House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1039: The little one who wants to take a car?? Sakura ㄈ? 3)



“Giggle, giggle!” A string of childish laughter seemed to pierce the silence of the bedroom.


And then, there was a small vibration on the bed, which finally made Xixi, who was about to wake up, break out of the half-dream and half-awake state. The little girl raised her small head covered with fluffy hair, She squinted her sleepy eyes, and looked at Xiao Jiao, who was laughing and staggering on her bed.


“Hee hee, elder sister, go to bed.” Xiao Jiao grinned and pointed at her elder sister, turned her head, and said to her mother.


“Yes, the sun is up, sister, get up quickly, don’t go to sleep!” Murphy’s gentle laughter reached Xixi’s ears.


The little girl rolled over in a daze, rubbing her eyes and twisting her little **** while humming. She didn’t know if she was stretching or lying in bed. Anyway, she hadn’t come out of her stupor!


“Get up, aren’t you going to play with Baba today? You’re still sleeping in bed, don’t you want to go to the spring outing?” Murphy had no choice but to reach out and push her little ass, calling again, “You Baba is already downstairs, making breakfast and other food for you, just waiting for you to go down!”


Yes! Spring outing! Spring outing today!


Hearing the key words, Xixi woke up all of a sudden for the spring outing she had been thinking about and waiting for for a week.


I just heard the little girl screaming “Oops”, and hurriedly lifted the quilt, lying on the bed like a gecko, but she twisted in the direction behind, first her feet slipped down, and her stomach pressed against the bed. On the bed, when I stepped on the ground, I pushed the quilt under my stomach and stood up.


Xixi brushed her teeth and washed her face, Murphy helped her fold the quilt, and also went over to help her straighten her hair and tie her hairstyle, making it beautiful. The little girl with fluffy hair and a sleepy face just now has a new look. Go downstairs for breakfast.


Lan Xin also came over. She got up very early today because she wanted to go out to play!


When everything was packed, Yang Yi greeted the two little girls: “Put your schoolbags in the car, and you’ll be leaving soon!”


Yang Yi is going to drive Xixi and Lan Xin to the school to meet up with the army, and then go on a spring outing together.


But it is worth pondering that their route today is actually still to play in Tingshan District, that is, they are now starting from Tingshan District and go to Wuhu District to take a bus to Tingshan District with the main force to take a spring tour in Tingshan District… Then, On the return trip in the afternoon, he went back to the school in Wuhu District from Tingshan District. Finally, Yang Yi drove his two children back to Tingshan District.


From the perspective of IQ, this is indeed a very stupid approach. It is better to go directly to the destination and wait for the arrival of the large army.


But isn’t spring outing just about going out with classmates? The journey in the middle is actually a part of the spring outing. Yang Yi would rather work harder than Xixi and the others to leave the army and act alone.


However, just when the little girls Xixi and Lan Xin happily put the lunch box filled with sandwiches in their little schoolbags, tidied them up, and were about to pick them up and go to the car, the little girl曈曈 strolled over and found the actions of the sisters.


The little guy seemed to have noticed something. He stared at the two sisters with his big round eyes. Then, he moved his short legs and followed behind the two sisters, naked. The foot stepped out of the door!


Fortunately, Murphy discovered the movement of Xiao Jiao!


She hurriedly chased out, and saw Xiao Jiao who was standing behind the tiger, staring blankly at the two older sisters who put a small backpack in the trunk.


“What are you doing?” Murphy smiled and hugged the little guy.


Looks stupid, but Xiao Jiao is not stupid at all!


No, the little guy put one hand on his mother’s shoulder, pointed at his sisters with the other, and said with a small mouth: “Take a car.”


“You can’t take a car,” Murphy laughed.


“Yes, take a car.” Xiao Jiao didn’t understand why his mother said that, he said very insistently.


Yang Yi just got into the back seat to adjust some settings in the back seat. After he heard the conversation between Xiaojiao and Murphy, he got up, let Xixi and Lan Xin get out of the way, and closed the trunk door. , then came over, smiled and gently hooked the little guy’s immature face, and said, “Next time, next time Dad is taking you by car.”


“Yes, my sisters and the others have other things today, next time!” Murphy said.


“Sister, I want to play, I want, I want my sister.” Xiao Jiao heard the conversations of the sisters today. Knowing that the sisters were going to play, he was a little anxious, and some grievances were in his mother’s arms. Twisted, pointed at the sisters and the others, and cried out with a little crying.


One year and four months old, Xiao Jiayu can barely speak some coherent words. Although he still lacks vocabulary, he really works hard to express his meaning.


My sister is going to play, and he is going to play with her too!


The little guy already has a little temper. If he doesn’t like it, I’m afraid he will really cry and make trouble.


Xixi and Lan Xin, who were staring at each other, looked at each other for a while. She hesitated and asked in a low voice, “Baba, why don’t we take my brother to play together?”


Xiao Jiao understood his elder sister’s plea for him, and the sad little face also seemed to have some joy, and he looked at his elder sister with a smile, as if he thought that what elder sister said should be effective!


Going to play with my sister!


Yang Yi was happy, he rubbed Xixi’s little head and asked, “You bring your brother, what about your mother? Home alone?”


“Mama… Let’s go with Mama too…” Xixi said casually, but she quickly thought of the problem, “Hey, but only three parents can go with us! Mama can’t go. Now, what should I do?”


“What about Mama? Mama can only stay home alone.” Murphy muttered bitterly as she looked at Xixi.


“Still not, we can’t do something special, this is the school’s spring outing, how can we bring so many people there?” Yang Yi explained to Xixi softly, “Although my father would also like to take my mother and brother to play together. Ah, but this will only have to wait until the next time, or find a free time, and our family will go out to play together.”


“What about my brother?” Xixi asked with concern.


Actually, there’s no need to worry about Xixi, Murphy still has a solution, she just pulled down Xiaojiao’s arm and said softly, “Okay, we don’t have to go out with my sister today, Mama will take you shopping today. , shall we go shopping with Aunt Xiaojuan?”


This is not to fool Xiaojiao, Murphy really had an idea, and planned to invite Mo Xiaojuan to go shopping together-they went to luxury shopping malls, where there were few people, and the merchants would give some protection. , not easily blocked.


“My husband took my daughter to the school’s spring outing. Why do our mothers have to wait at home, and we should have a better time!” Murphy thought so.


According to past experience, Xiaojiao likes to go shopping, not because he wants to buy things, the little guy just likes to play in the There are too many new things in it, which can make him open Vision!


Sure enough, after hearing what his mother said, Xiao Jiao compares it. On one side is his sister, who always knows a lot of things, and is still playing with unknown concepts, while on the other side is his dearest and most beloved mother, who There is a shopping mall that has a very rich and wonderful impression in his mind!


The little guy finally gave in. He didn’t insist any longer, but withdrew the little hand that pointed at his sister, clapped his little hand with his mother happily, and tried hard to read the words whose pronunciation was not so standard: “Three cuts! …”


Yang Yi saw Murphy convincing Xiao Jiao, so he smiled and greeted the two little girls in a low voice: “Let’s go, let’s go, while Xiao Jiao hasn’t changed his mind, let’s hurry up, or we won’t be able to leave later. !”


Yang Yi was just joking, but his hurried voice still created a tense atmosphere.


“Giggle, hurry up!” Lan Xin screamed excitedly, and her loud cry covered Xixi’s laughter.


I saw two little girls, one after the other, quickly climbed into the car and slammed the door shut with a smile on their eyes, and a nervous look on the other. How cute!


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