House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1063: The mischievous little??Yongtuo snail-grabbing punishmentㄈ?three)



Suddenly the living room became pitch-dark, and only the colorful light of the TV reflected on everyone’s faces.


However, no one was surprised. Even Xixi, who was indulging in her own doll world, didn’t scream, but when everyone looked to the side, Murphy screamed angrily. One voice: “Yang Xiaoyu, you are being naughty again!”


At this moment, Xiao Jiao, who was crawling on the sofa, was standing on tiptoe, trying to press the switch on the back of the sofa, and was caught.


He heard his mother’s voice calling him, so he hurriedly pressed it again to turn on the living room light.


The lights came back on again, and the smiling eyes of Xiaojia and Mimi appeared in everyone’s sight. Shen Yi Shen walked over to his mother’s side.


The scope of Xiaojiao’s activities is now further expanded, and he is gradually not satisfied with some small toys that he often plays with, and he is full of curiosity about the world, and constantly explores many places in his home that he has never touched before .


It’s like a light switch. I don’t know from which day, he suddenly felt that when his parents turned on the light, it was very interesting to click the switch, so he started to play with the switch.


Usually, most of the switches in the house are out of his reach, except for this, the single-on double-control switch for the living room lamp built on the edge of the living room sofa for convenience. So, this switch was regarded as his new toy by him,


When the switch is pressed, the elasticity and the crisp sound fascinate the little one. Moreover, the sense of mischief of turning the light on and off also prompts the little guy to take advantage of his parents’ not paying attention these days. , secretly ran to press the switch.


You’ve done a lot of pranks, and it’s easy for everyone to know whose masterpiece the lights went out just now!


“Don’t come here, you’re disobedient!” Murphy rejected Xiao Jiao’s open arms and said deliberately with a straight face.


“Mama!” Xiao Jiao hurriedly stepped on the sofa and looked at his mother pitifully.


“Is the light switch so fun? Look at my sister, she didn’t even play the switch.” Murphy pointed to Xixi next to him and said to Xiao Jiao.


“Hee hee, I don’t play like my brother!” Xixi heard it, turned her head, and smiled with a raised eyebrow.


Xiao Jiajia still knew that his mother and sister were talking about him, and he was a little unwilling to squeeze his little **** on his mother’s arm, twisting and pouting his little mouth, and saying “uuuuuuu” reluctantly the sound of.


Yang Yi knows that it’s useless for Murphy to say anything. Xiao Jiao will not reason with you. What I’m talking about now will be forgotten later when I want to play a prank.


The best solution is not to reprimand him, but to find something to do to drain the little guy’s exuberant energy.


So, Yang Yi thought for a while, then got up and went to the side hall to get two sets of plastic cups that are usually used for hospitality.


Because some of Xixi’s friends often come to visit at home, or some friends and relatives of Yang Yi and Murphy in Jiangcheng will also come to play, so Yang Yi bought this kind of plastic cups of different colors. There are seven in a set, that is, like a rainbow, there are seven different colors!


The material of plastic is relatively light. When entertaining guests, it can be boiled water that is not too hot, or all kinds of drinks made by Yang Yi, and the different and bright colors are also very popular with children.


Of course, Yang Yi took these cups out mainly because they were the same size and smooth material.


“Xixi, 曈曈, come here! Dad will teach you to play a very interesting game!” Yang Yi greeted with a smile, he cleaned the coffee table, and then took the top one of the set of seven cups first. Come out, put it aside, and put the remaining six on the table.


“Good! Good!” Xixi cheered the most, she excitedly put down her doll, crawled over, and sat beside her father.


“Hey, let’s go and see what daddy is going to take you to play!”


Xiao Jiajia was still entangled with his mother, but when he saw his sister’s happy appearance, and her mother said so, he hesitated for a while, then turned over from the sofa and carefully climbed down, and got close to her sister around.


“Sit here, brother sit here!” Xixi patted the seat next to her and greeted Xiao Jiao.


She likes the feeling that her father and brother are sitting on either side of her, maybe it’s more secure.


Xiao Jiao didn’t care. He obediently obeyed his sister’s instructions. Moreover, Xiao Jiao liked to imitate the elder sister he admired. Xixi was sitting next to the coffee table, with two slender legs stretched and placed under the coffee table. , and Xiao Jiao also followed suit, and did not sit cross-legged.


Not only that, the little guy also glanced at his sister, and the two little hands also learned to put them on the coffee table!


The coffee table in Yang Yi’s house is not high, even lower than the sofa. The main purpose of buying it before was not to drink tea, but to facilitate Xixi and her parents to do some manual work on it. However, Xiao Jiao was still too small, and when he sat down, he only exposed half of his head on the coffee table.


This is a bit sad, because Xixi naturally puts her hands on the coffee table just like in class, and Xiaojiao needs to raise her arms to put her hands on it.


“Come on, the game we are playing is called stacking cups.” Yang Yi showed it to Xixi and Xiaojiao.


I saw him holding six cups together, showing it to Xixi and Xiaojiao, then slowing down and stacking the cups in the order of speed, “left and right”, the left hand and the right hand alternately move the two Small pyramids stacked up.


Both Xixi and Xiaojiao watched intently, but at this stage, they were confused and didn’t understand what Dad was playing.


Of course, the preceding is just a simple demonstration.


After Yang Yi finished, he put away the cup, smiled and said: “This is called stacking cups, but if we speed up, it will be called quick stacking cups, this is a relatively classic competitive game, Dad will give it to you. Demonstrate.”


I saw him place six cups in a vertical tower and place them in the middle of the coffee table, and then, in the blink of an eye, he grabbed three cups with his left and picked up three cups with his right hand. , and then quickly overlapped the left and right hands, and a pyramid of six cups was stacked in the blink of an eye!


How fast is Yang Yi’s hand? Think about how many years he was single in his previous life, and maybe there is an answer.


Anyway, Xixi and Xiaojiao were dazzled by the sight, and they were stunned by this hand!


“Wow!” Xixi held her two little hands excitedly, and little stars were about to appear in her eyes.


How is this accomplished? Xixi can’t see clearly, anyway, I think Dad is super awesome!


Xiao Jiajia also stared at the big round eyes with a look of surprise. He stared straight at the cups. When his sister exclaimed, his father put it away in a smooth manner and recovered. It looks like it was originally put together.


The little guy didn’t blink, and looked at the cup motionlessly, as if he wanted to find the magic power contained in the action just now through these cups!


The first person to react was Murphy, who was sitting on the sofa in the back just now, but she also stuck her head out to watch.


“Hey, I played this when I was a kid!” Now Murphy seems to have been awakened by Yang Yi’s speed, and said with a smile, “I used to be in the United States, and there are games like this, which will be broadcast live on TV. , it’s called stack in foreign countries, so it’s called stacking cups or quick stacking cups in Chinese!”


“Mom has played before?” Yang Yi looked back at Murphy, pointed at the cups, and said with a smile, “Mom, let’s do a show too!”


“I can’t, I didn’t play very well before, and it’s even more impossible to be as good as you now.” Murphy quickly waved his hand and said a little embarrassedly.


“It doesn’t matter, come and show Xixi and Jiao!” Yang Yi said with a smile, “What does it matter? Come on, Xixi, Jiao, give your mother a round of applause and work harder!”


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