House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1181: Pull radish and carry rice (2/3)



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After swimming 50 meters, I still tried my best to swim. A few little girls were exhausted. The girl in the sixth way directly hugged her arms by the pool, so that she could keep her chest out of the water. Not so stuffy that you can’t breathe. The fastest update┏Ⅹ④③⑨⑨┛


The same is true for Xixi. She stood in the water for a few seconds, then stretched out her two water-drenched arms, wanting her father to carry her out.


“Turn around, turn around!” Yang Yi said with a smile, he wouldn’t think his daughter was covered in water, but he handed the camera to his left hand and stretched out his right hand, just like fishing for a fish, his thick arms from Xi Xi’s armpit went around, then took her other body and pulled it out gently.


“Hee hee! Hee hee!” Xixi put her chin on her father’s arm, her two small arms sandwiched her father’s strong arm, and was pulled out of the water by her father like a radish.


Don’t look at Xixi already taller than other children of the same age, even compared to Yu Xiaowei, who is eight or nine years old, but at this moment, the scene where she is easily hugged by her father’s arm is reflected Get the difference in height and body shape between her and her father.


Baba is still the reliable Baba, just like Superman, with super powerful and inexhaustible strength!


While giggling happily, Xixi deepened this concept in her heart that she had never shaken!


Originally, the little girl was a little tired after swimming fifty meters, but now she was taken out of the water by her father, and she landed as lightly as if flying through the clouds. Xixi’s eyes flashed with excitement. was left behind by her.


Yang Yi put down the wet little girl, ignoring the wet clothes that Xixi was sticking to her, first shaking the bath towel he had just draped over his shoulders, and giving Xixi a clean sheet from her two small shoulders. Put it on, for fear that she might catch a cold.


Xixi was obediently being manipulated by her father, but she still raised her head excitedly and told her father about her “new discovery”: “Baba, Baba, let me tell you! This swimming pool is super huge. Yes, after swimming for a long time, I thought I was going to arrive, but I haven’t arrived yet. Unlike our home, Xiner’s swimming pool is not this big!”


“So, it’s still rewarding to go out for a swim today! At least you have seen what swimming is like in those TV competitions, right?” Yang Yi said with a smile.


“Hmmmm!” Xixi nodded again and again.


At this moment, the girl next to Liudao who was still panting had also come out of the pool, and her mother regretfully muttered: “You swim very well in front of you, you are always the first, but Why did you swim so slowly in the back? You were overtaken, almost, alas, almost”


Interestingly, among the surrounding parents, she kept talking, and it seemed that this loss was a bit difficult for her to accept. In contrast, the parents of other children seem to see that the gap is too big, but they are not as hostile as at the beginning. They just smile and wipe their children’s faces, comfort them in a low voice, and tell their children to keep working hard next time.


Because the distance was a little closer, the mother was not scolding, but rambled with a tone of reproach, and it was also passed on. Hearing this, Yang Yi felt a bit harsh, and thought to himself, “Isn’t this amplifying the frustration caused by failure? How can a child accept it?”


Yang Yi turned her head to take a look, and sure enough, the little girl named Tiantian lowered her head in frustration, her eyes were a little red.


Xixi saw her father’s movement and couldn’t help but look over her father’s side. She whispered, “Baba, that little sister seems to be crying!”


Xixi just thinks that she is taller than others, so she thinks she is older than others, but Xixi, who just turned seven years old, in this group of seven or eight years old, compared with other children, she is not yet seen Who is bigger and who is smaller!


Others discipline their children. Unless it is too much, Yang Yi really has no right to intervene, so in order not to let Xixi be affected, he smiled and helped Xixi take off his swimming cap, saying: “No need I’m worried, she just might feel that she didn’t win the game, and she’s in a bad mood. Let’s go, let’s go to see Xiner’s game, she’s about to start too! When Xiner’s game is over, we’ll go to see mom to change clothes!”


The swimming pool in the red zone began to clear, because after the referee finished counting the data, the next group of athletes would also come to prepare for the game. And in the blue zone, just when Xixi was about to reach the finish line, the radio had announced the names of the thirty-third group of contestants. Judging from the rhythm just now, it is estimated that Lan Xin’s competition is about to start!


“Okay! I’m going to watch Xiner’s game!” Xixi immediately forgot about everything else, and happily took her father’s hand and shouted crisply.


Before leaving the pool in the red zone, Yang Yi had to ask the referee about Xixi’s results. After all, this swimming competition is a one-time event. The results of multiple groups will be counted together at that time, and the top eight will be ranked. Special rewards, other children also have a certificate of participation award. Now that Xixi has swam first in her group, Yang Yi’s originally calm heart couldn’t help but stir up.


Maybe, Xixi can also squeeze into the top eight!


“The fourth lane, right?”


“Yes, in the fourth lane, she swam first.” Yang Yi couldn’t help but say the last half of her sentence, and she was probably a little proud.


Just as Yang Yi was talking to the referee, he suddenly heard the sound of the starting gun, and excited cheers came from the Blue Zone.


Xixi, who was looking eagerly beside her father, turned her head and jumped up in a hurry: “Oh, Xiner’s game has started! Baba, Baba, hurry up, let’s go and watch it!”


The little girl was so anxious that she even forgot to be shy. Under the gazes of other adults and children, she eagerly held her father’s hand and wanted to drag her father to watch Lan Xin’s game.


“Don’t jump, don’t worry, you slip and fall! It’s already started anyway” Yang Yi quickly grabbed her.


The pool was wet everywhere, and Xixi was barefoot again. Yang Yi was worried that the little girl was jumping up and down, and accidentally fell all fours in the sky.


The referee said without looking up: “You want to watch the game in the blue zone, right? It’s useless to be in a hurry, it’s not a contestant, it’s not a designated family member who can’t be near the swimming pool, you are watching here and you will be stopped outside to watch it later. the same effect.”


Is there such a rule?


Xi Xi hugs her dad’s looks at the referee in amazement, a little disbelieving.


Yang Yi remembered it, patted the little **** the back, and said with a smile: “Yes, only her father can watch Xiner by the pool, so we don’t have to worry.”


Xixi understands now, she pouted her little mouth, shook her father’s arm a little unwillingly, and whispered: “But, but I still want to cheer with Xiner, and I want to see Xiner I can’t see it here.”


In the end, Xixi still saw Lan Xin swimming to the finish line, because after asking her about her grades, Yang Yi took her as close to the blue zone swimming pool as possible, then picked up the little girl high, and he As if carrying rice, carry Xixi on one shoulder, and raise her right arm, just like a fitness posture, use the biceps and shoulders of the right arm to build a comfortable seat for Xixi. platform!


“Xiner is in the second lane, count them here.” Yang Yi pointed with her left finger, reminding Xixi.


Sitting on her father’s generous shoulders and arms, Xixi looked down at Xiner in the second swimming lane, and she broadcasted a report to her father in surprise: “Hey, Baba! Baba! I saw it, I’m swimming soon, Xiner He seems to be number one!”


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