House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 1021: I’m so sorry too!



Actually, the pain is not very painful, because Xixi’s teeth have shaken to the point that they are about to fall out, otherwise Xiaojiao wouldn’t slap her over with a slap. With his little effort, he could actually make her sister’s teeth Fall off!


Furthermore, the slap of Xiaojiao is very mysterious, and by the way, it solves the trouble that has plagued Xixi for more than a week!


But let alone Xixi, whoever sees a “blooded” tooth popping out of her will be startled, let alone a little girl over six years old?


Yang Yi thought that Xixi was crying in pain, so she quickly grabbed the little tooth that the scared Xixi had stuffed into him with her left hand, and put it on Xixi’s waist by the way, putting her head in her arms and crying Nian hugged her, gently stroked her soft hair with his right hand, and comforted her softly: “It’s alright, don’t cry, it’s all my brother’s fault, how can you be so uncivilized and still do it, Dad scolded my brother for you, don’t be sad Now…the tooth just fell out, let Dad see how it looks, okay?”


Yang Yi was a little worried that there were still broken teeth inside, but looking at the size of the small tooth in his hand, there shouldn’t be much of a problem.


Xixi was so sad that she wept in her father’s arms and refused to raise her head, which made Yang Yi feel bad, and even nag a few words.


The content is similar, it’s just to coax Xixi, Yang Yi has his back to Xiao Jiao, and he doesn’t really want to punish Xiao Jiao. In this matter, it is impossible to talk about who is right or who is wrong. After all, Xixi had also pulled Xiaojiao before, so she was the first to do it…


If it wasn’t for Xixi being so sad for Yang Yi to deal with this matter, at this time, he would have to teach the two little guys a good lesson!


That’s right, you’ll be fined! We are all a family, how can we move hands and feet?


But Yang Yi was a little negligent. Don’t look at his usual ignorance, but he can already understand a lot of words, and he can even feel the tone and attitude of adults.


No, Xiao Jiao, who was holding his father’s generous back behind his back, had originally heard his sister’s cry, but he couldn’t help but have some tears in his eyes. It seemed that his sister’s cry could also arouse him. the same resonance. At this time, when I heard my father say “it’s all my brother’s fault”, the little guy didn’t know why, but his grief came from his heart.


“Wow!” Xiao Jiao couldn’t help it, and along with her sister, you and I started to cry.


It’s really all crying together!


In desperation, Yang Yi had no choice but to carry Xiao Jiao over, Xixi in his left hand, Xiao Jiao in his right, left coaxing, right coaxing, the cries of the two little guys almost made him cry The eardrums are broken!


Xixi cried for a while, but couldn’t help it. She was so disturbed by her brother’s crying that she lost the mood to cry. She raised her face and glanced at her brother who was also wiping tears on her father’s clothes. Mouth, asked aggrieved: “Baba, brother, why is he crying too?”


Yang Yi reluctantly said to Xixi: “Maybe he realizes his mistake? He is feeling guilty about accidentally knocking out his sister’s tooth just now.”


Xixi was taken aback and looked at her father in a daze.


Yang Yi also felt really tired. In order not to let her sister leave some grudges against her brother, he had to make up some kind little lies to coax her.


Fortunately, Xixi didn’t cry anymore, and the lingering energy of being frightened has passed.


Yang Yi coaxed Xiao Jiao, filled him with a bottle of milk, let him hold it in the car to drink, and then took the siblings to the dentist’s clinic they had been to before. Although he doesn’t care much about this little injury and pain, he still has to care about the child.


Xixi’s teeth fell out, Yang Yi had to ask a professional to check to make sure that the little girl did not have broken teeth, which would affect the germination of new teeth, and also ensure that Xixi’s other teeth were fine…


“Let’s go, have the lights in your bedroom turned off?” Yang Yi asked Xixi to get in the car.


He didn’t notice that behind him, the fat little boy was squeezing the dog hole on the door and digging into the living room, while Baozi was also following behind him, queuing up to enter the arena.



Of course, Yang Yi still has to inform Murphy about such a thing.


I heard that Xixi’s tooth that was about to be lost was accidentally knocked off by Xiao Jiao. Although Yang Yi told her that it was not a big problem, how could Murphy, who is busy practicing songs, feel at ease? She quickly packed up and asked the company’s driver to take her back.


The company is not far from home. After all, Yang Yi chose Tingshan as the site. When Murphy arrived at the dentist’s clinic, Xixi had just been examined. Yang Yi held Xiao Jiao in his left hand and Xixi in his right hand, just walking out of the glass door of the dentist’s clinic.


“How’s it going? Is Xixi okay?” Mo Fei asked Yang Yi anxiously, squatted down, took Xixi’s little hand, and said distressedly, “Let mother see where my brother was hit. ?”


“Mama!” Seeing his mother, Xiao Jiao immediately released his hands from his father’s neck, and shouted out his little hand, asking his mother to hug him.


Yang Yi said with a smile: “It wasn’t a fight, the two of them were in the game, and they were pulling and pulling during the process. I was about to tell them not to touch their feet when my brother accidentally patted my sister’s mouth, just in time for Xixi. The teeth became loose and fell out.”


Murphy asked Xixi to open her mouth to examine her, and asked the little girl, “Does it hurt?”


Xixi looked at her mother, shook her head, and said softly, “It doesn’t hurt anymore.”


Murphy was relieved, got up and picked up Xiao Jiao who was about to make trouble.


Xiaojiao returned to the arms of his mother who hurt him the most. His eyes were red and he was about to cry. Seeing his small mouth deflated, he seemed to say: Mama, you don’t know what I’ve been through today what!


“Alright, alright!” Murphy and Yang Yi exchanged glances and laughed at the little guy. How could she not know the state of Xiao Jiao’s heart at the moment?


Yang Yi then took Xixi’s little hand and walked side by side with Murphy, who was holding Xiaojiao, to the car he was driving.


“Actually, I don’t think it’s a bad thing.” Yang Yi said to Murphy with a smile. He deliberately used a relaxed tone to liven up the atmosphere. Otherwise, Xixi would still be immersed in the panic of losing her teeth. “The tooth fell out suddenly, Xixi hasn’t reacted yet, so it doesn’t feel too painful.”


“It hurts!” Xixi felt that her father’s words were wrong. She pouted and argued, “When my brother beat me, it was very painful! It hurts a little bit now!”


“But it’s better than having it hanging there all the time. You have to take it off yourself, right?” Yang Yi smiled, “You slowly take it off yourself, it hurts, but it’s relatively It’s a long process. We all say that long pain is worse than short pain, and we are talking about the current principle. Suddenly it hurts a little, and it’s fine, how comfortable it is!”


“Yeah! Pulling your own teeth will hurt even more, and it’s very annoying. You can see that you haven’t eaten well for several Go back tonight, but have a good meal, don’t worry about it. Teeth!” Murphy also said with a smile, “I think Dad is right, you are a blessing in disguise!”


Xixi tilted her little head and thought about it carefully. It seemed that it was the same thing. The little girl realized that she finally didn’t have to be bothered by this little incisor!


“Hee hee, okay!” When Xixi got into the car, she finally smiled sweetly and said to her father, “Then, Baba, I want to eat something delicious today, what are you going to do for me? eat?”


“It’s alright, we’re going to have a big meal now. We can’t make it in time to go home and cook, so let’s go eat… the soup dumplings that you haven’t eaten in a long time, okay? There are very rich and sweet ones in it. Soup, and delicious stuffing for steamed buns!” Yang Yi suggested.


“Hey, that’s great! I’ve been to the Magic Capital a few times recently, but I haven’t eaten the xiaolong soup dumplings!” Murphy also clapped his hands and laughed.


“Okay! Okay! I want to eat xiaolongbao!” Xixi nodded happily and smiled at her parents.


Xixi, who is in a good mood, doesn’t seem to realize that there is something wrong with her now…


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