House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1033: What can I do? (Two/Five)


In the evening, the Hongrenfang Music Hall in the Binhai District of Jiangcheng was completely lively. Countless fans from all over the country had flocked here, queuing excitedly and taking selfies with their mobile phones.

Because the tickets are sold online, many fans who have been waiting for years to finally come to Murphy’s concert are all grabbing tickets online, whether it’s at Jiangcheng Station or those that have already started selling tickets for the following shows. The concert has been snapped up by these enthusiastic fans.

The second-hand tickets sold by scalpers on the black market have also been fired to sky-high prices because the purchase threshold is too high and the source of scalper tickets is scarce!

But in any case, when the concert started, the venue was already full of people, and the atmosphere was extremely warm.

“Hello everyone, long time no see.” When Murphy came on stage, she just greeted her with a simple greeting, and the audience was greeted with cheers, whistles, screams, and lively sound waves, which almost destroyed the venue. flipped!

Tan Huizhen, who was watching the concert in the VIP seat under the stage, couldn’t help but sigh: “So this girl is so famous. When I saw her last year, I didn’t think she looked like a star.”

Guo Ziyan pouted and muttered in her heart: “Sir, you really don’t know!”

Ding Xiang, who sat next to them, gave Tan Huizhen a serious explanation: “Sister Murphy is really famous now. The album she released last year broke many records in our Chinese music scene. Sister Xiaojuan said Well, if it wasn’t for Murphy who didn’t want to be too tired, and didn’t want to compete with others, otherwise Sister Murphy could compete for the title of the first sister in the Chinese music scene!”

Tan Huizhen nodded lightly. She listened to Murphy’s singing on the stage, and saw the excited expressions of the fans around her, and chatted with Ding Xiang: “She does have a set of singing, and it sounds very flavorful. How does Ziyi compare to him? He’s going to hold a concert, will anyone come to see him?”

Although there was a sarcastic tone, Tan Huizhen also looked at Ding Xiang expectantly, hoping to hear some affirmative words from her mouth.

Be a parent after all!

Ding Xiang smiled and explained to Tan Huizhen euphemistically: “Xiao Guo is not a professional singer. His main development direction is still in film and television dramas, and he also takes care of variety shows. Therefore, he cannot be judged by the standard of a singer. However, Auntie, if you said he held a concert, I think many people would still be willing to buy tickets to watch it. After all, there are many fans of Xiao Guo now. The variety show “Extreme Challenge” fell in love with him.”

“Che, if I were a fan of my brother, I would definitely not come to his concerts. He has only sung a few songs since his debut? His concerts must be boring!” Guo Ziyan couldn’t help but stand up The ear was eavesdropping on the side, and now it jumped out to raise the bar.

“You don’t look down on your brother’s goodness, do you?” Tan Huizhen tapped her on the head angrily.

Let’s not talk about the lively scene, backstage, Yang Yi, who had already changed into a slim suit for performance, had his make-up and hairstyle done, was sitting on the sofa in the lounge, holding his mobile phone, waiting for the verdict of fate!

Yang Yi sings for Murphy and sings with Murphy in a later order, and it is not his turn to play yet. What makes Yang Yi a little happy is that Li Ruolan didn’t start connecting with these parents so late last night. During the day, she had already figured out how to use the software, so it’s only after seven o’clock. Zhong, she estimated that the parents had also finished dinner, so she couldn’t wait to open the group video function of WeChat to gather the parents together.

“Baba, I must be chosen, Baba must be chosen!” Xixi was a little restless, so she just walked around, propped on the sofa for a while, brought her little head close, and probed into her father’s hand After a while, she saw that it hadn’t started yet, so she couldn’t help turning it to the side, pressing her back against the armrest of the sofa, and muttered a prayer.

Before the little girl went to bed yesterday, after hearing about this selection method from her father, she has been worried, afraid that her father will not be selected in the end, and she will go to the spring outing by herself.

It’s fine without her mother, but without her father to lead, Xixi feels so insecure.

Xiao 曈 crawled on the sofa beside his father, his little **** arched his father’s mountain, he looked up at his sister who had been talking about it all day, and then the little guy who had become accustomed to it did not give too much. Instead, he calmly slid around on the couch with his pickup truck toy.

Finally, in the WeChat group video, when the parents arrived, Li Ruolan turned on the camera and began to shoot with one hand holding the phone against the computer screen, while her other hand was holding the mouse, operating while explain.

“This random number generator is used in this way. It’s actually very simple. I thought it was very complicated last night. Just click here and it will pop up a box where we enter the range of random numbers that need to be generated. , and the number of random numbers that need to be generated, it will give random numbers quickly.”

I saw Li Ruolan casually input a range of 1-1000, and the number of five random numbers – this is just for demonstration, then she clicked the confirmation button, and immediately, five numbers appeared in the originally blank area.

After confirming that there was no problem with everyone, Li Ruolan opened the registration list from the previous statistics, which had already made a number for each parent in order, and then she entered “1-36” on the small software, and enter “3” on the other slot.

Of course there are more than thirty-six children in the class, but not every parent is willing to sign up. After all, there are still some parents who are not available, or some parents are worried that they will be selected and need to take care of anything they encounter. liability situation.

The time of excitement finally arrived, and Yang Yi looked at the screen of the mobile phone intently.

And Xixi couldn’t help it. She didn’t continue to wander, but crawled to her father’s side, holding her father’s big hand holding the phone with a small hand, looking at her expectantly.

“We are No. 26. If you choose No. 26 of ours, or No. 32 of your Lan’s father, Dad can accompany you to the spring outing.” Yang Yi patted his left hand gently He patted Xixi’s little head and said softly.

While Yang Yi was talking, the result came out. On the screen of the mobile phone, there were three randomly generated numbers: 7, 23, and 29 in the somewhat blurred picture.

“…” Yang Yi’s voice stopped, looking at the final result helplessly.

Xixi was still looking at it, but after watching it for a while, these numbers didn’t change!

“It’s not twenty-six, it’s not thirty-two…” Xixi turned to look at her father in confusion, hoping to get some different information from her father’s side.

Yang Yi was very helpless and didn’t know how to explain it to Xixi.

It is true that the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment.

Can Xixi accept the spring outing without her father?

“Then we have also selected the list today!” Li Ruolan during the video call compared the registration form she had arranged before, and read, “Mother Jian Liyuan on the 7th, No. 23 Hong Jun’s father, Lu Kang’s father on the 29th, are the three parents who need to accompany the children on a trip next week, and it’s time for you to work hard…”

Yang Yi couldn’t even listen to what Li Ruolan said later. Of course, the video call was over, and everyone continued to resume typing or voice communication.

Yang Yi smiled bitterly, looking at Xixi who looked at him pitifully, not knowing how to explain to her daughter.

“Baba, can’t you go?” Xixi hadn’t heard her father’s name just now, and suddenly felt that the sky was about to fall. Baba asked.

Yang Yi sighed softly and said, “Dad also really wants to accompany you on a trip! But, what can I do? Two of the random numbers are in the 20s, but we were not selected.”

“But I want to go on a spring outing with you.” Xixi muttered sadly, with crystal tears rolling quietly in the little girl’s big eyes.


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