History’s Strongest Senior Brother Chapter 1772: I lost the bet



In one sentence, there is no beginning and no end, which makes it difficult for others to understand the meaning of Yan Zhaoge.


But in the crystal plate, Nie Jingshen’s body vibrated slightly.


While everyone was talking, the Twelve Capital Heavenly Gods and Demons Array continued to operate and became stronger and stronger.


A sea of ​​blood surged, forcibly pushing Zhuxian Formation out of the abyss.


And the surging blood light also took the opportunity to rush out of the Abyss of the Nine Nether Demon Sea at this moment.


The vast blood in the entire Jiuyou, fused with the blood at this moment, making the entire Jiuyou seem to be submerged in a sea of ​​blood.


The tyrannical blood light made all the big Luo-level powerhouses present feel unstoppable.


Even if King Peacock had spread his five-color light, he was constantly swallowed by blood.


The wave of blood red began to expand beyond Jiuyou.


The terrifying atmosphere of the doomsday enveloped the entire universe.


The Western Pure Land of Bliss, without Amitabha Buddha, is no longer pure at this moment.


The Buddha’s light of joy and harmony faded, and the blossoming green lotus seemed to be stained with blood.


In the Demon Race’s Chenshan Star Sea, the sun is low and the entire universe looks gloomy and cold.


In the Taisu sky, the branches and leaves of the sacred hibiscus tree, which seems to be where the sunrise is, also appear to be withered.


Xian Ting and Bai Lian Pure Land are also shrouded in blood.


The believers were apprehensive about what they had never seen before.


The peace that can be obtained by prayerful prayers in the past has been delayed today, making the atmosphere even more tense.


The Taoist heavens are also no exception, and all beings are anxious.


Regardless of the Taoist heavens, the Buddhist pure land, the monster worlds, or the location of the two outer daos, they are all facing the erosion of the Nine Nethers at this moment.


In some worlds, time and space even cracked, and gaps appeared. Nine Nethers descended, demonic energy agitated.


In the sea of ​​Jiuyouyuan, the twelve pillars are constantly getting higher, and finally rise with the sea of ​​blood and come to the abyss.


The Yuanshi Tianma and Da Zizai Tianma both looked indifferently at the Zhuxian Formation, Yan Zhaoge and others in front of them.


Except for the twelve capital gods and demons who are still sitting in town, the other Nine Nether demons also rushed out of the abyss at this time!


Under the torrent of blood, all the demons and their power have skyrocketed!


While under the shroud of blood, Yang Jian, Suo Mingzhang and others, as well as the Great King Peacock, the Ancient Buddha of Burning Lamp, and the Taoist Lord Lu Ya, were greatly suppressed.


Ninety-nine out of ten, ninety-nine percent of his skills are used to resist the threat of the twelve capitals of the gods and demons.


And it’s a growing threat.


The threat of being unable to continue.


At this moment, the tiger really fell into the Pingyang, and the dragon traveled in the shallow water.


In the past, anyone could sweep the spot, but the Nine Nether Demons in front of him now became the enemy of life and death, and could crush the camel’s last straw at any time.


The twelve capitals of the gods and demons envelop the demons, and the Zhuxian formation can’t help them.


Between heaven and earth, the demons danced wildly.


The shadow of death looms over everyone’s heart.


What’s even more desperate is that the attention of the Yuanshi Tianma and Da Zizai Tianma is still elsewhere, and they haven’t really done anything to clean up the crowd at the scene.


The top monsters, earnestly manage the twelve capital gods and monsters array.


At this moment, their gazes are all staring at the pillar that symbolizes the end of the law.


On that pillar, Jian Shunhua’s figure began to fit in with the light and shadow that enveloped her.


The light and shadow are becoming more and more condensed, more and more real, almost turning into actual existence.


The fierce and extinguishing aura in the world is becoming more and more intense, as if it has come to the end and come to the end.


Following the unblocking of the Primordial Heavenly Demon, the End-Dharma Heavenly Demon is about to be born!


At that time, the three major demon ancestors will exist at the same time, and it will be Amitabha Buddha, Donghuang Taiyi and others who once again set foot in Jiuyou, and they will not be able to reverse the situation.


Feng Yunsheng’s face is as pale as paper at the moment.


But instead, she gradually stabilized her condition.


After calming down, she is much more comfortable than Yang Jian, Suo Mingzhang, Kong Xuan and others under the shroud of blood.


The offensive of the Nine Nether Demons was mainly intercepted by her.


The Da Zi Zai Tian Mo turned his head and glanced calmly, and said, “Come back.”


One of his eight arms stretched his finger toward Feng Yunsheng and volleyed slightly.


Feng Yunsheng received a heavy blow, Luo Yuan on his head almost disappeared, his body shape even more involuntarily, and he threw towards the big free demon.


She gritted her teeth, her figure flashed, and she plunged directly into the chaotic abyss, and the whole person disappeared.


The chaos dissipated under the scouring of blood, but Feng Yunsheng’s figure appeared on the other side.


The Da Zizai Demon didn’t care at all, and his expression didn’t change at all, so he continued to move towards Feng Yunsheng and pointed his finger farther away.


But halfway through the action, he suddenly stopped.


The Yuanshi Tianma next to him also turned his head and looked in another direction.


There, a hint of purple suddenly appeared in the blood-red sky.


Everyone at the scene saw each other with different expressions.


Yan Zhaoge’s expression remained calm, and his voice was not rushed.


“Jiuyou lost the bet.”


As a footnote to this sentence, the purple touch came to everyone from far to near.


I can’t see a bit from a distance, but when I get closer, it becomes majestic and endless.


The vast purple air~IndoMTL.com~ is like paved a road, straight from Jiuyou to the sea of ​​blood, and spread to the place where the twelve pillars are.


It spread to the front of the Yuanshi Tianma and Dazizi Tianma.


There, an elderly man in Taoist costume appeared, sitting on the back of a big green bull.


“Friends of Taoism are here.” Yuanshi Tianma looked calmly at the old man in Taoist costume on the back of the blue cow in front of him.


“Yes.” The old man replied calmly.


The Da Zi Zai Demon also looked at the old man in front of him: “The person who secretly came into contact with Geng Jin back then is really a Daoist friend.”


“It’s me.” The old man nodded.


The Demon of Yimu next to his face looked ugly, and he blurted out: “Since the old man is already detached, why bother to care about this world? When it was ruined, didn’t the respected car not take any action?”


All the people present at the gate have different expressions, but at the moment they all salute the old man in the purple air.


Others, such as the Great King Peacock, the Ancient Buddha of Burning Lamp, and the Lord of Lu Ni, are no exception.


The old man in Taoist dress sitting on the back of the green bull is indeed the Lord of the Palace of Tussell, the Supreme Lord!


The Tianzun of Taiqing morality is not only the manifestation of good fortune, but also the inside of the great road, living with the Dao and coexisting with the world.


Because of this peculiarity, even if the moral heaven is detached, it will still leave a projection in this world. It is the Taishang in the palace, which means that Taiqing still exists in this world.


It’s just that, before this, Taishang Laojun rarely set foot in the world.


Except for one shot in the Middle Ages, the Taishang Laojun never appeared in front of the world.


But today, this Taiqing Taoist ancestor has reappeared!


As for the words of the Demon of Otsuki, Lao Jun didn’t take it seriously, and he still said unhurriedly: “I want to come today, so I will come.”


He nodded to the Demon of Yimu, then turned to look at the Heavenly Demon of Yuanshi and Da Zizai: “You guys, stop for a while.”


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