House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1061: Ordinary road, your way and mine (1/3)



It was Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan who sang in the mall! And this is not the owner of the video store downstairs playing music. When Yang Yi looked down from the upstairs, he saw a signing event for Qianli Chuanshu’s new album. Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan were on the scene. Fans sing.


Yang Yi just took the elevator upstairs directly from the outside. I didn’t expect such an event to be held in the mall. Moreover, in the Huayi Brothers company now, whether it is Qianlichuanshu, Yang Huan or Guo Ziyi, their schedules do not need to be reported to Yang Yi, and Mo Xiaojuan is the main manager.


So, although Yang Yi knew that at the beginning of this month, Lu Xiaoshu and the others released a folk record, and also knew that their current performance was not bad (by the standard of a folk record), he didn’t know about other specific itineraries.


“So coincidental?” Yang Yi held the bird cage, smiled slightly, and simply stood upstairs and watched for a while.



Jiangcheng’s fans are very enthusiastic, which Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan did not expect.


After the promotion of the new album, according to the company’s arrangement, they flew all over the country, or participated in chart-beating programs, or held signing meetings, and participated in some commercial activities. These are all newly debuted stars, and even many famous ones. Long-standing stars have to experience.


However, compared to the capital city and the magic capital, Jiangcheng’s fans are particularly enthusiastic about them!


You can see the cheering signs held by the spontaneously organized fans at the signing ceremony:


“I will always love you, Qianli Chuanshu!”


“Jiangcheng will always be your backing, bravely go for it!”


“Qianli Chuanshu, you are the pride of our Jiangcheng University students!”


“With you in my life, I will not be lonely without you!”


There were many young students at the scene. They excitedly waved the sign, hoping to make Qianlichuanshu pay more attention to themselves, and when it was their turn to sign for them, they said a lot of incoherent words to Qianlichuanshu encouraging words.


Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan were both touched by them. After all, when they signed in Beijing and Modu, fans liked their songs, only on the side of “home”, in their second hometown , the fans care about how difficult they have come this way, and understand their experiences with their hearts.


So, at this signing ceremony, the company did not arrange for them to sing, but in order to share their current joy with these lovely fans, Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan decided to sing them a few songs on the spot.


From their earliest song “I miss her in the winter in the north”, now, Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan sing the “Ideal Monologue” they created at the most difficult time.


“I sat down and waited, and reality made me understand that the place where the dream collapsed is now covered with moss…”


This “Ideal Monologue” hummed by Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan has very depressing lyrics. Although it speaks of ideals, it speaks of real struggles.


This singing made many fans in the audience burst into tears, and the sign encouraging Qianli Chuanshu in their hands shook desperately.



“Hey, isn’t that a sugar cube?” Yang Yi listened to the song with relish upstairs, and inadvertently saw a girl standing in the corner downstairs who was also holding a cheering sign excitedly. There was a hint of excitement in his eyes. A hint of surprise.


The sugar cube is also thin and weak, and couldn’t squeeze further ahead, but it doesn’t matter, there is not much space in the middle of the shopping mall, and it is the same wherever she listens to music. She is also intoxicated by the singing of Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan, Listening to their sad melody, she also secretly wiped away her tears.


However, this scene just fell into Yang Yi’s eyes.


“I seem to have heard Huanhuan say that Fang Tang seems to like Miao Chuan!” Yang Yi touched his chin and wentssip secretly.


Last year, Qianli Chuanshu did not participate in The Voice of China. When they did not start their debut, they all sang in the corner coffee shop, and Fang Tang, the waiter, was very enthusiastic about them.



After Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan finished singing the “Ideal Monologue”, Lu Xiaoshu smiled and said, “I feel that the songs we sing are too depressing, otherwise, let’s change to a more pleasant one, which Brother Yang Yi wrote for us. “I have you in my life”, right? This is really the last song, because if we continue to sing, this signing will not be finished.”


“No, it can’t be the last song!”


Not surprisingly, fans laughed and protested.


Of course, I still have to be considerate of Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan. They sang for the fans. In fact, it was an exception. The fans did not bother them to continue singing.


What surprised Qianli Chuanshu was that the fans at the scene finally hoped that the song they would sing would not be “Life With You”, but another song “Ordinary Road” written by Yang Yi!


When the album was just released, the performance of “Ordinary Road” was not as good as the more romantic “Life With You”, and even not as good as “I miss her in the winter in the north” and “Gradually” written by Chisato Chuanju himself grow up”.


After all, this song lacks the popularity of Pu Shu’s previous life and the foreshadowing of the movie, but the song “Ordinary Road” is getting more and more flavorful the more you listen to it. In less than a week, it ranked on the new song bestseller list, Gradually climbed up!


Currently “Ordinary Road” is second only to “My Life With You”, but it’s a pity that both songs are blocked outside the threshold of the top 20. Perhaps we still need to continue to accumulate and develop…


In any case, since fans wanted to listen to “The Ordinary Road”, Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan picked up their guitars, started plucking the strings, and played the guitar song of this song.


Compared to the richer melody on the record, the guitar playing “Ordinary Road” has a unique simplicity and purity!


“Wandering, on the road…” Miao Chuan’s clear and sad singing opened the prelude to the song.


It seems that it was also influenced by this song. The originally noisy shopping mall gradually became quiet. Whether it was the fans of Qianli Chuanshu or some passers-by who came to shop, they couldn’t help but stop and listen.


Two big boys stood on a small platform, playing guitar while singing with poor quality microphones and speakers. It was not a lot of fun. It seemed to be as described in the lyrics, ordinary, but Very close to reality, very grounded!


“I once crossed the mountains and the sea, and also crossed the sea of ​​people. Everything I once had was scattered like smoke…” Still this lyric is more catchy, and many fans who like this song are fond of this song. I couldn’t help humming along.


However, when Yang Yi upstairs heard it, he felt that Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan sang the best, or their chorus: “I used to be disappointed and lost all directions until I saw the ordinary That’s the only answer…”


Perhaps it is more in line with their mood?


Actually, isn’t this song a portrayal of Yang Yi himself?


On Tuesday Murphy showed Yang Yi a review of “The Ordinary Road”, and it said this:


“”Ordinary Road” was written by Yang Yi to Qianli Chuanshu, but I think it is more like an encouragement from him. Now that Yang Yi’s net worth is the highest in the entertainment industry, it can be said that he is completely extraordinary. , but he is still the same as when he first debuted, low-key, calm, not in the limelight, not causing trouble, and concentrating on music, so he has a net worth of tens of billions and still has a steady stream of works emerging! Perhaps, ordinary, is the real Music Road!”


In this sentence, Yang Yi’s guess is not completely correct, but the general direction is correct. Yang Yi really yearns for ordinary.


Cherish this warm and happy little home now, live this ordinary and happy life well, and then occasionally throw out some works to satisfy some of your literary and artistic feelings, and then sing with Murphy, bring Traveling with family…


That’s enough!


Don’t think too much about bells and whistles, the ordinary now, after losing it, I’m afraid it will be difficult to come back again!


Recovering, Yang Yi looked downstairs, Qianli Chuanshu was still singing:


“I’ve asked all over the world, but never got an answer. I’m just like you, like him, like the wild grass and wild flowers. This is me, the only way to go…”


It’s almost the end, Yang Yi looked at the two young men who were singing affectionately surrounded by fans, smiled slightly, and said to himself: “Your journey has also begun, and you must continue to work hard!”


Yang Yi didn’t go to say hello to Lu Xiaoshu and the others, nor did he bother Fang Tang’s support. After listening to the song silently, he led the birdcage, like an old man, and went for a leisurely stroll. Bird and Flower Market.


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