History’s Strongest Senior Brother Chapter 1774: Too great old man!



In the sea of ​​blood, the old gentleman transformed the Yuqing Taoist from the Three Qings, landed on the golden bridge, and walked towards the end of the golden bridge.


The Taoist Yuqing waved his hand wishfully, the omnipotence was not there, the chaos was no longer, as if the mighty power of opening the world was manifested.


The black hole that twisted the direction of the Golden Bridge gradually disappeared.


As if the chaos of Hongmeng were opened up, the earth, water, fire and wind were re-established, the yin and yang were divided, the four elements were initially set, and good fortune began.


The golden bridge, resembling a radiant rainbow, re-extends to the pillar where the Doomsday Demon is located.


“Put away your little tricks.” Yuanshi Tianma said indifferently, reaching out to the air and grabbing it, pulling the golden bridge at the feet of Lao Jun towards him.


While the Taoists of Yuqing walked, a cloud of auspicious clouds appeared above their heads, which seemed to be chaotic and blurred, protecting the golden bridge.


But the Yuanshi Tianma took a deep breath at this time, swallowing like a tiger.


The auspicious cloud above Yuqing Taoist’s head was affected by the Yuanshi Heavenly Demon. At this moment, it seems to have changed from nothingness to tangible.


Lao Jun rode an ox forward, waved the dust and swept towards Yuanshi Tianma.


The Yuanshi Heavenly Demon avoided, but a Taiqing Taoist approached him and lightly waved the cat fan.


At the beacon confluence, attacking the Yuanshi Tianma.


The Yuanshi Tianma raised a palm and pushed it forward. With invisible and infinite force, it immediately dissipated the wind and fire.


It’s just that although the wind and fire dispersed, I saw Laojun sitting on the back of the green cow, holding a crutches, and hitting the Yuanshi Tianma.


The Yuanshi Tianma’s hand was mastered into a fist, and he clashed head-on with the old man’s crutches.


Where the two sides fought, even the torrent of blood in the twelve capitals of the gods and demons was dissipated for a while.


The void is shattered and directly turned into nothingness, unable to reincarnate all things again for a long time, as if completely dead and condensed there.


The people in Jiuyouli only feel that Jiuyou is like an earthquake, like an explosion.


Besides Jiuyou, in the universe, there is also a long aftermath. People in Taoist heavens, Western Paradise, Chenshan Xinghai and other places, although the world in front of them has not changed, but their minds seem to be unreasonable. Lost and dizzy.


The Yuanshi Tianma was fighting against the old gentleman, and the Taiqing Taoist and Yuqing Taoist attacked again on the other side.


One interprets the innate five wives, the changes of the universe, and the other interprets acquired good fortune, the principles of Vientiane.


“Wu Tu, Yi Mu.” Yuanshi Tianma’s voice was indifferent.


Three masses of flesh and blood formed on his body, which flew to the side while squirming.


The Demon of Wutu and the Demon of Yimu all grow up from their respective pillars.


After the flesh and blood of the Heavenly Demon of Yuanshi merged with their bodies, the appearance of these two great monsters changed, and they also showed the appearance of Emperor Ziwei like the Heavenly Demon of Yuanshi!


As the world’s first demon, the ancestor of all demons who created the way of the devil, the Yuanshi Tianma had the ability to incarnate all the demons.


It’s just that you can’t give birth to an incarnation comparable to Taoist ancestors like Taiqing transforms into Sanqing.


But right now, under the blessing of the Twelve Capital Heavenly Gods and Demons, the Yuanshi Heavenly Demons can transform two great demons in a short time, just like the ancestor demons!


The Demon of Wutu and the Demon of Yimu did not leave their respective positions, but one after another attacked the Taoist Yuqing and Taoist Taiqing to help the Yuanshi Tianma relieve the pressure.


“The Daoist is poor.” The old man laughed when he saw it, and then he slapped him away again.


The Yuanshi Tianma fought with him, shaking the heavens and the earth.


On the side, Yuqing and Taiqing Taoists fought against the other two “Ziwei Great Emperors”, almost making Jiuyou hang upside down.


At the same time, outside the Twelve Capital Heavenly Gods and Demons Array, Shangqing Taoists presided over the Zhuxian Array and continued to attack.


The two fierce formations collided, not giving way to each other, competing against each other, and turned upside down.


Under the battle between the blood and the sword energy, the boundary between Jiuyou and the world’s great thousandths is riddled with holes and is on the verge of shattering.


Domestic and diplomatic difficulties have severely affected the operation of the Twelve Capital Heavenly Gods and Demons Array.


The surface of the sea of ​​blood is constantly being torn apart.


In the big formation, the Great Freedom Heavenly Demon urged the blood to fill the rift caused by the fight between the two great ancestors, and at the same time prompted the Doomsday Heavenly Demon to be born.


The current situation is helpless, even more intense than the arrival of Buddha Amitabha and the Eastern Emperor Taiyi in Jiuyou.


Amitabha Buddha and Donghuang Taiyi were still paying attention to the expectations of the ancient Buddha and Daojun Lu, only to suppress Jiuyou, leaving a little leeway.


Lao Jun is now unscrupulous in his shots, and he doesn’t mind fighting Yuanshi Tianma and the others while smashing the entire Jiuyou.


But of course Modao is not happy to see such a result.


“The Taoist friends should still go back to the palace to enjoy the coolness.” The eight arms of the Da Zizai Demon were all sealed together, and in the endless time and space of blood, there were countless black mirrors.


Each mirror emits billions of light at this moment, intertwined vertically and horizontally, and a vast expanse of whiteness wraps the old man in it.


“It wasn’t enough to be embarrassed back then, come and tell me today?” The old gentleman smiled at the Da Zizai Demon.


He ignored the methods of the Da Zizai Demon, and only competed with the Yuanshi Demon.


And above his head, a pagoda appeared at this moment.


Thousands of billowing dragons and snakes of heaven and earth mysterious yellow air hung from the pagoda, covering the whole body of the old man.


The pagoda rotates, and the mysterious yellow qi of heaven and earth isolates all the billions of white light manifested by the great free heaven demon. Although the ancestors’ means, it can’t hurt!


It is the Heaven and Earth Xuanhuang Linglong Tower of Taiqing Daozu!


It’s not like the Tao Te Ching. When it is on IndoMTL.com, it is impossible to attack the opponent, and it is even inconvenient to move.


The tower above the old man’s head is unique, hard to hurt by all methods, and not constrained by things.


The attack has one gas and the three clears, and defends the heaven and earth Xuanhuang Pagoda.


At this moment, the old gentleman is fighting with one enemy and two at the same time.


The Da Zi Zai Demon looked at the small tower above the old gentleman without saying a word.


Even if the old man didn’t take action when it was destroyed, all the forces are not a last resort, and they are still reluctant to provoke the old man.


Except for the ancestors of the Three Qings, who may mean detachment behind the old gentleman, the old gentleman’s own strength is also equivalent to that of the Taiqing moral god.


This Da Zi Zi Tian Demon has the most say.


In the past, the moral gods rarely shot, but every time they shot, they shocked the world.


As early as the Primordial Era, when the Taoist ancestors of different families were fighting, the Tianzun Tianzun once held the heaven and earth Xuanhuang Linglong Pagoda on his head, resisting the attack of the quasi-ti Taoist ancestors, seeing it as nothing, and chasing the big free heavenly demon.


Now the Da Zizai Demon is no longer the one to be chased down, but it also faces the helplessness of the former Dao Zu Daozu.


Finally, the Yuanshi Tianma was tyrannical and refused to retreat. He confronted the old gentleman head-on and prevented him from approaching the twelve pillars.


It’s just that Lao Junxian is almost invincible.


Nine Nethers intends to promote the birth of the Domineering Heavenly Demon, but the fighting between the two sides seriously affected the operation of the Twelve Capital Heavenly Demon Array.


Although the big formation is still fierce and domineering, the doomsday demon has been unable to come to the world for a long time.


With the passage of time, Laojun’s Qi gradually dissipated, and the three Taoists, Yuqing, Shangqing, and Taiqing, will disappear.


However, in the inexplicable realm above Jiuyou, Qinglian and Gu Zhong also appeared again.


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