House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1032: What a smart kid



After flipping through the chat records, Yang Yi turned around and saw many people in Aite himself, asking him if WeChat had the function of generating random numbers, and a few people were booing: “We should change the group too, Li Teacher, should you set up a parent group for the first grade and third class in WeChat? Anyway, support the products of our class parents!”


This proposal has been echoed by many parents who are relatively young and at an age when they are more receptive to new things. Under Li Ruolan’s inquiry, it can be seen that many people have registered for WeChat!


Yang Yi thought about it and typed on the computer keyboard: “Thank you for your love, WeChat is really easy to use, and I can reveal a little here. Although WeChat only has a mobile version, it will also be launched for computers in the future. It is convenient for everyone to transfer files and other needs at work.”


Someone immediately laughed and replied: “Boss Yang has also made it clear that Mr. Li will quickly bring us to change camps!”


“Boss Yang, does WeChat have a way to generate random numbers?” Someone asked.


“WeChat doesn’t have this function yet. Mr. Li still has to work hard to study how to use the software. However, Mr. Li doesn’t need to study how to record the screen. WeChat has a video chat function, and it supports turning on the camera during group chat. , then Mr. Li will turn on the rear camera of the mobile phone and just take a picture of your computer interface and show it to us…” Yang Yi thought for a while and responded to them like this.


“That’s good! SNS doesn’t have such an easy-to-use function!” The parents below all agreed.


“Yes! Video chat, I was also aiming at WeChat to realize video chat on mobile phones, and also realized the function of adding friends through the mobile phone address book to download WeChat. It’s really easy to use. I also use it when I travel on business. Video chat to talk to your child.”


Amid the praise, Li Ruolan set up a new WeChat group chat according to the parents’ request, and brought all these parents in, including Yang Yi, and the parents who had not signed up for WeChat also joined. Registered with WeChat.


However, even with a good tool, Li Ruolan still has to study the usage of the random number software. She set a time with the parents. After all, some people still have to go to work on weekends, so the parents finally decided on Saturday night. They went online together, and she broadcasted the process of extracting random numbers in the WeChat group.


Actually, Yang Yi doesn’t have time. Tomorrow night, that’s the time for the Murphy River City concert! Today he also accompanied Murphy for a day rehearsal at the Hongrenfang Music Hall in Jiangnan.


But he didn’t say anything, he didn’t have time, he was checking the situation, at least he would still have his cell phone with him! Moreover, he has so many assistants, relatives and friends who can help!



On Saturday afternoon, Ding Xiang drove to the residential area of ​​the municipal government’s family in Wuhu District. She wanted to pick up Guo Ziyi’s mother and sister to go to the concert at the Hongrenfang Music Hall in Binhai District.


It’s not that Guo Ziyi made Ding Xiang so tired on purpose. Guo Ziyi didn’t pick up his mother and sister, but also because he couldn’t get away. He is now backstage at the concert, nervously talking to Murphy and Yang Yi, And Lu Xiaoshu, Miao Chuan and others who will also play tonight are doing the final rehearsal together.


What’s more, Guo Ziyan also strongly suggested that Ding Xiang come to pick him up, make more contact and show more face, which is always a good thing.


However, Tan Huizhen’s impression of Ding Xiang has always been very good. Seeing that Ding Xiang arrived early, she greeted Ding Xiang to park the car and take a seat in the house.


“What kind of tea does Xiao Ding like to drink? Tieguanyin? Or jasmine tea? Would you like some jasmine tea? I think it’s better for girls to drink a little more flower tea to nourish and beautify their face. Would you like to try the products from our hometown? It’s famous!” Tan Huizhen asked Ding Xiang to sit down, she boiled water, took out a few tea tins, and asked with a smile.


After all, she is from Fujian Province. Although Tan Huizhen is a woman, she also grew up drinking tea.


“Auntie, let me come!” Ding Xiang stood up embarrassedly.


“No no, you won’t mess with these, auntie told you, tea art, this is an art!” Tan Huizhen said with a smile.


Guo Ziyan rolled her eyes and said with a smile, “Sister Ding Xiang, few people can drink the tea that my mother brewed by herself. You have a good time today! My mother is true to you. Good!”


“You want to learn from Xiao Ding, a sensible, industrious, and capable child, who doesn’t like it?” Tan Huizhen picked up the plane and reprimanded Guo Ziyan, “Look at how lazy you are. Xiao Ding, I’m with you. Say, when you are free, you can give her more guidance on her studies and let her use more snacks. Today, she slept until after ten o’clock, and was playing on weekends instead of studying.”


Since she found out that Ding Xiang is more academic than her own son, Tan Huizhen has put the tutor’s idea on Ding Xiang, but because Ding Xiang’s work is also very busy, Tan Huizhen thinks about the front and back, That request was not made.


Guo Ziyan found that she was on fire, she shrank her head, and did not dare to speak.


After teasing Guo Ziyan here, Ding Xiang was embarrassed to ask her elders to make tea for herself, but she still insisted on standing up to help: “Auntie, although I don’t know how to make tea, you can teach me!”


Tan Huizhen saw that she was so persistent, so she gave up her seat. She sat on the sofa with a smile and instructed Ding Xiang: “Since you want to learn, we will drink oolong tea today. Oolong tea is more particular, we Fujian In the province, drinking tea is not called drinking tea, it is called brewing tea, if you want to elaborate, there are thirteen tea arts!”


“The first course is called the hand-cleaning device, that is, you have to wash your hands first, and invite guests to watch our tea set…”


Ding Xiang listened intently and followed Tan Huizhen’s request meticulously after listening.


The Thirteen Tea is actually listed. It looks very simple and most people know it, but it is a lot of work. Tan Huizhen is also watching Ding Xiang make tea while pointing her to some Not a place to be.


However, in this process, Tan Huizhen likes Ding Xiang the more she sees it.


Of course, this is just a teacher-student-level liking!


“What a smart child!” Tan Huizhen admired secretly, she felt that Ding Xiang was really fast at learning, and she knew a lot of things.


“The seventh step is to seal the pot, cover the teapot, and lock the fragrance of the tea in the pot.” Listening to Tan Huizhen’s instructions, Ding Xiang lightly squeezed the lid of the pot with his left thumb and middle finger. The teapot is covered with a purple clay pot lid.


Here Tan Huizhen’s eyes are full of admiration.


Tan Huizhen instructed Ding Xiang on the action of pinching the lid in the previous process. Although there was no special benefit—it was just an elegant word, Ding Xiang did not forget it and did it meticulously.


At the end of the tea tasting, not to mention the aroma of the tea, the fragrant fragrance flows in the hearts of the guests.


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