House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1060: I really don’t understand you girls (three/three)



Any bug?


Including Lu Xiaoyu, almost all the girls dodged several steps away and looked at Xixi in shock, but there were a few boys who were either really brave or wanted to The girls showed their masculinity in front of them, and they came up.


“Show me what bugs it is!” Chen Yuxuan eagerly wanted to grab Xixi’s hand.


But Xixi dodged sensitively, and the little girl cried softly: “You can’t touch it! You can stand by and watch.”


“Well then…”


So a few little boys gathered around the desk and stretched their necks to look at the small bottle that Xixi had placed on the vacant table at the back of the classroom.


And the others couldn’t help but be curious, and with Xixi explaining that it was a dead bug, they mustered up the courage to stand behind and looked around cautiously.


It’s time to feed the birds to eat bugs!


Xixi is half-bent on the table, supporting her body with her left arm, and holding a pair of tweezers in her right hand, but when facing the mouth of the glass bottle, the tweezers trembled slightly and collided with the glass bottle. Sound—in fact, she also had some drumming in her heart.


“Baba said, little bugs won’t move!” The little girl muttered in her heart, encouraging herself.


Stretch out the tweezers, put them in, and gently pick them up. There doesn’t seem to be any twists and turns in the process. The little friends next to her who are watching with breathless eyes are also afraid to come out.


But at this moment, the little green worm that was suddenly caught on the tweezers, under Xixi’s gaze, suddenly wriggled!


It is estimated that it is not completely dead, and its body functions are still there. It curled its tail and rolled it on the small tweezers!


Suddenly, the atmosphere was a little dignified, and Xixi’s big eyes suddenly widened, staring at this “resurrected” little green worm.


Half a second later.






Xixi’s exclamation broke the silence, and then they remembered some timid girls. They jumped up when they saw Xixi, and they were also frightened and screamed. !


Just a little bit, it’s going to make a few timid girls cry!


Xixi was also too frightened, she threw away the tweezers in a panic, turned her head to run towards Lan Xin, and hid behind Lan Xin.


Although Lan Xin is not as tall as Xixi, Lan Xin’s horizontal length is larger than Xixi! Xixi can hide herself by shrinking her head.


“Woo, Xin’er, you scared me to death!” Xixi said pitifully hugging Lan Xin’s arm.


“Ah? What? What’s the matter?” Lan Xin was a little bit confused, and she was still confused at the moment, she didn’t understand why Xixi suddenly jumped up!


“That, that little bug.” Xixi’s small mouth was shriveled, and she said in shock, “I don’t know why, but it moved again.”


The girls didn’t dare to go forward to see the endgame, but Chen Yuxuan was very courageous. He leaned over, took a look, and exclaimed: “Wow, Xixi, look, this little bug is really alive. , not dead!”


This little bug is really dead, and Xixi can’t smash it to death even if she throws down the tweezers.


When Xixi heard Chen Yuxuan say this, she paused even more anxiously.


“Just kill the little bug!” While covering Xixi, Lan Xin also leaned in to look at it, but the distance was still maintained, she looked at the little turquoise bug with eyes Turn around, come up with an idea.


“Yes!” Xixi looked at Lan Xin eagerly, hoping she could solve the problem.


But Lan Xin was also afraid, she just seemed calm on the surface, and Lan Xin didn’t dare to let her touch this little bug.


“Chen Yuxuan, why don’t you help us kill it?” Xixi looked at Lan Xin, but Lan Xin looked at Chen Yuxuan, who didn’t look scared at all.


“No, no, Robben!” Chen Yuxuan said a sentence of English triumphantly when he saw his opportunity to perform.


He probably learned from TV, and his pronunciation is very non-standard, but at this time, Xixi also forgot to correct him.


Chen Yuxuan looked left, looked right, no other tools, he simply bent down and took off his sandals, carried them, and prepared a sandal to slap on the table.


“Ah! Wait, Chen Yuxuan, what are you doing?” Xixi exclaimed in surprise.


At this time, Xixi had already escaped from the panic-stricken state she was suddenly frightened just now, and she couldn’t help but stand beside Lan Xin to see.


“I want to kill it!” Chen Yuxuan said as a matter of course


“But this is too cruel. You can’t use slippers. You can use my little tweezers!” Xixi held her two small hands on her chest and looked nervously.


“Yes, that’s too cruel!” Xixi’s words were echoed by the nods of many girls.


“Well… I really don’t understand you girls, it’s really troublesome!” Chen Yuxuan reluctantly dropped his slippers and dawdled for a while.


Finally, the little bug was executed by the daring Chen Yuxuan, and Xixi once again gathered up the little bug and threw it into the bird cage from a distance like throwing garbage.


Fortunately, Xiaoya didn’t dislike it. It tilted its round head and stared for a while, and finally jumped off the crossbar and pecked it off.


“Yeah, it ate!” Xixi was surprised.


Equally happy were all the children watching.



Yang Yi came to school at noon to take Xiaoya to the veterinary hospital to treat her broken wing. This time, he came here at noon, but did not prepare lunch for Xixi, which made Lan Xin not disappointed.


However, Xixi didn’t care about this, she was willing to eat by herself, and hoped that Xiaoya could get treatment sooner.


“Uncle, are you taking it to the doctor?” Yang Yi is very popular in the third class of the first grade. When he walked into the classroom to carry the bird cage, a large group of children surrounded him excitedly, and Wang Leilei also He asked him a question with his hoarse voice.


The scene was very noisy, and Wang Leilei worked hard to raise the volume so that Yang Yi could hear his voice.


“Yes, take it to the doctor.” Yang Yi smiled slightly.


“Where did you take it to see a doctor?” Wang Leilei continued.


“A pet hospital, my uncle heard that there is a more professional pet hospital in the Binhai area, so I have to take him there to have a look.” Yang Yi responded patiently.


Indeed, there are quite a few pet hospitals, but there are not many pet hospitals that treat birds. Yang Yi also asked many people to ask about a famous pet hospital in Binhai District, where a parrot raised by someone was hit. Broken leg, later healed.


Can heal There should be a way for this kind of bird too, right?



This pet hospital is located in the most prosperous area in Binhai District. After all, there are many rich people, and their spending power on pets will be much stronger than that of old towns like Wuhu District.


Sure enough, it took more than an hour for the little girl to be bandaged and her wings were broken. The doctor gave her some medicine, then made a bracket for her with wooden strips, and finally wrapped her with breathable gauze. stand up.


Because the little girl is too small, the doctor can only go around its other wing and wrap the gauze around its round body to fix it.


However, Xiaoya’s finished appearance is still very happy. It looks like a human hand is injured and a bandage is wrapped around her neck to hang her hand!


“Look at you, cool, like a hooligan!” Yang Yi smiled and reached out to tease it.


Xiao Ya is not familiar with her current physical condition. She staggers on the plate, but has no wings to flap, her body is unbalanced, and she falls down several times like ice skating.


“It doesn’t matter, it will find its own balance.” The doctor explained to Yang Yi.


Yang Yi nodded, picked up the little guy, gently put it into the bird cage, and said with a smile: “Let’s go! Let’s go buy some things for you, for example, buy you a better house , okay?”


The pet doctor introduced to Yang Yi that behind the big shopping mall where their hospital is located, there is a pedestrian street that sells pets and pet-related items.


Yang Yi just didn’t need to drive to find the flower and bird market. He happily carried the bird cage and walked downstairs.


“Time never comes back, only the paleness of the years is left, ideals wipe out my feelings, I just want to leave…”


Out of the door of the pet hospital, Yang Yi heard a familiar singing voice.


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