are, hard work is victory, even Xiner swam so hard to reach the finish line, my father Lan and I all applaud you!”


“Yes, it’s not easy for Xiner to swim to the back.” Lanzhou Kai also followed the steps given by Yang Yi, smiling and applauding her daughter.


Lan Xin pursed her little mouth in dissatisfaction, but now she is relying on Yang Yi to speak for her, looking at Yang Yi and screaming hard: “Isn’t that right? I don’t have the strength. That’s why I swim slowly, it’s so long! But it’s not easy to swim, Xixi said that it will be tiring.”


Xixi nodded quickly and said, “Yes, it’s tiring to swim to the back.”


“It doesn’t matter, you fought to the end, you already gave Dad Yang and your dad a big surprise!” Yang Yi quickly comforted her softly, “Now that you have won the first place, I am even more delighted. Well! It’s great!”


Lan Xin wiped off her unhappy expression, giggling, and pestering Yang Yi like a spoiled child: “Then, Dad Yang, can I eat more ice cream with Xixi? We all So tired from swimming!”


“That’s right! I also want to eat ice cream.” Xixi only remembered at this time, but the little girl at this time was a bit like a pig teammate, interrupting Lan Xin enthusiastically, saying, “But, Xiner, we want to I can’t eat ice cream until I get home! There is no ice cream here”


Lan Xin’s 50-meter swimming time was 1 minute and 32 seconds, which was slightly slower than Xixi’s 1 minute and 24 seconds.


However, by the time the two little girls have taken a bath and changed into dry clothes, their seven- to eight-year-old girls’ competition is over! Yang Yi and Lanzhou Kai took the children for a while, waiting for the final results to be announced.


“Xixi’s performance should still hope to compete for the top eight.” Lanzhou Kai discussed with Yang Yi.


Yang Yi said a little modestly, but he was still looking forward to it.


However, beyond Yang Yi’s expectations, or he underestimated the strength of those children in Jiangcheng!


Although Xixi and Lan Xin were both ranked first in the group, the results of all the contestants were finally announced, and Xixi was only ranked 12th! Lan Xin didn’t need to think about it, she was in the last position.


The fastest swimmer was a girl named Su Yingying, fifty-six seconds!


The 2nd and 3rd places have been broken for one minute!


“This is definitely for swimming!” At the announcement of the list, Yang Yi, who squeezed in expectantly, heard others discussing the top children.


It is indeed possible, after all, she is only a seven- or eight-year-old girl. If she swims within one minute, she can be said to be very strong!


Yang Yi smacked his tongue lightly. Originally, he thought Xixi was very powerful, but he didn’t expect that compared with the really powerful people, there was still a big gap in strength! Xixi only ranked 12th, which means that the group she and Lan Xin are in have no real strong opponents


Perhaps even though Lanzhou Kai said it, the people from the Sports Commission secretly sold him a face, right?


However, after knowing the result, Yang Yi, who was still looking forward to it, was relieved.


He went back to the two little girls and said with a big smile: “Okay, I didn’t make the top But it’s okay, you guys are doing very well today, and there will be awards for you later. It is said that there is also a small prize.”


“But, but there is no trophy!” Xixi whispered, holding her father’s hand. With some regret, she turned her head to look at the workbench, where there were eight small golden trophies.


Of course, there are stacks of awards and notebooks. These are small prizes that every contestant can get – just in time to print out the names in advance, so as not to rush to write them one by one now. In addition to these and trophies, the top eight prizes also have a bucket of peanut oil. The champion’s prize is replaced by a large floor fan that is most needed in summer


These prizes are sponsored by Lanzhou Kai’s company.


What Xixi looks forward to the most is those trophies, which she thinks are beautiful.


But without waiting for Yang Yi to comfort her, Lan Xin said carelessly: “Oh, Xixi, what does it matter! Isn’t it just a trophy? If you don’t have it, it’s gone! Let’s go out and buy ice cream to eat!”


Xixi was brought out by Lan Xin, and she couldn’t help giggling: “Okay! Xiner, I didn’t want to eat it at all, but you made me want to eat it! “


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