House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1176: Little “Sister” and Chocolate Crispy Ice Cream (Three/…



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The game has already started. There are four large swimming pools in the infield. From time to time, the judges are calling for their respective positions, and there are also excited cheers from the parents in the stands. Yang Yi listened carefully to the requirements broadcast on the radio. , at present, only the young athletes from the seventh to tenth groups have been notified to go to the inspection office for inspection. Favorite this site┏Ⅹ④③⑨⑨┛


“I haven’t arrived yet.” Yang Yi smiled and said to Xixi and Lan Xin, “Do you want to go into the water to warm up?”


Standing on the wet floor, surrounded by people, from time to time some people look at Xixi curiously, the little girl is feeling a little restrained! Now that she heard from her father that she could play in the warm-up pool with many children nearby, she quickly nodded as if she had been amnesty: “Okay!”


“When will we compete?” Lan Xin and Xixi asked while wearing swimming goggles, looking at Dad Yang with those “fish eyes”.


“It will take a while. There will be an announcement later, and your names will be read.” Yang Yi smiled and pointed to the loudspeaker above, “Don’t worry, I will help you pay attention. “


Xixi didn’t forget to care about her friends at this time, she came over, took Lan Xin’s arm, and said enthusiastically, “Xiner, you just said that we are thirty-one, and thirty-three. What about the group! It’s only the tenth group, and it hasn’t reached us yet.”


Yang Yi held Xixi a bath towel, and she couldn’t wait to jump out of the pool. The little girl who entered the water was like a mermaid who had been released from the ban. She happily patted the water and played with him.


Lan Xin, who was slowly sorting out her swimming goggles, was splashed by Xixi on her feet, and then she cried out anxiously: “Oh, Xixi, wait for me, we Let’s play together!”


“Hee hee, don’t worry, the water is not deep! It’s just that little.” Xixi stood up and gestured to her belly. Lan Xin smiled.


The swimming pool for warm-up is not deep, but the two little girls still play in the water with great interest. Anyway, in this hot summer, it is more comfortable to be in the water.


Seeing this, Lanzhou Kai couldn’t help but tell the two little girls: “Don’t swim too hard, what should I do if I don’t have the energy for the competition later?”


Yang Yi glanced at the two little girls, then turned to look for Murphy and the others in the stands. Yang Yi’s eyes were still very keen, and he soon found Murphy sitting in the crowd on the stand in the direction of the competition pool. Although Murphy was wearing sunglasses and a hat, his temperament was so unique that Yang Yi recognized it at a glance.


He smiled slightly, took out his cell phone, and called them.


“You don’t need to report your location, I see you!” Yang Yi laughed.


Murphy’s somewhat mischievous laughter also came from the phone: “I see you see us too, because I always see you.”


Yang Yi was a little surprised: “Hey, did you still see me? I just saw that you were still bowing your head.”


“Hmph, that was after you discovered it, and I’ve been watching and listening!” Murphy said smugly.


After the chatter was over, she became serious and explained to Yang Yi: “Actually, it’s a slap in the face. He wanted to play with his sister, and he started making a fuss. Now he’s still coaxing him… 曈曈, don’t mess around. !”


Yang Yi heard a noise from Murphy’s side. It turned out that when the phone rang just now, Xiao Jiao stopped for a while, raised his head and opened his mouth to watch his mother answer the phone. But now that he heard his mother talk about him, he pouted reluctantly, and even wanted to reach for his mobile phone.


“Uuuuu! I want a sister.” The little guy’s reluctant cry came over.


Fortunately, Wu Jingjing helped hold Xiaojiao and talked to him: “Look, look, who is there?”


Xiao Jiao’s attention was attracted, Murphy had the opportunity to continue talking to Yang Yi, she was so angry that she couldn’t help laughing: “Hey, look at your son, he is getting more and more active, I’m getting more and more naughty, and I don’t want to sit with my mother for a while, so I have to go to my sister to play.”


Yang Yi said softly, “I was negligent. I forgot to bring him a toy. I think it’s boring to sit in the stands alone as a child.”


“I didn’t see him sticking to my sister so much when I went to school before!” Murphy complained to Yang Yi, but suddenly, her voice became lighter, “Hey, there’s something new, I’ll talk to you later. Say.”


Murphy hung up the phone excitedly, leaving behind the confused Yang Yi.


Yang Yi didn’t know, but after Wu Jingjing hugged Xiaojiao, Xiaojiao indeed followed the direction she pointed and looked curiously for a while, but at such a distance, he didn’t know how to distinguish from clothes, so he naturally recognized Not leaving Dad.


But at this time, Xiao Jiao’s ears seemed to hear something, so he turned his head to look, and before he knew it, his attention was drawn away again.


In the direction that Xiao Jiao was looking, there was a little girl with pink toot, who looked a little younger than Xiao Jiao, maybe more than a year old. She was wearing a red skirt with white dots and a bow, and was hugged by her mother. However, this little sister is a lot more cute than Xiao Jiao, who can run around with a big head and a head!


Her mother pointed with a smile and taught her to speak: “Brother Cong Cong, sister Fei Fei.”


However, this little sister still stared blankly at her mother’s face. Even though her mother changed to simpler “brother” and “sister”, she still had no interest in following her studies. Instead, she didn’t know why she was happy. She opened her mouth and touched her mother’s face softly.


The older brother Cong Cong should be a five-year-old boy sitting next to them. He ignored his younger sister and watched the game in the pool excitedly while eating a lollipop.


Xiao Jiao just looked at this little sister, a little dazed, and even forgot the purpose of her almost crying.


Wu Jingjing naturally found out about this situation. She held back her laughter. When Murphy put down her phone, she leaned her head sideways and whispered to Murphy, “Look at your son, how discerning you are, my sister is gone, now I fell in love with someone’s little sister.”


Murphy couldn’t help but laugh, but she didn’t dare to speak, she reached out and made a “shush” gesture with Wu Jingjing, signaling her not to disturb Xiaojiao.


It’s good to be quiet, otherwise it would be embarrassing to cry in public.


But Xiao Jiajia still felt a little movement. He turned his head curiously and looked at his mother. The little guy was still happy to share his findings with his mother. I saw that he stretched his finger to the little sister, motioning for his mother to look, and then breastfeeding. She said in a milky voice: “Sister…”


“It’s not a sister, this should be a sister, you are older than others!” Murphy said with some tears and laughter.


Not my sister?


Xiao Jiao blinked her eyes, a little dazed, unable to understand why it wasn’t her sister. Aren’t they all girls? Girls are sisters!


I don’t care, Xiao Jiao saw the little sister drinking milk with a feeding bottle, and thought it was very interesting, so he ignored his mother. Anyway, he had already introduced it to his mother, and he continued to watch it with great interest.



On Yang Yi’s side, he called Xixi and Lan Xin out of the pool. Although it wasn’t their turn yet, it was only about sixteen groups, but the two little girls had already played in the water for more than ten times. Minutes, it’s time to come out and take a rest, add a little water, and go straight to the game later.


“I haven’t had enough fun yet!” Xixi said to her father, “I didn’t even ask me to swim, just play in the water.”


Yang Yi smiled and put the bath towel on the two little girls. In addition, he took out a towel from his bag to help Xixi wipe her wet little face (Lan Xin and her father took care of him), and said, “I still Want to play? Forgot what we’re here for today?”


Wrapped in a bath towel, Xixi naughtyly drilled into her father’s arms, then hugged her father’s waist with a sense of dependence, and laughed giggling: “I know, I want to compete!”


The water bottle that Dad handed Lan Xin took a sip and found that it was boiled water. She said with some disappointment: “Oh, this water is not good, Dad, I want to eat ice cream.”


“Where can I get you ice cream now?” Lanzhou Kai turned to look around and said helplessly.


It’s really a child’s thinking, actually jumping on top of the ice cream.


Yang Yi said with a bit of tears and laughter: “When you guys finish the game, let’s go back and eat ice cream in the car. Uncle will buy ice cream for each of you!”


Xixi also likes ice cream very much, her eyes lit up, and she said happily: “Well, then I want to eat ice cream with taro flavor, it’s super delicious!”


“No, no, it’s just that the taro flavor isn’t delicious. I want to add chocolate chips!” Lan Xin said triumphantly.


Okay, the two little girls were so excited that they forgot their volume, and they all looked at their parents when they heard the children who had just emerged from the water gulping.


Parents are in for a headache!


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