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Although I don’t think a few children can play any tricks, Yang Yi still expects Xixi to bring her little friends to play with their lively and smart little brains to see how creative they can be. performance to come!


However, Yang Yi still overestimates these seven or eight-year-old children!


Xixi’s interest in acting in movies is very high, and she is also happy to share her own experience, using her pitiful little knowledge to play with her friends, but other children are not Xixi after all!


In the beginning, when everyone was talking about the movie, everyone seemed to be in high spirits under the coaxing of each other. The fastest update ┏Ⅹ④③⑨⑨┛ But when Xixi took down her small card camera from upstairs, she started to tell the script to the friends, and some people began to get distracted among the children sitting around the coffee table!


Nan Zhaoyu, the male protagonist, originally looked straight at Xixi and talked, but now, his envious gaze fell on the camera, and within a few minutes, the little boy couldn’t help it.


“Xixi, can you lend me your camera to take a look? Just take a look.” Nan Zhaoyu asked pleadingly, clutching the edge of the coffee table with two small hands.


Xixi’s eloquent words were interrupted, but the little girl didn’t mind. She bent her head, took the camera strap off her neck, and handed it to Nan Zhaoyu generously.


Afterwards, Xixi didn’t feel that the conversation was interrupted at all, and continued to say enthusiastically: “Xiner, you want to drive a police car and chase after Zhaoyu and Xiaowei with Xiaoyuer”


Yu Xiaowei listened very attentively, Lu Xiaoyu was very cheering, and she grinned, but someone beside them was distracted, and it was Chen Shiyun’s turn to explain the plot, she couldn’t help but lean over and talk to Nan Zhaoyu Researched the camera.


In addition to them, Lu Weisha is also distracted. Of course, this is no wonder Lu Weisha, because after Xiaojiao was arranged by his father to sit next to Sister Xiner, he couldn’t settle down and turned his head to see the other side. Sister Xiner, on the other side is the beautiful foreign lady he “shared” with the robot!


So, Xiaojiao had his own little idea. He got up from the ground and staggered towards his toy basket.


“Jiaojiao, where are you going?” Lan Xin did not forget the responsibilities that Dad Yang gave her just now, but she was a little too lazy to get up, so she turned her head, blinked her eyes, and looked at Xiaojiaojiao carefully. This is also looking after!


I saw the little guy pressing his palms down, his diaper-covered, bulging **** pouting up, and rummaging in his toy basket for a while, and finally, he sounded “hey”, quite strenuous He took out two car toys.


One is a brightly colored red fire truck and the other is a small yellow sports car, both of which are Xiaojiao’s favorites.


The little guy held one in each hand, walked over with a smile, arched Lan Xin’s butt, and sat down next to Lan Xin’s sister’s fleshy butt, but he squeezed Lan Xin and Lu Weisha. In the middle, facing Sister Lu Weisha.


“I’ll give it to you!” Facing the blue-eyed little sister, Xiao Jiao hesitated for a while, and weighed the two cars with two little hands. Finally, he shoved the bigger one into Sister Lu Weisha’s arms, His eyes were full of hope.


Sister must take it! Otherwise, he will be disappointed.


Lu Weisha was a little dazed, just like when Xiaojiao gave her the robot, she scratched her head, hugged the red fire truck, and said something to Xiaojiao in confusion.


She knew that Xiaojiao couldn’t speak Swedish, so after speaking, she thought hard for a while, and finally found a Chinese sentence she had learned recently and asked: “What is Zhe familiar with?”


It’s a little surprising that Xiaoyu actually understood Lu Weisha’s not-so-standard Swedish, he grinned and said with a grin: “Hand over the RV!”


At home, Murphy is also teaching him to speak. In addition to learning numbers, the toys that Xiaojiao plays the most and are most interested in have become the focus of his learning. Even, Yang Yi found a picture book dedicated to babbling for young children in Sahara Publishing House, and asked Murphy to teach him: “fire truck, taxi, car plane, helicopter elephant, rabbit, little squirrel”


At this stage, Xiaoyu’s learning is not up to standard, just like what he taught Lu Weisha now, the fire truck is said to be a handover car, but his memory is not bad, he can remember many of them, and the rest Just a matter of pronunciation correction.


However, Lu Weisha doesn’t understand either!


She foolishly followed Xiaojiao to learn “Chinese dialect”, only to see the blue-eyed young lady blinked her eyes and said, “waist square tsk?”


Xiao Jiajia originally just wanted to play bumper cars with Miss Sister, but now, seeing that Miss Sister’s words were not standard, he forgot his original intention and waved his little hand quickly. “No, no!”


The little guy’s expression was still a little anxious, and he said seriously: “Hand over the room sei!”


Lu Weisha learns in a confused way: “yao rolls over”


At this moment, Lu Weisha made a mistake and said one word correctly.


But Xiao Jiao still shook his head. He felt that this young lady was wrong. The little guy’s expression became more and more anxious, and his thick eyebrows were wrinkled: Oh, I can’t teach you, what should I do?


He thought about it for a while, then got up again, ran to the sofa, and brought the picture his mother put there.


This time, Xiaojiao was not so afraid. He sat down beside Sister Lu Weisha in an open and honest manner, and leaned into someone’s arms naturally


Put the picture on his lap, and Xiaojiao’s small hand draws it and turns it page by page. Fortunately, there are not many pages, and each page is color-printed on coated paper. Xiaojiao takes a while. He found the pattern of the fire truck, pointed to it excitedly, and continued his teaching.


Xixi talked for a while, and finally came to her senses from her unrestrained thoughts. At this moment, the little girl was surprised to find that only Sister Xiaowei and Xiaoyuer seemed to listen to her carefully!


Lu Weisha was learning to talk with her younger brother, and Lan Xin smiled, seeming to be amused by these two guys.


Chen Shiyun and Nan Zhaoyu are playing with the camera. Chen Shiyun is more interested in the camera. I don’t know when she has grabbed his hand. Nan Zhaoyu can only watch by her side, gesturing with his fingers. , seems to be teaching her how to use it.


Xixi was dumbfounded. She was stunned for a while before she pouted and said unhappily, “Oh, you don’t listen to me, teacher, teacher said, you must listen carefully to what others say! You can’t do it! Your own business! Don’t talk to the same table!”


Lu Xiaoyu blinked and said, “Xixi, I’m listening!”


“I’m talking about them!” Xixi finally realized how depressed the teacher felt when facing disobedient children.


Chen Shiyun and Nan Zhaoyu saw that Xixi was angry, and they didn’t dare to get distracted, they quickly put the camera on the coffee table, and lowered their heads carefully.


Of course, Xixi didn’t take this to heart either. After Lu Xiaoyu and Yang Luoqi coaxed a few words, she put this depressed mood behind her, smiled happily, and regained her energy just now.


It’s just that the little friends don’t seem to be very interested in this complicated play that they can’t understand. Under Xixi’s command, Nan Zhaoyu and Yu Xiaowei reluctantly acted the beginning of the plot, making mistakes and omissions Bai Chu, everyone quickly became bored.


“I really want to swim!” In the increasingly dull atmosphere, Yang Luoqi whispered, “There is a swimming pool at Xixi’s house!”


“Yes! It’s so hot now, and swimming is so comfortable!” Chen Shiyun raised her voice happily, and suggested to her friends with high spirits, “Let’s go swimming together!”


“What if I can’t swim?” Nan Zhaoyu scratched his head.


Lan Xin was also intrigued by their discussion. She raised her hand and said with a hee hee, “I know, you can bring a swimming ring, because the same is true for Jiao, he can’t swim either.”


Xixi saw that the attention of the little friends had completely shifted, but her movie plan had not been finished yet, the little girl muttered dejectedly: “But, but, you want to tell me about swimming, I agree with me. You can go swimming, otherwise, the swimming pool will be closed!”


Actually, Xixi also likes swimming very much, but she always feels that she still has something to do, and she feels uncomfortable.


But the little girl doesn’t know how friendly her father is in the hearts of these little When she said this, Chen Shiyun, who had just proposed loudly, got up with great interest and said: ” I’ll ask Uncle Yang!”


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