House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1059: Little bugs (two/three)



The next morning, Yang Yi routinely called Xixi up early, went for a run by the lake in the villa area, exercised, and played two sets of boxing by the way. After the little girl finished exercising, her forehead was dripping with sweat, and her naughty bangs were firmly stuck, but she came back with her father and did not rush back to rest and take a bath.


“Baba, Baba!” As if thinking of something, the little girl reached out and pulled Dad, and brought him to her “planting area”.


Yang Yi looked at Xixi, who was pulling her hand, just like pulling a cart, trying to move forward, raised her eyebrows in a funny way, and asked, “Why? Do you want to harvest the vegetables you planted? ? Now you can eat the newly planted soybean sprouts. Would you like to cut some and make a side dish today?”


Xixi planted these, Yang Yi strongly agreed, and the little guy persisted for more than a month, diligently weeding and watering them every day, but it was a little bad, that is, Xixi was reluctant to plant them. Pretty bright vegetables to eat.


Fortunately, her family is not poor, so her “labor achievements” can be saved…


No, after hearing what her father said, she quickly shook her head vigorously, raised her little head, and giggled: “No, Baba, I don’t want to eat these! I want Baba to help me. , catch the little bugs, and then, then I… find something, bring them to school, and feed the little girl.”


Xixi had a very simple idea, she could “directly” bring the bugs there. But soon, the little girl thought again that she was very afraid of these little bugs!


So, her voice was low again, and she was muttering behind her, while she was talking, she was still trying to turn her head to think of a way.


“You can put it in a small bottle so they can’t escape.” Yang Yi kindly helped her find a way.


“Yes, it’s in a small bottle, that kind of very beautiful small bottle, glass, which can hold a lot of small bugs.” Xixi’s eyes lit up and she said happily, “Baba is amazing!”


“But if you bring them to school, you still dare not touch these little bugs, how can you feed them to the little girl?” Although Xixi’s admiration, Yang Yi is very useful, but he still thinks that the little girl catches the bugs and goes to school The idea is funny, he asked with a smile.


But Yang Yi didn’t expect that, Xixi just hesitated for a while. This time she was very quick in thinking and found a way at once: “I can pour out the little bugs for Xiaoya to eat!”


Yang Yi looked at the energetic little girl, her bright eyes and happy smile, and he couldn’t think of any reason to refuse for a while.


Then catch the bugs!


Yang Yi found a small glass bottle, which used to be used for decorations. After he asked Murphy and said he didn’t need it, he took out the small stars, golden threads and other miscellaneous things in it. Cleaned and ready to hold small insects.


Of course, Yang Yi didn’t plan to play the scene of catching bugs with his bare hands. He opened the family medical box, took out a pair of tweezers, and while leading Xixi out, he explained: “Dad uses this to catch little bugs. , and then you can also use this to clip out the little bugs, after Dad helps you catch them, they will kill those little bugs, so you don’t have to be afraid!”


“Hmm!” Xixi nodded happily, took one step, jumped two steps, and followed behind her father.


Anyway, she hasn’t gotten started yet, and Xixi doesn’t know how much she can bear. Now she is eagerly waiting for her father to catch the bugs.


Because Xixi usually takes care of it very diligently, the little bugs in the “planting area” are almost extinct!


“Hey, really, there are a lot of times when I don’t need it, but now when I want it, I don’t have one!” Yang Yi couldn’t help but complain a few times. None, and finally caught a small caterpillar in the crack of the cabbage flower and barely crossed.


However, this little caterpillar is also thin, small, and malnourished, and it can be said that it is not enough to be stuffed between fingernails.


Yang Yi used tweezers to clamp its head, and the little green worm shrunk into a ball…it should be dead, but it looks like it has a “taste” when it shrunk into a ball…


“Baba, if the little bug dies, won’t Xiaoya not like it?” Xixi asked in a low voice while pressing her knees, leaning over to watch the operation of her father who was squatting next to the flowerpot.


“No, many people feed birds with sun-dried worms, and it should be able to eat it.” Yang Yi said, however, he smiled slightly and said to Xixi, “There are only a few worms now. You can treat it as a snack, feed it first, and you can feed it some ground millet powder that Dad gave you yesterday.”


Because of this kind of small bird’s crop and gizzard, eating millet directly is not good for digestion, so after checking the information with Xixi yesterday, Yang Yi and Xixi also prepared a small packet of rations for Xiaoya that can be fed for a long time.


“Hmmmm!” Xixi nodded obediently.


“Then, at noon today, didn’t my father tell you to go to school and take your little girl to see a doctor?” Yang Yi straightened up with a smile and said, “I’ll buy it by the way. Some mealworms, suitable thrush for it, so that it can eat more things in the future!”


“Okay!” Xixi nodded her head happily and followed behind her father.


Look at her happy look, as if she is the little girl!



A little bird has touched the hearts of many children, not only Xixi is thinking about it, but other children are also thinking about it.


So, after Xixi came to school early, she saw that many classmates prepared fresh food for Xiaoya, including apple cubes, bread crumbs, and some children, who took the buns they ate in the morning, Kneaded into small round balls, and brought them secretly in the pocket.


Of course, what makes Xixi the most happy is that after a night’s rest, Xiaoya finally recovered a lot of energy. Although it can’t fly, its thin feet are very strong, and in a small cage Jumping up and down, chirping and shouting at these onlookers.


It’s quite audacious. When someone throws apple blocks in it, it happily pecks and eats it. With its tail up and twisted, it’s so lively that it doesn’t look like a wounded bird!


“Its small cage is dirty. Don’t put apples on the dirty ones for it to eat!” Wang Leilei was beside him. He was short and out of reach, so he jumped anxiously and protested.


“Come, come!” Cao Ruolin, the person in charge of Thursday, was very enthusiastic. She ran over with a window-cleaning opened the small cage, reached in and wiped the bird droppings.


Soon, the inside of the small cage became clean again, but the rag became dirty and smelly.


“Oh, who can help me wash it?” Cao Ruolin saw the bird droppings on the rag, and she felt regretful. She hurriedly pinched a corner of the rag and paused, “I beg You guys!”


However, all the children took a step back and looked timidly at the rag with bird droppings in her hands.


“Then, then I’ll buy another rag!” Cao Ruolin threw the rag into the trash can at the back, muttering sullenly.


The family background of the class leader is actually very good. She usually picks her up in a luxury car that is more expensive than the car driven by Yang Yi. Although she was addicted to being a monitor, she liked to report too much, and was a little hostile to some classmates, but in fact, Cao Ruolin was not a child with a bad personality.


The relationship between Xixi and her is neither salty nor light, not particularly good, but Xixi has no prejudice against her.


No, when Xixi heard her unhappy voice, she took the initiative to comfort her: “Squad leader, don’t worry! At noon, my papa will buy a lot of things for Xiaoya, so we will clean it later. Hygiene, don’t worry about it!”


Cao Ruolin didn’t pay much attention to Xixi’s comfort, but her attention was attracted by the glass bottle that Xixi was holding, and she asked curiously, “Xixi, what is this of you?”


“It’s a little bug, I caught it for Xiaoya in the morning! But there is only one little bug, and Xiaoya can only eat it as a snack. After noon, I bought a lot of dry bugs for Xiaoya, it must be I will like it very much!” Xixi introduced with a sweet smile.


The little girl is holding tweezers in the other hand, she is going to feed the little worms to her!


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