House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1030: Announcement of Spring Outing (2/3)



Sometimes there are articles that say: In March, when everything is revived and full of vitality, it is a good time to take a youth tour! No, at the end of the second get out of class on Friday afternoon, Li Ruolan, who had just returned from the meeting, shouted at the children who were eager to go to the interest course, and announced the news with a smile.


“The school is scheduled to hold a spring outing for grades one to three next Saturday. That is, our first-grade students will participate in the spring outing with the brothers and sisters of grades two and three!” Li Ruolan introduced the children with a smile. road.


(Because Huijia Primary School has a large number of students in each grade, the whole school is dispatched at once, the momentum is too large, and it is difficult to manage. Therefore, it is divided into two age groups to arrange.)


Before Mr. Li’s voice came out, the class was boiling. Originally, the children pretended to be serious and well-behaved and sat in their seats to listen to the teacher. Now they are all excited and turned around The little friend spoke up.


Some people are more emotional, even jumping up from their chairs and waving their arms excitedly.


The same is true for Xixi. She listened carefully to Teacher Li’s introduction, and finally her eyes lit up. She turned her head and grabbed each other’s hands with Lu Xiaoyu, and said excitedly, “Wow, Xiaoyuer, the teacher said, the third grade. My brother and sister are also going to play with us!”


“Yes! Yes! There’s also Sister Xiaowei!” Lu Xiaoyu responded quickly, and continued the conversation excitedly, saying, “We can go on a spring outing with Sister Xiaowei!”


“Mmm, um!” Xixi couldn’t care less about her own words being robbed by Lu Xiaoyu, she nodded forcefully with her friends with a happy face.


However, the two little girls don’t know that their ideas are a bit too naive. At that time, the spring outing will be a collective action in a class, and each class needs to be in the camp of its own grade. The teachers are for the children’s sake. Their safety is strictly monitored.


It will not let the children move freely or even mix into other classes to play like a gym class. Therefore, it is impossible for Yu Xiaowei to leave their class, and the idea of ​​Xixi and Sister Xiaowei playing together is impossible!


Ignore this for now, Li Ruolan still has something to say.


“Our spring tour this time is at the Tingshan Institute of Botany and the Jiangcheng Development History Museum in Tingshan District. In the morning, we will visit the Institute of Botany. We will follow the tour guide sister to learn about different flowers and trees, and learn some flowers. At noon, we will have a picnic in the beautiful botanical garden at the foot of Tingshan Mountain, every child must remember to bring your lunch and snacks!” Li Ruolan laughed.


Of course, in detail, she will explain to the parents in the group.


However, many children’s eyes lit up when they heard the word “picnic”.


Among them, the most typical one is Lan Xin. Like Hercules, she raised two small fists and shouted excitedly in her own position: “Haha, haha!”


“Xin Er, why are you so happy?” Liao Qianqian, her deskmate, asked inexplicably.


“Because Xixi will bring delicious food with you!” Lan Xin said proudly, “Her father is very good, he will prepare a lot of delicious food for Xixi, and I can also eat with her at that time. !”


Li Ruolan went on to say: “This spring tour, because we are in the lower grade group, the school will invite three parents to participate in the spring tour for each class due to management and safety considerations…”


Three parents?


Actually, after entering elementary school, the students will not be accompanied by their parents on their spring outings, because this is also a good opportunity to exercise the children’s autonomy!


Like public elementary schools, their spring outings are just teachers taking children to play.


But the situation of Huijia Primary School is a bit special. After all, it is an aristocratic primary school. Parents spend a lot of money to send their children in. Most of the children’s families are either rich or expensive. Naturally, parents will feel that their children A lot of “golden”! (Of course this is a derogatory term!)


Especially for children in the lower grades, how can parents feel relieved that they are so small that they go out to play with the teacher in such a ignorant way?


Therefore, after consultation with the parent committee itself, a request was made to the school’s board of directors for parents to accompany them.


The school board will not arbitrarily let the parent committee direct their work. They still consider education itself, and then carefully refer to the opinions of the parent committee.


After much negotiation and discussion, the Board of Directors and the Parent Council reached a mutually agreed solution several years ago. That is, the students in the lower grades go on a spring outing, and each class can bring three parents!


Not many, not all children can bring their parents to participate. Within each class, three parents are selected by themselves, or selected, or randomly selected to accompany the children to participate in the spring outing.


These three parents didn’t come here just to accompany their children. They shouldered the expectations of other parents and had to take responsibility for the safety of all children in the class, followed by their own children’s company.


What’s a little subtle is that most of the children in the third grade don’t want their parents to accompany them on a trip. The children in the second grade have a more balanced response, while in the first grade, many children want their parents to be the three One of the parents!


Xi Xi and the others are still very dependent on their parents!



“Baba, you must be selected and hang out with us!”


In the evening, Yang Yi came to pick up Xixi and Lan Xin home. The two little girls were so excited that you said something to me, and chatted with him about the activities of the spring outing. Then Xixi pulled her seat belt and leaned forward, expecting Looking at his father expectantly.


“Yes, yes, Uncle Yang, you must be selected!” Lan Xin nodded vigorously.


Xixi said this, but Yang Yi thought it was reasonable, but Lan Xin actually said the same, Yang Yi thought it was a bit funny.


“Xin Er, don’t you want your father or your mother to be selected?” Yang Yi asked with a smile, “You don’t want your father and mother to accompany you on a spring outing?”


“No, no, I want Uncle Yang to go with you, because you are much more interesting than my father and mother!” Lan Xin said confidently.


“Yes, Baba is going!” Xixi couldn’t see her father’s positive attitude, so she said anxiously, “Baba, are you okay? You must go! Xiaoyuer also said that he wanted you to go with him. What!”


“Okay, Dad must work hard to become one of the three parents, and try to be able to accompany you on a spring outing, okay?” Yang Yi had no choice but to follow the little girl’s tone and said.


Xi Xi and Lan Xin nodded with satisfaction. The two of them continued chatting contentedly about this spring outing. The two little girls seemed to have begun to fantasize about what clothes to wear and where to play in the spring outing. There may be some interesting and chatting about the interesting experiences of the spring outings that she had participated in before meeting Yu Xiaowei and what Sister Xiaowei told them.


However, Yang Yi, who is driving, is not very optimistic, because he does not know how the teacher will choose the three parents who will participate in the spring outing.



In the evening, in the parent communication group organized by Mr. Li, Li Ruolan finally got busy with other things, came over to share the plan of the spring outing with the group, and told the parents about the spring outing in detail.


“According to the original practice of many classes, it is based on the principle of voluntariness. Parents who want to accompany their children to participate in the spring outing sign up first, and then use the random number function of the computer to randomly select three parents according to the conditions of the parents who sign up. This is also fairer, what do you think?”


Yang Yi also received the notification, and stayed in front of the computer to watch Li Ruolan hold a meeting with their parents in the group. Li Ruolan said a lot, and finally talked about the selection of accompanying parents, which he was most concerned about.


Sure enough, it was randomly selected!


As a result, Yang Yi is not sure that he will be selected!


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