History’s Strongest Senior Brother Chapter 1773: 1 gasification and 3 cleansing!



The old gentleman stayed calmly in the sea of ​​blood, but the boundless purple energy lasted for a long time, colliding with the surging blood light, like tearing a gap in the sea of ​​blood.


Affected by this, just as when Amitabha Buddha and Donghuang Taiyi descended on the sea of ​​blood, the operation of the Twelve Capital Heavenly Gods and Demons Array suddenly appeared stagnant.


The first person to be affected is the pillar that symbolizes the end of the world. The light and shadow that were already about to solidify have become illusory again.


Looking at the old gentleman on the back of the blue cow in front of you, the original heart demon said in a deep voice: “I will destroy the world, and it will not affect the respected driving.”


“Jiuyou replaces Huanyu Daqian. As far as Zunjia is concerned, it also exists with the world without any obstacles.”


Lao Jun said calmly: “I know.”


The original heart demon looked at the old gentleman, his lips moved, and swallowed the rest of the words again, without continuing to speak.


The faint expression of Lao Jun in front of him is that even if it is influential, he doesn’t care.


Nine Nether World Destruction may have ruined his existence, he may not come to stop it.


The destruction of the Nine Nether World does not affect his existence, and he may not come.


There is only one reason for coming here, as he himself said.


I wanted to come, so I came.


“Lao Jun has been in contact with Senior Brother Nie, Jiuyou, maybe he has also noticed the clues?” Yan Zhaoge watched this scene, and said slowly: “They are also betting on whether Lao Jun will make a move.”


“The risk of gambling on Emperor Ziwei is lower. After all, they robbed the legacy of Emperor Ziwei when the great collapse, the old man did not move.”


This time, there seemed to be some movement towards Nie Jingshen.


But it is still not certain that the old man will definitely intervene in today’s Jiuyou Bureau.


After all, the old gentleman is too casual, and he does it casually, which does not mean that he will be fulfilled all the way to the end.


So Jiuyou chooses to gamble on Lao Jun not to make a move.


As a public enemy of many families, and a target calculated by the other families, in the overall situation, Jiuyou has no more choices, but just does his best.


The Yuanshi Tianma successfully broke the seal. During this period, Laojun did not stop it, making them think that they had won the bet.


However, even before the appearance of the old gentleman, Yan Zhaoge always felt that Jiuyou had a high probability of losing the bet.


Although he is not sure when the old man will come.


But the possibility of coming is far greater than not coming.


Because of what Nie Jingshen said to him.


At that time, no one knew that Yan Zhaoge was carrying the Wuji Book of Heaven. Everyone just had expectations for him, who was a fellow practitioner of the Sanqing Dynasty, and hoped that he would be able to publish the Book of Wuji one day.


But before that day, Nie Jingshen’s words were very frightening to Yan Zhaoge.


It’s not so much that the old gentleman said to Nie Jingshen, it is better to say that the old gentleman talked to Yan Zhaoge.


Of course, the old man who wants to change his mind may change his mind at any time.


But contacting everything that happened before, contacting the changes in the situation after the beginning of the Jiuyou Bureau today, Yan Zhaoge gradually became clear.


He seemed to be standing at a higher place and watching the development, a looming trajectory appeared before his eyes.


This made Yan Zhaoge’s many previous guesses come true, and he gradually had a bottom in his heart.


At this moment, in the twelve capital gods and demons array, Yuanshi Tianma looked at Taishang Laojun and asked quietly: “Since you are coming, why don’t you come early? You can stop me from getting out of trouble.”


“I haven’t seen fellow Daoist for a long time. I want to see how fellow Daoist is. Now, it’s just time.” The old gentleman smiled slightly.


If it’s almost trifling, the old gentleman’s tone is serious and peaceful, which is obviously not a joke.


However, in the ears of the Nine Nether Demons, it is naturally not a taste to listen to it.


The Yuanshi Heavenly Demon’s expression was not irritated, and he nodded calmly and said: “Since this is the case, fellow Taoists will come to see the end.”


After that, he stretched out his hand and swept a wave of **** light, drowning the purple gas in the sea of ​​blood.


At the same time, the Da Zizai Demon also stretched out his hand to seal the seal, volleying towards the pillar that symbolized the end of the Dharma Demon.


Under his influence, the light and shadow on that pillar began to condense further with Jian Shunhua as the core, and the bubbles became real.


“The end? It’s fine if you don’t see it.” The old man sat on the back of the blue cow, waving the dust in his hand.


In the mighty purple air, one after another talisman appeared, timeless and graceful, condensed into one body.


At this moment, the whole world changes with these runes, forming a tangled, slowly rotating Tai Chi picture.


As the black and white yin and yang fish rotate, a long golden bridge extends from it.


The long bridge crosses the sea of ​​blood, suppressing the aura of apocalypse, not the beginning of the waves.


The old man drove the green cow, stepped onto the golden bridge, and walked towards the pillar that symbolized the end-dharma demon.


The Yuanshi Tianma expressionless face, stretched out his hand and drew a circle in the air.


A void suddenly appeared in the sea of ​​blood, like a vast and boundless black hole, but also like an extremely small point.


Under the indescribable distortion, the direction of the golden bridge under Lao Jun’s feet became unpredictable, and it seemed to be getting farther and farther away from Jian Shunhua.


The old man smiled and nudged the crown on his head.


I saw a breath of fresh air rushing out, and one was divided into three ~IndoMTL.com~ and turned into three Taoists.


One of the young Taoists, wearing a crown of nine clouds, wearing a scarlet and white crane and silk robes, rode on an animal with a sword in his hand.


A middle-aged Taoist, wearing a Ruyi crown, wearing a light yellow gossip gown, riding a pegasus, holding Ganoderma Ruyi in one hand.


A veteran with a crane and a childlike face, wearing a crown of nine heavens, wearing an eight-treasure and longevity purple jasmine, holding a dragon beard fan in one hand, and a three-treasure jade wishful in one hand, riding a land lion.


“Brother Dao, I will help you!” The three Daoists said in unison, and came to the old gentleman’s side.


For a time, it seemed as if the four Dao ancestors descended in a sea of ​​blood together, and the entire twelve oscillating formations of the gods and demons were unstable.


It is precisely the world-famous mastery of the Taiqing moral heavenly name that moved the world in the past, which made other Taoist ancestors jealous, transforming the three in one spirit!


The young Shang Qing Daoist raised his sword, rushed into the **** sea, and entered the Zhuxian formation.


Mudang Wudang and Fairy Yunxiao, both salute to the Qing Taoist: “Uncle!”


“I will hold on for a while and help Dao brothers.” The Daoist of Shangqing said, and the two of them are indispensable.


The stronger Jiuyou is, the weaker the world is.


However, as the universe weakens and tends to end in the last days, the Zhuxian array will be stronger!


Previously, the Heavenly Demon of Yuanshi and Da Zi Zai personally presided over the Great Formation of the Twelve Capital Heavenly Gods and Demons, and the Zhuxian Formation was forced to retreat.


At this moment, after the Daoists of the Qing Dynasty entered the Zhuxian Formation, the Zhuxian Formation made a comeback immediately!


Although the level of strength has not changed, the formation has changed, making it more graceful and more vicious.


Immediately afterwards, the great array was combined with the power of the Shangqing Taoists themselves, and they complemented each other, forming an effect that one plus one is greater than two.


Overwhelmingly overwhelming, countless billions of trillions of sword energy are smashed towards the sea of ​​blood.


The two big formations fought again. Although it was difficult to distinguish the victory or defeat for a time, they were affected by the Zhuxian formation outside. In the Twelve Capital Heavenly Demon Formation, the birth of the final magical heavenly demon was once again blocked.


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