House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1180: Swim Like The Little Mermaid 1 (1/3)



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Don’t look at Yang Yi so anxious to get angry, in fact, after the start of the game, Xixi and other children just splashed some water in the water, and then slowly squirmed forward like a little turtle Don’t listen to what “After the starting gun went off, the athletes jumped out like arrows from the string”, that’s just used to describe track and field competitions!


The scene in the swimming pool brings people back to reality. After all, it is only a competition for seven-year-old girls, and they are basically amateurs. Even if they do some big movements in the water, they make a splash of water. , that can’t get up quickly, from the shore, they just swim slowly, Yang Yi staring at Xixi’s position, walking steadily, can keep up with their forward speed. Favorite this site┏Ⅹ④③⑨⑨┛


But it’s more lively in the stands and on the shore!


“Come on, Ran Ran!”


“Come on, Guoguo!”


“…come on!”


Especially by Yang Yi’s side, the accompanying parents cheered one after another. Seeing their blushing faces, Yang Yi, who had always been calm, seemed to be infected at the moment, nervously watching Xixi in the pool. He excitedly held up the horn with his hands around his mouth and commanded loudly: “Steady, keep the rhythm of breathing, and beat your feet a little faster!”


Yang Yi was so invested that he forgot that he was shouting from such a distance, and Xixi couldn’t hear it in the water.


Like other parents, he can’t wait to pass on his whole body strength to his children through shouting, although they may still understand in their hearts that this is just futile, but so what? At this moment, how could Yang Yi think so much?


That’s it!


In the swimming pool, the first swimmer was a little girl in the sixth lane. She started out faster than Xixi by more than half of her body, and when swimming in the water, her swimming style was also very standard. The rhythm of swinging arms, breathing, and slapping legs is very fast. It looks like they have undergone regular training for a long time!


Since Xixi started slowly, she is currently in third place, but the little girl didn’t seem to notice this situation. She swam in her own swimming pool as she usually does.


However, it must be said that among the five children, Xixi’s swimming is the best!


No way, who made the little girl have long legs and long arms?


It’s also freestyle, Xixi’s long small arms are turned and drawn, just like a butterfly flapping its wings, the arc is beautiful and full of dynamism!


And Xixi’s long legs slapped the surface of the water, the splash is not big, but the rhythm is light and soft, which drives her colorful skirt to float, giving people a fresh and lovely feeling like the little mermaid is playing in the water!


The rhythm of the little girl’s swimming is neither fast nor slow, the movement is relatively small, but the speed is not slow at all, maybe she has more strength every time she strokes her arms, or maybe her long legs provide more Pushing force, I saw the slender body of the little girl, like a shuttle, moving forward silently, gradually, from the third place to the second place, about half a body away from the first place!


At this moment, they are only about halfway swimming, but the previous sprint has consumed a lot of energy, and many children start to slow down at this time!


After all, they are only seven or eight-year-old girls, and their physical reserves are definitely not comparable to adults, or professional athletes!


Even the little girl in the sixth lane, who was swimming in the first place, was a little slower. Although she had undergone professional training, her speed would inevitably slow down a little at this time, which gave Xixi a chance to catch up!


Don’t look at Xixi’s usually soft and weak, but her strength and physical fitness are the best among children of the same age! Of course, there are congenital factors as well as acquired credits – she has been exercising for a while under the leadership of her father since she was four years old, before eating breakfast almost every morning, and recently resumed relatively mild martial arts practice !


Naturally, her physical strength is now evident!


I saw Xixi swimming at an unhurried pace as before, with no intention of slowing down! Slowly, at a distance of more than 30 meters, Xixi has already started to keep pace with the little girl in the sixth way!


“Tiantian! Hurry up! Someone else is catching up with you!” By the pool, the little girl’s mother in the sixth lane stomped her feet and shouted.


But at this time, the parents’ shouts were all in vain. In the last ten meters, for these little girls, it was time to fight for the last bit of will!


Yang Yi is also in a hurry. He now hears others calling. Although he is embarrassed to continue calling in a “showy” style, he is also holding his breath nervously, sweating for his daughter in his heart.


“Exceeded!” Yang Yi suddenly raised his brows with a hint of joy in the corners of his eyes, and even couldn’t help but glanced at the mother of the sixth-path girl, before hurriedly criticizing himself: “I can’t be happy yet. , happiness too early is easy to be reversed!”


It’s like he’s racing!


But it does!


Yang Yi once again felt that it was the parents who suffered in children’s competitions or exams.


About the last ten meters, the little mermaid in the fourth lane finally started to slow down a bit, and it seemed that she was also feeling a little tired!


After all, Xixi is also mortal to the naked eye!


Although Xixi’s slowdown is not too big compared to other children, she still maintains a faster speed than others and a certain lead in position, but when she sees Xixi slowing down, Yang Yi also couldn’t help being a little anxious.


“Come on! Come on!” Yang Yi didn’t even dare to walk fast, so he kept a level line with his daughter, and he didn’t care about other people’s scrutiny. He clapped his palms and shouted rhythmically.


Come on!


Hold on a little longer, and you’ll be at the end in no time!


Yang Yi stared eagerly, watching her daughter swim in front, with a stature lead, and the finish line of 50 meters ahead, as if she was about to win!


The emotions in Yang Yi’s heart were tumbling. For a while, he wanted to secretly get excited, and then he was worried that God would find out his secret excitement, and then God left the plot reversal or something, so he could only suppress this urge and sip Gritting his mouth, he gritted his teeth, and followed closely behind.


Even when Xixi was about to touch the edge of the pool with a multi-position advantage, Yang Yi was still Afraid that the little girl would bump her head, she stared at it and walked around quickly , around to the end point.


Fortunately, Xixi is wearing swimming goggles and can see the pool wall. She touches the pool wall with her small hand as she usually trains, then slowly slides over, grabbing the edge of the pool, standing up and panting. .


Yang Yi finally made up his mind, and he didn’t need to continue to be nervous. The face that was a little fierce after being tensed, now also burst into a warm smile.




Xixi just stuck her little head out of the water, and the rushing water left behind her swimming cap and washed over the little girl’s smooth little face. She opened her small mouth to breathe, and wiped the water on her face with her small hand, looking left and right, as if she was looking for something.


“Here, Dad is here!” Yang Yi’s voice was not calm, only joyful joy, he rushed to the front of his daughter and called out with a smile.


“Baba!” The little girl gasped slightly. She took off her uncomfortably strangled eyes, revealing those big, bright eyes with slightly curled eyelashes, although they were pressed with some red marks around them. Fanning for a long time, he looked at his father with some dependence, his voice was muffled, and he let out a sticky cry.


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