House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1062: Small problems on Xixi’s body (2/3)



Before school on Thursday afternoon, Xiaoya was finally sent back to school, but this time, Xiaoya could be said to be living the life of a rich bird.


Because compared to the small birdcage before, the birdcage where Xiaoya lives now is called a luxury villa! The space is large enough to occupy most of the desk on the vacant desk, and the height is much higher than before, enough for a little girl like Xiaoya to flutter in it.


In addition, considering that Xiaoya’s wings were injured, Yang Yi also asked someone to install a stair arrangement similar to a hamster cage in the bird cage, allowing Xiaoya to follow the stairs and jump onto the small platform built with barbed wire on the second floor , as well as a small bird’s nest woven from hay on the second floor.


Drinking device, food bowl device, everything, the cage door that is easier to open is also convenient for the children to clean the little girl.



In the blink of an eye, it’s Friday afternoon again. After school, many children are running out of school happily, because they have another weekend where they can let themselves go!


However, when Yang Yi saw Xixi and Lan Xin come out, the little girl was a little gloomy.


At first, Yang Yi thought that Xixi was unhappy, just because she wanted to say goodbye to Xiaoya for two days, and she was a little reluctant to part.


However, while driving on the road, the chattering discussion between the two little girls, Xixi and Lan Xin, made Yang Yi realize that something was wrong.


“I don’t like the monitor to take care of Xiaoya.” Xixi said sullenly, puffing out her little mouth.


“But it’s so troublesome to take care of Xiaoya, Xixi, let’s go to the park to play together on weekends, okay?” Lan Xin said brightly.


“Well, Xiner, I want Xiaoya to come and play at our house.” Xixi shook Lan Xin’s arm angrily when she saw Lan Xin’s thoughts drifting to where she had gone.


“However, Mr. Li said that Cao Ruolin will take care of the little girl this week!” Lan Xin scratched her head and said in confusion, “Besides, don’t you have little girls in your house? How can you let Xiaoya come over? ?”


This question is a revival!


Xixi twisted her body on the seat anxiously, and quickly came up with an idea, only to see her eyes lit up, and she giggled: “I can put Xiaoya in my room, and then, Then I went to tell Xiaojiao, Xiaohui, Duoduo, and Baozi, you can’t come to my room, and then Xiaoya will be safe!”


“That’s right!” Lan Xin thought for a while, it seemed to make sense, she nodded with a giggle, and said, “Okay, next time, you should tell Teacher Li earlier and let Xiaoya come to you. Let’s live at home!”


“I don’t know!” Xixi said with a small mouth, “The teacher didn’t say that Xiaoya can live at her classmate’s house on weekends. I thought, I thought I would have to wait for the weekend to come back to school to accompany her. Little girl!”


“Then there’s no way!” Lan Xin shook her head indifferently, she didn’t have as much desire as Xixi.


“However, I don’t like the monitor to take care of Xiaoya.” Xixi still insisted on this topic.


“Why?” Lan Xin asked absentmindedly.


“Because…because…” Xixi also wanted to say that she was worried that Cao Ruolin would not be able to take care of Xiaoya, but in fact, Cao Ruolin was the captain of Thursday’s squad, and Xixi still saw her doing a lot of things.


In the end, the little girl was affected by the small resentment in her heart and muttered: “Because I bought a big house for Xiaoya, and also bought a lot of small bugs… Xiaoya likes to play with me!”


“Yeah! Well, I also think Xiaoya should come to live with us!” Lan Xin acted as a very qualified best friend, and followed Xixi’s words and agreed.


“Not fair!” Xixi nodded vigorously and said angrily.


Yang Yi frowned while listening to Xixi and Lan Xin’s conversation in front.


Actually, he can quite understand Xixi’s mood at the moment. From Wednesday to now, the little girl has devoted a lot of energy to this little bird, and even for Xiaoya, she has summoned the courage to “contact” The little bug she had always been afraid of.


Xixi hopes that Xiaoya can come to the house as a guest, but this time she was cut off, how could she not be sad?


But Yang Yi can understand Xixi’s mood, which does not mean that Yang Yi agrees with what Xixi said. On the contrary, from these words, he can feel that Xixi’s mentality is a bit bad!


Perhaps the living environment provided to her at home is too good, and Xixi has hardly suffered any setbacks, so when she encounters a little unsatisfactory, she behaves very hard to accept.


Even, there is an Internet catchphrase that can be used to describe the current state of the little girl: Jealousy separates my walls, and jealousy makes me beyond recognition.


Although it’s a bit exaggerated, Yang Yi still doesn’t want Xixi to have such a mentality.


However, Yang Yi did not immediately stop Xixi and Lan Xin from talking. He was in the car, while reflecting on the way he educated Xixi, to see where there was a problem, and also thinking about finding a more suitable one. way, to talk to Xixi about this issue.


Xixi will be seven years old this summer. A girl of this age is no longer the same as when she was four years old. No matter what, she blindly worships her father.


Six or seven-year-old children have tended to be independent in character. Although they are actually still very naive, they all have the desire to think about problems independently. They no longer want to ask adults for help when they encounter problems.


A large-scale reasoning may arouse the little girl’s disgust. Yang Yi hopes to use a more ingenious way to solve the current problems encountered by Xixi.



The premiere of “I Am a Singer” at 8pm on Friday night, many people turned on the TV early and tuned to Jiangnan Satellite TV~IndoMTL, which is rarely visited except for some good soap operas. com~Zhongxing Production and Jiangnan TV’s more than half a month of publicity is still effective, especially the viral marketing that is commonly used on micro-broadcasts. It is said that many office workers chat in the office this half-month. Topics are inseparable “I Am a Singer” program.


For example, after Su Linglong’s promotional video was released, the veil of the fifth singer to appear on the show was officially lifted (it has been exposed by entertainment media before, but there is no official announcement or doubts), many young staff When talking about Su Linglong in the office, some middle-aged and even elderly employees, although they did not play Weibo, they also participated in the discussion with great interest after hearing Qin Yu’s name, gushing endlessly. It depicts how popular and popular Su Linglong was in their time, a goddess-level singer!


Under such an offensive of public opinion, the expectation before the broadcast of “I Am a Singer” has reached a height that surpasses that of “Extreme Challenge Season 2”!


So, after the program started, both the ratings and the citation rate of the topic #I AM SINGER# on the microbroadcast quickly climbed to a very high level.


People were excited to watch singers who were once familiar take the stage, and at the same time they were shocked by the singing of some singers who were unfamiliar but with excellent singing skills.


This should be a night to enjoy music and experience old times.


However, in Yang Yi’s house, although this program is broadcast on TV, Yang Yi and Murphy are not concerned about it.


After all, this show is a second time for them!


Xixi and Xiaojiao, who are playing in the living room, are still the subject of their joking discussions.


“Pop!” Suddenly, the lights in the living room went out, leaving only the light from the TV flickering.


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